Signs A Pisces Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Pisces man is into you when he can’t take his eyes off you and sends you loads of emoticons.

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The Pisces man is a very emotional and intuitive individual who will connect with his partner in the deepest of levels, more than just the superficial one that most other people remain at.

Top 13 signs a Pisces is into you

  1. He keeps making eye contact with you.
  2. Wants to quickly learn how you react in different situations.
  3. He is very energetic around you and would do anything you ask him to do.
  4. He is willing to get out of his comfort zone for you.
  5. He will tolerate you with things that would otherwise annoy him terribly.
  6. He sends you very romantic texts or just checks you are ok.
  7. He invites you on a romantic getaway.
  8. He doesn’t play hard to get and remains straightforward.
  9. Challenges and surprises you to learn what you like.
  10. He is flirtier than ever.
  11. A childish side of his surfaces.
  12. He tells you all about his secret dreams and aspirations.
  13. He has an intense and daring flirting style (see Pisces flirting style).

He will wish to know everything about you, and he discovers it gradually, by way of his immense power of understanding and empathy.

Also, some say that this native has a pair of magic eyes that peer deeply into your soul, because, if you catch him doing that at some point or another, you will feel like he can clearly see everything inside of you.

The moment he starts getting used to how you think and react, is the moment he’s truly starting to fall in love with you, and it’s already a point of no return.

How to figure out if your Pisces likes you

The Pisces is first and foremost an experimenter who wants to know exactly what you like before doing his thing.

He needs to be sure that you’re fit for his personality and character, before committing to a more serious relationship. You will notice that he may change his attitude from time to time, before coming back to normal, just to see how you react, and what exactly you like.

Theirs is a very emotional and enthusiastic attitude that may annoy many people, because they seem to be incredibly joyful and anxious about the smallest of things, but to some people, that’s very adorable and likeable.

In your many discussions with him, he will first and foremost want to see what dreams you have, what you aspire to do in the future, and whether you have the ability and optimism to achieve them, or if you’re just going to remain at the current stage forever.

Anyway, for the Pisces man, it matters more if you do have dreams at all, because together, you will eventually attain all of them.

The Piscean seeks for someone to share everything with, their whole life, a stable and secure relationship to last until the ends of time, and that is exactly why he wants to completely know you before stepping up on the pedal into the future with you.

He is very flirty and will romance you as soon as he decides he wants to have something more with you.

His childish personality will eventually come out and play, and know that this is his natural demeanor, which he doesn’t show to many people, only those who appreciate it.

He will be very playful, enthusiastic, and jumpy, so prepare for an experience like you’ve never seen before.

These natives can be extremely energetic around those they like, but that is exactly what makes them so enjoyable to have around. He’s going to rejoice in every moment talking to you, and on top of that, you’re going to appreciate him for going out of his comfort zone in trying to impress you.

This native believes in love at first sight, and he believes that he will eventually find his soul mate, that one person who matches him perfectly, with whom he’s going to explore the world, hand in hand.

He may be idealistic, and might choose not to tell you about this the first time around, but you’ll quickly notice that every time he’s talking about love and relationships, he gets all deep and emotional, clearly having certain hidden desires that he wants to fulfill.

There’s more to him than meets the eye, that much is for sure, and the only way you’re going to ever discover what lies beyond the veil, is by putting yourself out on the battlefield, alongside him, trying to truly understand him.

He never wanted for anything else than finding that one person, the special woman who will complete him in every single respect, and who loves him unconditionally.

Because Pisces is looking for the perfect relationship, a true bonding of the hearts, he is willing to forgive and tolerate a lot of flaws when he is really into you.

But because of this kindness, he was betrayed and hurt many times before by people who took advantage of him. For this very reason, he may come off as enclosed in his own shell at first, and he may even be slightly reluctant to give his trust again, but just be patient.

Give your Pisces man the time to know you better, and if your goals are honest and pure, they will eventually come around and open up to you. It’s all going to be worth it, as this native is one of the most, if not the most loyal, affectionate, and tender lover in the whole world. You’re never going to want for anything else than to have him by your side, forever and ever.

Texting with your crush

The Pisces man is basically the most romantic native of the whole zodiac, and it is this belief that love is the highest virtue one should aspire towards, that makes him quite the special lover. This means that the way he communicates is also ruled by the same principles.

He seeks for a perfect bonding with someone, an emotional synergy that goes beyond what most other couples can hope to achieve, so do expect that you might be texting 24/7 from the start.

He wants to feel loved, he wants to love, and he wants these feelings to be passionate, intense, permanent, and to bring him the state of bliss that he has always sought for in his endeavor.

He will encourage and support you through well written texts and by citing quotes to you at the right times and his social media is most likely filled with all sort of motivational pics.

He doesn’t want any adventures, or anything temporary, because he can’t love with half-measures, and once he commits to a relationship, it’s incredibly difficult for him to live through a break-up.

His texts are going to be filled with sweet words, emoticons, and many confessions of his love to you.

Is he falling in love?

If the Pisces man is falling in love, you will notice it right away, because it’s just so obvious, and he’s not even trying to hide it in the least. Even more, he’s going to tell you that himself anyway, during one of the many romantic getaways that he subtly sets up.

He will look at you with a voracious need to devour you wholly, to eat you up entirely, because he deeply wants to embrace you, and never let you go again.

His love is too deep and passionate, so he doesn’t want to scare you from the beginning, but the truth is that he would jump on you right away, if you were to give your consent.

Moreover, he’s quite the creative individual, so he will find a million ways, each more and more fun and enjoyable, in which to express his feelings.

One sure sign that he’s in love with you has to do with how often you see him. Yeah, it’s really as simple as that, because he’s not the one who can stall for time, waiting to see your reaction, or just playing a tantalizing game. He’s not the typical hunter who wants to chase his prey.

Instead, he’s the straightforward lover who wastes no time on such petty games. He feels like being with you, talking to you, feeling you closer and closer with each passing second, and he’s not going to refrain from doing that. What would be the point of that? He’s not going to repress his innermost desire to be with you, that much is true.

And on top of this, a smitten Pisces man will all of a sudden be available to talk about his emotions, dreams and expectations quite openly, without any fear of what your reaction might be.

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