Sun in 2nd House: How It Shapes Your Destiny and Personality

This placement of the Sun encourages people to keep their word and avoid making empty promises, as well as be practical and attentive with their money.

Sun in 2nd house

People born with the Sun in the second house in their birth chart will focus almost all of their energy on making money and accumulating as many possessions as possible. They surely are very preoccupied with wealth and want the power associated with being rich because this makes them feel secure and important.

It’s essential for these people to take care of as many financial activities as possible as they’re really talented when it comes to the material side of life and can be really successful with business.

Sun in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Sensual, intuitive and witty;
  • Challenges: Possessive and somewhat controlling;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t let their pride cloud their judgment;
  • Celebrities: Elvis Presley, Marion Cotillard, Audrey Hepburn, Aishwarya Rai.

These people will become financially independent from a very young age because the Sun’s position in the 2nd house helps them a lot in this direction. But they are not the type to save money as they really take pleasure in everything life has to offer and love high-quality things.

Self-confident charmers

Sun in 2nd house people are very proud of how much money they’ve managed to make and need to feel financially secure.

They’re always keeping their word and don’t make empty promises, but the fact that they identify themselves with their possessions can’t be too beneficial for them.

It’s important for these natives to appreciate the value of people and relationships, not only the one of wealth. They should be proud of their family and friends because dreaming only of materials can really distort their view on life.

Individuals having this placement are usually spending their money just to feel better when depressed because going to the mall and using their credit cards to buy all sort of expensive things makes them happy, even if for a short period of time and afterwards gives them a feeling of guilt.

As soon as they’ll realize everything that they bought is not that useful and that their pockets are empty, they will start to feel even more depressed than they used to.

But they won’t stop from spending all over again, so this cycle can’t be interrupted and no one can tell them anything about it because they’d get angry.

Not to mention how much they enjoy showing off their possessions and letting others know they’re the only ones who have unique things they’re not even using.

The aspects influencing their Sun position in the 2nd house can have other people taking advantage of them because they don’t hesitate to let everyone know how much they have and that they’re willing to help.

The items they’re buying will always be extravagant as they like keeping up appearances and are very worried about what others think of them. Being a source of heat and energy, the Sun makes people having it in their 2nd house focus a lot on wealth.

Also ruling over family, speech and the right side of the head, this house is the home of Venus, which is the Sun’s enemy.

They’re usually lucky enough to get born in influential families of politicians or successful business people, being taught what compassion and generosity means ever since children.

But the same position of the Sun makes them egotistical, too self-confident and having many other personality issues that make others turn against them. Their ego can influence them to all the time argue with their family.

Because the 2nd house is mostly about wealth, they will mainly focus on obtaining financial security and materialistic pleasures. It’s possible they’ll have health problems with their eyes and some sort of speech impairment.

They may get married more than once but only because they’re unlucky in love, not because they’re in any way bad as spouses. These natives may be spoiled and rely a lot on their father for money because this is what they used to do in their childhood and their financial education has failed them.

All individuals having Sun in 2nd house will focus on their immediate needs and enjoy the good life while also stressing about stability.

That’s why they have to always be on secure territories and to be around people they emotionally trust.

These individuals instinctively want to be part of a clan and to lead, but not by being authoritative as their nature is optimistic, generous and possessive.

The positives

The main purpose in life for Sun in 2nd house individuals should be appreciating true value and putting their talent to work.

They function best when having a steady rhythm of development and have the opportunity to work hard for long-lasting and highly appreciated results.

As soon as they’ve found a profession to help them become better as human beings, they become more than happy to pursue it.

Because they’re sensual and love everything that’s beautiful, they feel perfectly in nature and when doing what brings them pleasure.

There’s a risk for them to identify themselves with their possessions and bank accounts, but at least naturalness and simplicity dominates their existence.

These natives need to feel secure and are very generous with anyone who happens to be in their life.

Kind and open, they should learn how to exploit these traits more and to be less obsessed with money because giving their everything for wealth only can be a very dangerous thing.

It’s challenging for people having their Sun in the 2nd house to use their talents and not think of how much they’re getting from this.

But if mature and wise enough, they can focus only on how to be more productive and at the same time giving. This position makes them courageous, noble and strong. These traits will be within themselves and mainly focused on establishing a secure and wealthy life that they can enjoy with their loved ones.

As a matter of fact, natives with this placement can make financial security their main goal. But they should learn that no one can offer it to them and that they’re the only ones to get it for themselves.

When people having their Sun in the second house are pursuing a goal, they usually manage to attain it, no matter how much others have opposed them. Proud and stubborn, many of their traits belong to the Taurus, which the sign occupying the 2nd house.

The negatives

While Sun in 2nd house individuals put a high price on financial security, they should be careful not to become too materialistic.

Good leaders, it’s important they take some risks when required to because they have the tendency to overindulge and become complacent in a comfortable situation, refusing to expand their horizons.

The lesson on how money should be spent needs to be taught to them every month as they tend to spend everything they have in just one shopping session.

Their money should also be given to others because the favor may be returned and they’d never know when one of their friends can give them a hand with something very important.

However, people with the Sun in the 2nd house are usually generous, so they shouldn’t worry they haven’t given others a hand when supposed to.

When the Sun is in an afflicted position in their 2nd house, they’ll think only wealth can make them seem important in the eyes of others, and not in any way their actions.

Therefore, it’s very likely they’ll do anything for money as their ego will be satisfied only when they have many possessions.

Very possessive and dependent on their loved ones, these people can be too clingy with many of the people in their life. It’s important Sun in 2nd house individuals determine what real value is when very young.

If they ignore this, it’s possible for them to end up being too egotistical and thinking money can solve any problem.

Giving too much importance to possessions is never healthy because other people value different things. The more these people will determine what true value is, the more they’ll have a well-established identity that’s conditioned by nothing and no one.

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