Signs An Aries Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Aries man is into you when he is attentive to your needs and sends you these flirty and fun texts.

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Subtlety is not an Aries man’s forte, not by a long-shot, because he’s actually very intense, passionate, and straightforward with his desires and dreams.

Top 10 signs an Aries is into you

  1. He is not hiding that he fancies you.
  2. He is very direct and outspoken in his texts.
  3. He is not very romantic but you’ll feel his intentions are real.
  4. He tries to protect you from any source of sadness.
  5. He is bold and quick to flirt with you.
  6. He protects you intuitively even from the smallest danger.
  7. He is attentive to your needs.
  8. He includes you in his future plans.
  9. He is ready to try new things and even embarrass himself for your sake.
  10. He has an impulsive and confident flirting style (see Aries flirting style).

He won’t hesitate for one moment before he decides to grasp at his destiny. In love, he’s pretty direct with his flirting, so it won’t be a matter of not knowing whether he’s interested or not, because he’ll make it quite clear from the very beginning.

Even more so, when he views sweet-talking you as a competition against other oponents. That’s just the impetus he needs to showcase all of his skills.

An Aries man will surprise you with his determination and spontaneity. If he wants to do something, he’s not going to waste time debating whether it’s worth it or not, he will just go for it.

How to figure out if your Aries likes you

If we’re talking about the telltale signs of an Aries man having a crush on you, there are no mysteries and what ifs here.

He’ll tell you that right off the bat, without you needing to create different scenarios, dwell in extremes for days or anything of the sort.

He’s pretty honest with himself, and won’t shy away from his desires, or things that he is responsible for.

You know how you always wanted for your ideal man to take you unprepared, fascinate you with his boldness, intrigue you to the max by acting as a protector? Well then, now you’ve met him, because the Aries is just like that, at least when it comes to the boldness part.

This native is very frank about his feelings, in that he will give his best in trying to secure your love, as well as protect you from any harm, because his love is honest, and will get deeper and deeper with time.

That’s just how he behaves, with attention, care, tenderness, and utmost affection. Yes, when he is sure that you have feelings for him, nothing will stop him from covering you in a blanket of love and affection.

Touching is his way of expressing his love, most of the times, so do pay attention to that if you’re not entirely sure of his feelings.

Due to his high energy output and impulsive character, he’s not likely to be very stable, as a partner, because he’s brimming with creative gusto, as well as feeling the shivers of adventure down his back.

The Arian man is said to be the initiator of the zodiac, the one who starts the job in the strongest sense of the word, with a bang.

You often hear about those individuals who just can’t finish anything they start, because they take up an idea, go through with it mid-way, then abandon it to fiddle with something entirely different.

That’s your Aries man there, even when it comes to love matters, regardless of how much you don’t want to acknowledge this.

The sheer strength of his character is astounding, as does his explosive temper impress everyone with how diverse and fascinating it can be. He needs to experience the world, to live his life to the max, come up with ideas, put them in practice, bask in the glory of victory, or wallow in the abyss of a defeat.

If you already have insider knowledge of his plans, consider yourself co-opted, now it’s only a matter of you keeping up with him.

Texting with your crush

The texting habits of the Aries man are on the same line as his behavior face-to-face, in that he won’t get mired up in long novels, and simply state his intentions.

Humor, sarcasm, sexual innuendo, he can use those, yeah, but in general, he’s likely to ask you out directly, or say how he wants to make sweet love to you, rather than beat around the bush.

Although you might not think it, given his impulsive self, he is also very attentive about how he phrases his messages, because he doesn’t want to get you confused, and instead prefers to state his intentions crystal-clear.

He won’t just remain in the messaging stages, and will often call you, or set up a meeting if a block of text isn’t enough to fully convey his interest.

Don’t even think that the Aries man will use sweet talk all day long, or cover you in flashy compliments, because they don’t do that. They prefer to throw in one or two, just for catching your attention, and spicing things up, from time to time.

These will no doubt bring the bond between you two a much-deserved push, and frankly, this attitude should be present in any relationship.

He’s more rational and steady-minded than most, and so he will prefer to talk strictly about your qualities and what he thinks is loveable, rather than exaggerate or be overly romantic with poetry and stuff.

Is he falling in love?

Is your Arian crush finally falling in love with you? You can find that pretty easily on your own, and it would actually be a surprise that you’re asking this question, because this should have already been obvious at one point or another.

On the one hand, he will proceed with doing what he does best, which is being spontaneous, charming, unrestrained, and daring. Even if there may be others vying for your attention, that only acts as an incentive to try harder.

On the other hand, he will also do everything in his power to avoid making you suffer, whether it’s by his doing or any other outside force.

Even more, because he considers you to be an integral part of his life, he wants to be seen together with you, for the whole world to know that you two are together, never to be split up.

Never before has he loved someone so much, and you can be sure that no one else will catch his attention other than your own person.

Do your homework

Firstly, never let yourself be sold cheaply, which is to say that you shouldn’t be easy, in front of the Aries man. Be a worthy game and you can be sure that he’ll get even more interested by the thrill of the hunt.

The Aries will become quite the essential figure in your life, because he’ll be present everywhere and anywhere, ready to put all his skills to the test in order to impress you.

However, you should try to make it as hard as possible for the Arian to get to you. That should be counter-intuitive, right? Well, in general, yes, but not here, because he is absolutely in love with chasing his target. He’s determined, resolute, daring, and will do everything it takes.

As the proud partner of an Aries man, you should also be very ambitious and determined in your own right, so make no secret of your plans and aspirations.

He will become very interested and intrigued by the future prospects, because he’ll automatically see himself there, alongside you.

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