Signs A Libra Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Libra man is into you when he forgets all about his worries in your company and surprises you with flirty texts.

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Whether a Libra man likes you or not is not often a matter of debate, because this native is pretty open with his affection, and it’s not some secret that these men tend to be very expressive most of the time.

Top 11 signs a Libra is into you

  1. He is very open about his feelings.
  2. He will pay you surprise visits with small gifts.
  3. He forgets about his worries in your company.
  4. He stops flirting with everyone else.
  5. Asks questions about your future plans.
  6. He shows you his vulnerable side.
  7. He proposes solutions to your problems.
  8. He starts texting with details from his life.
  9. He involves you more and more in his plans.
  10. You can see he puts effort in making you room in his life.
  11. He has an approachable and intuitive flirting style (see Libra flirting style).

So if you are not receiving any of the signals we are developing on here, then you might want to start asking yourself some serious questions about your Libran crush.

You’ll find yourself visited at work, or at home, with gifts, invitations to romantic dinners in the evening, and who knows, maybe something more, if everything goes as it should.

Overall, the Libra man is exceedingly loving, caring, affectionate, and wastes no time when his future relationship is at stake. He will immediately get on the front line and ask you out, if he didn’t already do so.

How to figure out if your Libra likes you

This busy-body of a Libra is always worried about his outer appearance, and about his social status and he tends to have some high expectations from himself.

He keeps on fidgeting and needlessly worrying about the most insignificant of things. So, when he decides that you’re worth his time, he will often omit everything else, but that doesn’t mean that he’s escaped this predicament.

When he starts overthinking, just be there to reassure him that there’s nothing to worry about. He’s already doing much more than he should, and that’s enough. You can see it in his eyes that he enjoys spending time with you, and that he forgets all about his problems and sorrows.

This guy is an awarded flirter, so you’ll often find him talking to everyone he meets, whispering sweet words to whomever listens to him, and there are plenty who can’t resist this guy’s charming demeanor.

Now, even though he’ll leap from flower to flower, that doesn’t mean that once he has found someone who fascinates him truly, he’ll continue on with this libertine behavior. Once he meets his princess, he will only have eyes for her and her alone. She will become his only refuge, the apple of his eyes, and time spent with her will be everything he needs.

He won’t feel the need to flirt anymore, and that’s a sign that he loves from the bottom of his heart. What other signs do you need, besides his own confession that he loves you?

Also, he’ll start asking you questions about the future, in order to determine whether your perspective is similar to his.

Once he’s ready to go from the initial phases of a passing interest to a full-blown love interest, that’s when he realizes that he can’t treat it like a game, where he just puts his abilities to the test, and see what happens next.

He will have to become serious, treat his woman just like she deserves to be treated, like his potential partner in the future. And because he loves her already, he’ll want to be there for her when she needs it, helping in any way possible.

It’s already past that period of time when he was just checking the terrain, and when you were wondering just what in the world he was doing, not acting up on his feelings.

You’ll know immediately that your Libra crush is into you the moment he starts showing a great interest in your problems, because, guess what, he wants to help you solve them. And don’t be surprised when he shows up at your door someday, with the perfect idea for an issue you were facing the other day.

Something else they do when in love is let themselves be vulnerable, open themselves up to their partner. Their hearts, their flaws, weaknesses, emotional fears, they will serve everything on a platter to that one and only person, the special one. Because they put a lot of trust in their partner, they’ll do that without a second thought.

Texting with your crush

This native is one who doesn’t bother with writing a million messages just to express his latest thoughts.

When he wants to really tell you something, he will either call you to set up a meeting, or he’ll write you an email, explaining exactly what he wants to say, in the most concise manner possible, but still with plenty of details.

Although texting is not something they do normally, they’re not bad at it, just inexperienced and cuttingly honest. On top of that, they will want to share with you their entire lives, everything they do and feel, they want to know that you’re there for them, at every step of the way. And sometimes, short text updates help him in this endeavor.

The state of equilibrium is an ideal that these guys have never achieved yet, until now that is, and they hope they’ll manage to do it with you. That’s why they’re so dedicated, loyal, responsible, and affectionate.

Texting will come as natural once they get the hang of it, and once they notice that it’s much easier to stay in constant contact with the love of their life.

Furthermore, while he is being generous and kind with those who matter, he also expects the same treatment, at least in those periods of time when he really needs it.

Is he falling in love?

This guy doesn’t hesitate at all when he falls in love with someone, and this will be clearly seen from the way he plans his weekends, involving you in each and every one of them.

If you end up taking a trip with him to the mountains, or having Chinese food at his place, just put it all on his enthusiastic and affectionate nature.

Because he loves you, his tendency is to spend as much time as possible with you. Always excited and vivacious, this native will offer you the best time of your life, and you won’t regret it.

Because he seeks for nothing else than a serious and stable relationship, he will want to deepen the bond between the two of you as fast as possible, and this means spending as much time as possible together.

Going on trips, adventures, exploring the world, planning for the future together, they want to do all this with you, and much more.

It’s going to be something you’ve never experienced before, because he’s not going to waste any time, if it means losing you. If he wants to live his life with you, then he will do everything it takes to turn that into a reality.

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