Signs A Sagittarius Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Sagittarius man is into you when he is analyzing you all the time and flirts via text.

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It’s going to be very easy to notice whether a Sagittarius man is into you or not, because you don’t have to look anywhere else other than to his overall attitude.

Top 13 signs a Sagittarius is into you

  1. He is very enthusiastic in your company.
  2. He tells you about every small thing he has done when you were apart.
  3. He tries to make you smile all the time.
  4. He is straightforward to you.
  5. He offers his help with your personal problems.
  6. He acts rather shyly.
  7. He is very honest about his not so great moments.
  8. You sense that he is analysing you all the time.
  9. His messages are flirty and romantic.
  10. He is willing to give up his freedom.
  11. He pampers you with small gifts.
  12. You can get him to reveal his hidden feelings via text.
  13. He has a bold and visionary flirting style (see Sagittarius flirting style).

If he starts smiling as soon as you enter the room, then that’s a pretty strong sign already. Moreover, he’ll also want to spend his entire time telling you about the exciting things he’s done over the weekend.

After all, we all know that these individuals are spontaneous, overly-enthusiastic, and seek for adventure no matter where they go.

One of his deepest desires is to share in those adventures with a special someone, a person who is also appreciative of those moments of joy.

How to figure out if your Sagittarius likes you

When he likes someone, the Sagittarius man will want to make his partner smile, laugh, have fun, and forget all about any mundane problems.

It’s basically his whole purpose when together with you. The truth is, he is in love with your smile, among many other things, and that’s why he wants to see it as much as possible, in its brightest and most dazzling form ever.

It’s not going to be something out of a romantic movie, with him going all out and acting perfectly, like a true Romeo. Instead, he’s going to be very shy when he’s near you, but he will get his confidence back the moment you reassure him.

If he care about what you have, he will be straightforward to you, because he has his principles that he upholds at all costs, and he won’t soon let them go.

In a relationship, he values honesty above all else, and this should be a mutual attitude from both partners. So, pay close attention to what he says and how he behaves towards you.

If he decides to tell you about the time he nearly had a heart attack escaping from a pack of dogs, then he believes you’re trustworthy enough not to judge him, and won’t laugh at this. Consider this a symbol of his affection and love, alongside his helpful and generous attitude. The Sagittarian will try to offer his assistance any time you need it.

One thing worth remembering is that the Sagittarian man won’t waste time on temporary adventures or futile attempts, and so if he’s still there, trying to seduce you, then that’s a pretty big sign that he thinks you’re worth it all.

He’s also very observant and caring, so if you come across a difficult problem, he’ll likely notice the sulking and grumpy attitude, and offer his support immediately. He’s exactly like this, a man who helps his loved ones unconditionally, and who certainly knows his priorities, because there is nothing he wouldn’t do to make you happy and fulfilled.

This guy can seemingly see through any social façade, and uses his intuition to know exactly what’s happening inside that head of yours.

Whether you’re not feeling comfortable, or want to quickly get out of there, he will notice that, and will come to your help, with diplomacy, of course.

He’s your savior, the one who understands you the most, and who will use that knowledge to satisfy your every desire, even the ones you don’t yet know about. Because he himself has a lot of cravings that need to be put into reality, he knows exactly how to achieve that aim, so you’ll be taken care of by someone who is very experienced.

He has his ways of speaking to a woman that not many can hope to achieve in their entire lifetime. It’s probably because of his adventurous spirit, and also because of his honest and kind personality, that he makes his partner feel truly special, like someone receiving endless privileges.

But he also needs someone understanding, who is able to appreciate what he sacrifices in order to be who he is.

His freedom is one of the most important things for him, and he is more than willing to let that go, if that means being closer to you, but only if he feels you are his special one.

Texting with your crush

He’s not that evident when it comes to making his feelings known, because he’s not entirely sure himself, whether he wants something serious, or just wants to have some fun with a one-night adventure.

His messages are flirty and romantic, sure, but he could be doing that just for the heck of it, or just because he wants to see how you’re reacting.

So, the best choice you have is to ask him yourself what exactly he wants to do, and then he’ll have no reason to delay or hide his intentions.

That’s the moment when you’ll find out the truth. And the truth may be that your Sagittarius man is pretty afraid to commit, because he’s had some really bad experiences in the past.

Most of the time, even they aren’t fully aware just how much they love someone before they are confronted with the worst situation, which is the other taking distance and getting sick of all the playing around.

That’s when Sagittarius men realize just what they are about to lose, and for all the beating around the bush in earlier stages, they’ll reveal all their emotions in that very moment, hoping to be given another chance, or the only chance.

So texting with him may result in some pinch points where you really are trying to surface the real meanings of what it is that you are going for, it’s not going to all just be mindless flirting.

This man wants to be original, for everything to come naturally, but sometimes, a relationship needs an extra boost, and that boost comes individually from each of them, this time from his confessions.

Is he falling in love?

It’s not that hard to find out if your Sagittarian crush loves you truly, because he’ll be quite evident in this respect. The glaring smile on his lips, the first sign that you see when you enter the room he’s in, should be more than enough.

He really can’t hide his enthusiasm and pleasure, and so he just puts it all on the table. Furthermore, he’s going to want you beside him, going on adventures together, living the life as it was meant to be lived, on the edge of possibility, with just a leap of faith ahead, and the hand of your beloved gripping tightly.

Their love is very passionate and quite fiery, just like you would expect from a Fire sign, after all. They will make every effort to seduce you, to show you exactly what they are capable of, and that they’re more than worth it.

Impulsive, impetuous, and quite sweet, this man could just as well marry you tomorrow, if that’s the idea he wakes up with.

Nothing stops him from making you the happiest woman on the planet, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do in the end. You just can’t resist his manly charms, as well as the tempting prospect of a lifetime of adventure together, spent on exploring the unknown with him.

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