South Node in Aquarius: The Influence on Personality and Life

These people are expansive and quick to make new friend with every occasion because they enjoy belonging to a group.

Aquarius South Node

Individuals with their South Node in Aquarius are detached and not personally involved, so when it comes to the glorification of the self, they’re completely behind it.

These natives are insisting in being different and for what they want to also be embraced by others. They’re good lovers, but at the same time, they’re in love with humanity.

South Node in Aquarius in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Supportive, confident and balanced;
  • Challenges: Criticizing, rushed and harsh;
  • Celebrities: Ryan Gosling, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, Tom Cruise, Paul Newman;
  • Dates: Nov 22, 1942 – May 11, 1944; Jun 11, 1961 – Dec 23, 1962; Jan 6, 1980 – Sep 24, 1981; October 21, 1998- Apr 10, 2000; May 10, 2017 – November 6, 2018.

Big intellectuals, they seem to know what they’re supposed to do in their lives. When it comes to them being fair and democratic, they prefer to teach themselves things and to shine like stars among others because they’re aware of their big destiny.

Conscious of themselves and their purpose

Having the tendency to rely on those who can still let them down in life, people with South Node in Aquarius can seem impersonal and cold when interacting with others.

They fear being in the spotlight, as well taking any risk, so they may become just simple members of their community, giving up on their individualism.

The placement of the South Node in Aquarius in their birth chart is indicating they shouldn’t worry too much about what everyone else thinks of them and just follow what their mind is telling them, in the most creative way possible.

South Node Aquariuses need to make conscious efforts to deal with others at the personal level, as well to love and to not fall into the sin of being too intellectual, completely detached from their own emotions.

They can make others feel like strangers in their presence, when they’re not acknowledging their originality, not to mention they can lose the control over their own heart when they’re being too rational with their own feelings.

If needing attention, they can get too much involved into other people’s issues. When taking some risks and being confident, people with South Node in Aquarius can end up again being happy and feeling balanced.

Being conscious of themselves and trying to have their mind focused on intellectual subjects, they can no longer feel happy when others are admiring them for being themselves, in a setting in which they’re being successful all the time.

During past lives, individuals with South Node in Aquarius were most likely involved with different organizations and spent a lot of time among their loved ones.

The placement of this Node is indicating that they love cooperating and that they may have had power in the past. In their subconscious, they know how to influence others and how to have an influence in the society.

In other words, all this can be noticed in people with the South Node in the 11th house, especially those who have important planets placed in strong signs in their birth charts, as well powerful aspects and also points.

They can expand in the same directions easily in life, because they have some patterns established. More than this, they want to make new friends with every day that passes.

When members of groups, they may want to give up their personal quests because they think it’s easier to be members of a pack and to take actions that can be attributed to someone else or the entire team. Therefore, South Node Aquariuses can try and make their life more livable by giving up on the dilemmas that are bothering them and making decisions with the collective.

Obviously, these natives shouldn’t live after the same patterns all over again because this can have them stagnating and their soul is always looking to move in opposite directions or to pay more attention to their life at home.

The axis of the lunar Nodes in the 5th and 11th houses can make its natives ask themselves questions about friendship and love, meaning these people need to have their priorities established, all the time.

There can be transits that awaken their consciousness and have them giving up old behaviors in order to make room for new ones.

When it comes to not having control, Aquariuses are known to try and lead in the most unexpected situations, which can have them losing their grip on situations.

They can understand that the big picture is more important than anything else and can help many govern life itself, but they don’t want to abandon their ways of expressing themselves.

People with the South Node in Aquarius are preoccupied with what will happen with the planet in the future, not to mention they’re all the time thinking of some kind of utopia and can forget about the present.

These natives are used to relying on their aloofness, but they can as well merge with others so intensely and personally, that no one is ever recognizing how masters they actually are when it comes to separation.

It’s not at all attractive for them to be dependent, but they’re in fact seeking this when in a relationship, as they don’t want to be isolated.

They’re outrageous on purpose

When it comes to observing and getting involved, people with South Node in Aquarius are as well detached, rational and able to immerse themselves into crowds while maintaining the distance.

This is because they don’t want to ever get hurt. They’re known as good observers of the human nature, so they can make the psychological profiles of many.

At the same time, they’re emotionally detached when things are becoming personal. Wanting to be in large groups, they don’t like being in the center of attention, however.

This is because they like being treated like equals and not having any ambition. Just like Aquariuses, they’re rebels and unable to fit in.

Therefore, they’re identifying themselves with those who have been isolated and even exiled.

It’s not their objective to be the most prominent and respected people in town or in the world, but they wouldn’t mind being wealthy and having a good position.

There can be times when they’re outrageous on purpose, as well refusing to show how much they’re worth to those in higher positions.

They can work as social assistants because they want to serve and don’t mind not having a career that’s putting their name in the spotlight.

The South Node in Aquarius is making these people more rebellious than others, unable to respect the rules, as well open to develop relationships with the elite and to obtain a good position.

What natives with this placement aren’t realizing is that when they’re expressing their confidence, they obtain the freedom they need to be independent and as fascinating as they want to be.

However, they must not obsess over the idea that they have to be isolated from other, not to mention they need to not grow too attached to luxury.

People with the South Node in the 11th house are used to studying what seems gloomy when it comes to life and can’t see their future if not having a vision.

They know how the human race has evolved and can perceive different notions from the past. Their ideas can be the best ones, not to mention they can live this lifetime to make the conditions better for the entire world.

South Node Aquariuses can be playful and indulge in this attitude if they’re not seeing happiness as a way for them to make a fool out of themselves.

It’s possible for South Node Aquariuses to be happy because they want to spread their joy all over the place and to let the world function in the best way possible.

Their mind and heart need to unite, but they need the unconventional in order for this to happen. When overdoing love and having high ideals, they can also experience the pleasure of ordinary romances.

It can be difficult for natives with South Node in Aquarius to express their sexuality when they need to be devoted because they’re only melodramatic and obsessed with love stories.

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