Signs A Leo Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Leo man is into you when he brags with his accomplishments and wants to sort all your problems out.

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The Leo man is one of the easiest to figure out, because he is naturally straightforward, passionate, and unrestrained, so be sure that he will not hesitate to express his interest from the get-go.

Top 10 signs a Leo is into you

  1. He brags about his accomplishments.
  2. He shouts it to the world (yes, he is that forward).
  3. Texts you with updates about himself and his feelings.
  4. He wants to feel responsible for your happiness.
  5. Craves physical contact but not of the naughty kind.
  6. He takes you for long walks.
  7. Wishes to give you all the pleasure in the world.
  8. He is very tender and loving in his texts.
  9. He wants his space but always returns to you.
  10. He has a determined and proud flirting style (see Leo flirting style).

He’s a very energetic and involved man who will treat you like the queen you deserve to be treated like.

Leo men will tell you they love you from the moment they, themselves know it and they will show it through each and every action and gesture, and they will yell it so the world knows it as well.

How else could these attention seekers act if not in a totally egocentric and ostentatious manner? The essence here is to let the Leo take control of the situation, but not before they put forth all their skills to the test, just to conquer you, since you didn’t let go easily either.

How to figure out if your Leo likes you

All you have to do is let the Leo man know that you are open and interested, and he will do the rest, from the first step to the last one.

Since he is the radiant astrological sign ruled by the Sun, he is naturally a very enthusiastic, intense, and passionate individual for whom nothing is too much, especially if it means satisfying his humongous ego.

And for now, what his ego wants the most is to get you, in your entirety, to fall in love with him, to make you the happiest woman on the planet. Knowing that he’s responsible for your happiness would feed his ego immensely.

As expected, the Leo man is going to be extremely direct and confident in his approach, and will have no problems at all in getting close to you and making his move.

Be prepared to be treated just like you always dreamed, in a royal fashion, taken to dinner in the evening, and then, just like the gentleman he is, he will escort you home.

Then, you might be faced with the moment that’ll decide the course of this entire relationship. Don’t let him get what he wants from the first date, because he’s the type who wants a challenge.

He doesn’t just feel grateful with having won you that easily. The rush of the hunt is the best feeling the world, and he’s a Leo, so go figure!

No one ever told you that Leo natives aren’t the type who take things slowly, with tenderness and affection? Well, they certainly aren’t those types, at all.

Well, they can be very tender and loving, but that only after they have fully conquered you, and that stage is in no way a very soothing and calm one.

Rather, it’s thrilling, stupefying, and satisfying to the max, because this native will fascinate you with his techniques and kingly approach. When he decides he wants to do something, there’s nothing stopping him, and that applies to your relationship as well.

Being a very sociable and communicative person, the Leo man will always find himself surrounded by people, either having a beer with his mates in a bar, cooking a steak in his backyard, with cool people around, or just going on a picnic with you, if that’s what you want as well.

The word of advice is to try not to read too much in his social activities because he can still be smitten with you but decide to spend a whole weekend apart from you, just with his buddies.

Texting with your crush

Unsurprisingly, Leo men don’t really like texting as much, just because they don’t have the same freedom and opportunities to do their thing, as opposed to having you in front of them.

Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. They prefer speaking to you upfront about what they want from this relationship, and that is permanence, a stable marriage, healthy children, as many of them as possible, for the rest of time.

And it’s not like they’re just that barbaric and dominative from the beginning, no, that’s just the main gist of it, their end-game plan.

But in the meantime, if you really wish for this, they’re going to play the romantic game splendidly, and make you really feel that he is into you, even when he is far from you.

Sure, they do text, but only when there’s no other choice, when both of you are busy with work, or can’t meet up for some other reason. Otherwise, it’s going to be the both of you talking face to face, anytime, anyplace.

Is he falling in love?

This question is really useless when talking about the Leo man, because it’s literally impossible not to notice that he has fallen in love with someone, or at the very least, that he is interested in getting to know one more.

Very passionate and vibrant in his approach, he will hold your hand while taking you for a walk in the park, all the while telling you stories of how he once defeated a bear with his bare hands.

He won’t waste a chance to brag and feed his ego, not even when he’s with you, so get that out of your head from the start, you will not be able to prevent this behavior from happening.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons most people like him, this over-the-top confidence and egocentric attitude. Furthermore, besides that, the Leo native is extremely determined, and as far as he’s concerned, if you’re his future wife and the mother of his children, you will find that pretty soon.

Do your homework

Firstly, this guy is a gentleman through and through, so he knows exactly how to treat his woman, so that she feels like a spoiled little girl, although it’s not in a negative sense. With affection and love, he brings about immense joy in your life.

Secondly, you should really get used to the fact that he’ll want to touch you often, and have you close to him permanently.

He wants to feel that you are there, to hold you in his embrace, to cuddle with you whenever possible, and, of course, to make passionate love to you.

The Leo man is the true definition of a gentleman, as we’ve said before, but not just any kind of gentleman. Indeed, while he will try to protect you all the time, and will even open the door for you to enter first, he will also be quite uninhibited and unrestrained when in private.

He will be quite the generous and romantic partner, in that he won’t look at money if he wants to buy you something. Expect many presents from him, and they could be little things that you wanted, like a cute bracelet or a necklace, or a locket with a picture of him, to remind you of him every time you are apart.

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