Sun in 11th House: How It Shapes Your Destiny and Personality

This placement of the Sun makes people want to be part of a collective and dream big, seeing life as a source of opportunities that should be enjoyed with others.

Sun in 11th house

Individuals having their Sun in the eleventh house will always help others achieve their goals. They love to collaborate with their friends on making their own dreams come true, so they’ll join groups and associations that have members with the same interests as them.

Wanting to be recognized in the community in which they’re doing their thing, Sun in eleventh house people are the most efficient when working in teams. They wouldn’t mind being the leaders and they’re actually suited for this position or the one of spokesperson.

Sun in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Collaborative, attentive and generous;
  • Challenges: Opportunistic and manipulative;
  • Advice: They should learn to also enjoy time spent on their own;
  • Celebrities: Zayn Malik, Bill Clinton, Adele, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean.

Very liberal and open minded, these people also happen to be very generous and to want popularity rather than money. When trying to achieve some of their goals, they don’t mind sacrificing the self and appreciate the help of their friends more than anything else.

Seeing life as a source of opportunities

Always treating others as equals and being big humanitarians, people with their Sun in the 11th house want to be original and to express their individuality as much as possible.

They’re never taking sides and don’t care too much about their social position because they’d rather associate themselves with people they value than advance in their career.

They want to be part of a collective and dream big, seeing life as a source of opportunities. People can sense the fact that they’re open and flexible, so they’re very attracted to their special magnetism.

If natives having the Sun in the eleventh house make the mistake of identifying themselves too much with their friends, they may end up being impersonal and alienated from those who are looking to develop beautiful relationships with them.

They tend to attach themselves very rapidly to new people, developing friendships through which they’re working on their own identity.

When they don’t have the same interest as someone, they prefer to leave that person behind. Because they adapt almost instantly to new groups and situations, they’ll fit in everywhere.

Treating everyone as an equal will bring them many friends and appreciation from others.

They have high ideals and like to get their hands on the best opportunities, not minding to wait for good things to happen in their life.

As said before, they don’t care about their social position, so expect them to be the students who enjoy popularity rather than good grades, the employees who everyone loves rather than the ones who are trying to impress bosses.

They’re very flexible and are looking for variety everywhere they’re going. If the Sun is not in some negative aspects in their chart, they’re compatible with Leos or those who have Leo a lot in their birth chart.

The fact that they belong to so many groups and are very popular can be a downside because they can end up being impersonal and discourage those who want to enter their life or to get closer to them.

Group activities make them happy because they love to express themselves in front of others or to give a hand.

But they should pay attention not to lose their individuality when getting involved in so many joint activities. They have many hopes and dreams, so they should talk about them.

They can get influenced in one way or another by what others are saying as they want to be accepted and are too attached to those who happen to be in their life at some point or another.

It’s like their energy is obtained with the help of their friends, so the support of others is of utmost importance for them. That’s why those born with the Sun in the 11th house are surrounded by so many people and couldn’t be happy with only one or two people around them.

Also, their close ones will all have the same way of thinking as themselves. Without even realizing it, they would limit the process of broadening their horizons by spending so much time with those who can’t think in a different way than they do. The more they’re trying to be good friends, the more others will be drawn to them.

The positives

Sun in 11th house individuals are the happiest when in the company of people who are on the same wavelength as themselves. They like to have the same interests with others and to bring their contribution to a community or a group.

These people don’t like being “normal” because one of their main purposes in life is to be original and even eccentric. They think a lot about the future and work hard to make their dreams come true.

Good leaders with ideas that seem innovative, they’re not good at following orders. Great friends, they aren’t however, too intimate or personal.

The position of the Sun in the eleventh house suggests they may have a problem with identifying who they actual are because this house opposes the home of the Sun, which is the 5th House, in the sign of Leo.

The fifth house deals with individuals who find their own identity through self-expression, while the eleventh one is about individuals who are adapting to their own needs and how they express themselves, together with how they contribute to the groups of which they happen to be members, even to the society as a whole.

Sun in 11th house people develop only through involvement in something bigger than themselves and are constantly looking to improve their knowledge.

They have high ideals and want a better world for themselves and others, so every new idea or insight on how to make positive changes interest them.

They can really understand how the society works and are able to determine what abilities can make good things happen around themselves and even all around the world because they really have a macro way of thinking and are sometimes full of revolutionary ideas.

These people are the type that participates to protests and defends the rights of those less fortunate. Very aware of their surroundings and active in any way possible, they know the role of an individual in a group and resent any form of cruelty, be it against animals, humans or the environment.

This means they’ll work hard for all kind of organizations that fight for a better world and come up with all sort of inventive solutions.

Many will appreciate the groups in which they’re members just because of their presence as they have a way to obtain the attention of the public.

Capable of bringing peace when conflicts happen, they couldn’t evolve if not surrounded by people.

It’s possible for Sun in 11th house natives to be interested in both science and the occult because Uranus influences this house a lot.

They want to be recognized for their beautiful mind and intellectual abilities. It’s possible they’ll want to lead, but only as equals and in a friendly way, acting more like spokespersons than bosses.

They shine in groups, however, they should learn diplomacy because they can make harsh commentaries when feeling superior.

As said before, it’s important for them not to identify themselves completely with their community because while this may make them feel secure and more confident in the beginning, it can also take all of their inner energy, in time.

They should remember the entire planet is also a group and that there are many ways of identifying one’s self.

It’s a challenge for them to be realistic when it comes to their social life because they think their friends are way too important. It’s easy for them to identify themselves through social, political and humanitarian involvement.

The negatives

Some of the Sun in 11th house individuals may be true loners, especially if betrayed in the past or if they’ve suffered the loss of someone.

The loneliest of them will find it difficult to live and won’t even struggle anymore trying because it’s in their nature to rely on others and to attain their full potential only when being part of something that gathers people in the same place.

In case this aspect is afflicted, the individuals with this placement and situation will be domineering with their friends or have hidden motives for their friendships.

The more they’ll treat others as equals and be humanitarians, the more they’ll forget about these issues.

Since inside they’re very insecure, they will pay a lot of attention to themselves and won’t let their ego go, not even for a second.

This means they won’t get to be their best self and thus, appreciated by their friends. They sometimes do things just to fit in and avoid the responsibility of being part of something because they’re eccentric and express their individuality too much.

It’s possible for them to never be loyal to their friends, which means they’ll get rejected by many sooner or later.

This will destroy them, but they still won’t be able to search inside themselves or to identify what went wrong.

There’s also the danger for them to no longer have a life of their own and to entirely depend on the relationships with others for making things happen and having a little bit of fun.

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