Snake and Dog Love Compatibility: A Sweet Relationship

These two can build a couple life that offers the happiness and comfort, as well as the safety and kindness they both so much desire.

Snake and Dog Compatibility

The Dog and the Snake oppose each other in many ways because the Snake is relaxed and always believes things will end up well, while the Dog is very pessimistic and thinks nothing is meant to happen as expected.

The Snake loves going out and making new friends, the Dog prefers to meet only with those he or she has known for a lifetime.

CriteriaSnake and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

While the Snake can see different colors and shades, the Dog finds it impossible to see other than the black and the white. However, despite their many differences, these two can get along very well as a couple because they have a lot of respect for one another.

What brings them together and what keeps them apart

When lovers, the Snake and the Dog have a very stable relationship, which means they can feel comfortable with each other. Very intimate when together, these two natives can also enjoy a fulfilling sexual connection, even if the Snake is very jealous and possessive in nature.

All people born in the year of the Dog are known as faithful and devoted to their partner, so the Snake will never have a reason to be jealous when with a person in this sign.

In return, the Snake can help the Dog be less fearful of things that don’t even exist and to enjoy life as much as possible, considering the Snake is very sensual and loves enjoying pleasure.

If living together, the Dog and the Snake will have a nicely furnished home in which they can both retreat after a long day at work. The Chinese Horoscope says these two signs make great friends and if they want to be a couple, they can overcome any obstacle in the way of their relationship becoming successful.

As said before, the Dog is very loyal, but famous for his or her pessimism, which means the Snake has to lift his or her spirits so that their connection doesn’t go to waste.

The Snake is generous and truly positive, but his or her possessiveness can bother the most relaxed individuals. Therefore, until realizing how faithful the Dog is, the Snake can make this person’s life a living hell.

If the Dog can be more optimistic and the other less jealous, they may be able to really enjoy their life together as a couple. Both of them believe strongly in their values and can disagree with each other’s approach to life, which means they can sometimes have difficulties with their connection.

While the Snake fights for success and calculates his or her every move, the Dog prefers to only be devoted and loving. The first will want nothing less than all this from the Dog, and the Dog will always support their partner, just as long as his or her principles aren’t undermined.

The fact that the Dog doesn’t think about any materialistic side of life can have him or her not understanding why the Snake is fighting so hard to get rich and to obtain power.

Furthermore, the Snake doesn’t seem to grasp why the Dog gets offended by every word. While not a perfect match, the Dog and the Snake can still get along very well, especially if they’re struggling to understand and respect one another’s expectations as the Snake can be too sophisticated for the realistic Dog.

Even if the Snake may appreciate the Dog for being intelligent, the latter can be indifferent to how the Snake sees the world in a mystical way and refuses to be too logical.

Criticizing should be kept at a minimum

This relationship has many chances to work, regardless of the fact that the partners aren’t too similar. The fact that they complement each other can be of great help because where one lacks a certain attribute, the other comes and fills in the empty space, not to mention their differences aren’t that important.

In conclusion, if they’re ready to compromise and to understand each other, the Snake and the Dog may resist together as a couple for their entire life.

It can’t be said their union is complex, but it surely offers happiness to both of the signs as these natives tend to be anxious and insecure, and when together, they get to feel safer and can even trust one another.

The Dog is a kind soul who loves to please his or her loved ones but has moods and retreats in times of stress. The Snake can seduce and charm anyone, but has a reserved nature and doesn’t want to be in the middle of things, or in places where everyone is agitated and everything is too loud.

There will be times when the Snake will become very upset because the Dog is too criticizing, and also times when the Dog will not agree with the Snake’s superficiality. However, these two will still be able to laugh at each other’s negative traits and to forget all about being tense.

From a sexual point of view, they aren’t a perfect couple because the Snake is very sensual and wants to be pleasured all the time, while the Dog worries too much about how he or she performs in bed, which can easily translate into inhibition.

The Snake should show the Dog how to be less stressed in the bedroom, especially if these two want to be satisfied with their lovemaking. The Snake should never even think about another person when with the Dog because this can truly destroy his or her partner.

If the man is a Dog and the woman a Snake, she may think he’s too focused on high morals and not in any way fun. The lady in this couple will worry when her man is out fighting for causes and not at home to appreciate the way she has arranged the place.

The fact that he’s too practical can have them arguing. Furthermore, when he’ll not notice how gentle she is and just criticize her, they’ll start another conflict. If these two understand one another, they can have a very successful relationship.

If the man is a Snake and the woman a Dog, she may not find enough courage to be next to him all the time. More than this, the Dog woman may not understand why the Snake man is so irresponsible.

While he enjoys socializing, she doesn’t care in any way about it. The fact that he’s flirtatious will have her all the time upset, which means these two are not at all a perfect couple.

The challenges of this romance

When it comes to the Snake and the Dog, these two have many traits that complement one another, but that can also turn them into having real conflicts.

The Dog is almost obsessed with justice and fairness, so he or she doesn’t really want to be around people who don’t appreciate these values.

When it comes to the Snake, this person is realistic and usually doesn’t mind bending the rules in order to obtain what he or she wants.

As a matter of fact, the Snake is not in any way bothered when he or she is manipulating others for his or her benefit. The Dog will not appreciate this in any way, so the Snake may end up being criticized and even pushed to do the right things.

Therefore, the relationship between the Dog and the Snake can be troubled by the partners’ different views on morals.

Furthermore, these two also have interests that oppose each other because the Snake is truly refined and wants the best things, while the Dog is simple and doesn’t understand why some people need to be so sophisticated.

The Dog doesn’t need more than a happy home and a job that brings him or her good money. As a matter of fact, Dogs are never driven by materialistic interests, while Snakes love going out, eating in expensive restaurants and buying designer’s clothes.

It can be disappointing for the Snake to see how the Dog only thinks of commitment and not at all about romantic gestures.

While they may be compatible from other points of view, the Dog and the Snake still don’t get along when it comes to these things, so they can’t have a very fruitful relationship, especially if they aren’t able to agree on some things and to adjust according to their each other’s needs.

The fact that the Snake doesn’t care about means but only about results can have the Dog appalled. The Snake doesn’t mind manipulating, especially when trying to obtain success, which makes the Dog see the Snake as a cheater.

Considering the Dog gives an utmost importance to fairness and justice, he or she may never accept the way the Snake is living his or her life. Being so worried about everything, the same Dog needs someone supportive and who can make him or her be optimistic during difficult times.

Dogs have a tendency to become too emotional, which means that if with the Snake, this last-mentioned person needs to know how to soothe.

It’s possible the Snake is too cold and doesn’t want to ever deal with the Dog’s emotions. Therefore, in this relationship, the Dog may be regarded as needy, so this can have a negative impact on their sex life.

If they want their affair to be fruitful, the Snake and the Dog should understand one another as much as possible. For example, the Dog needs to deal with the fact that the Snake is never emotional and to realize that his or her partner can sometimes be strict.

This way, he or she will never get upset when the Snake is a little bit cold. In return, the Snake has to reassure the Dog of his or her love.

Therefore, both these natives need to make a few compromises when together as a couple. The more romantic gestures they’ll make for each other, the closer they’ll get to be as a couple.

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