Scorpio Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are easily offended by the smallest thing and tend to hold grudges for very long.

Scorpio weakness

Scorpios are monsters of seduction and therefore, dangerous. More than this, they can be the best and the worst at the same time. They’re juggling love and hate, but others can accuse them of suffering from paranoia and spreading evil.

When trying to defend themselves, they’re manipulating everyone and everything with incredible precision. The people they’re after should be able to resist their excessive nature and temper, not to mention they should accept they’re jealous and suspicious.

Scorpio weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They tend to bring a lot of unnecessary negativity in their lives;
  • When it comes to love, they can be possessive and overly emotional;
  • They love their families dearly, but are quite exploitive of others feelings;
  • With regards to work, they can take out their frustrations on others.

The powerful revenge

The Scorpio natives who are more drawn to negative traits can boil in anger for years and believe the world is just too stupid to recognize their greatness.

Just like Aries, they think anger is not a weakness, but something that’s making them stronger.

Resentful and frustrated, they can manifest themselves by eating too much and becoming obese.

People born under Scorpio have a need to obtain what they want, no matter the stakes. They’re sensitive and can hold grudges for a lot of time.

More than this, they want revenge too much, which is never good, no matter whom they may be. Possessing a good memory, they can remember each time they’ve been emotionally hurt.

Different than other signs, they can make plans to hurt others. For this reason, it’s difficult to trust them, not to mention they love keeping secrets, which is also making it hard for others to trust them.

It’s difficult for these people to establish strong connections because they’re turning everything into a challenge, with their mysterious ways.

These people have a powerful venom and are giving importance to what doesn’t really matter. They can sometimes react in an exaggerated manner, so people should be careful when making jokes with them.

Seeing the world only in black and white, they don’t like vagueness and can cause a lot of confusion around them. They’re curious about everyone and everything, not to mention they want to explore mysteries without anyone anticipating what they’re about to do next.

Others shouldn’t block their ways because they can start to generate problems as a revenge and not know what failure means.

These individuals are extremely stubborn, a trait that can’t be helpful when it comes for them to obtain what they want in life.

As said before, they’re mysterious and complex in their way of thinking, so only a few people can discover what’s in their mind.

They like sincerity and want to trust in order to earn friendships. When approached in a quick manner, they become suspicious and avoiding.

More than this, they’re melancholic, passionate and full of hate for the ones who have said or done something wrong to them.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Scorpios are arousing many passions because they’re attractive and in the same time resentful.

They’re exaggerating and always ready to push through the limits, meaning they’re always getting tested by fate. These people can’t express what their feeling and most of the time, rejecting other people.

2nd decan Scorpios can’t discern and are relying more on intuition or carnal pleasures. They’re curious and interested in experimenting.

For this reason and because they don’t want to surrender, it’s difficult for them to establish intimate connections.

They’re nonconformists and provocative, wanting to fill up their existence so that they can feel alive and not like they’re compromising anything.

3rd decan Scorpios want to be one with their partner. To put it simpler, they’re sensual and have a need to seduce or to be seduced, meaning they’re not at all trustworthy when it comes to fidelity.

Scorpio natives are possessive and in need of the absolute, also idealistic and excessive. They want their partner to act like them and to not respect any limit.

More than this, they’re both suspicious and wanting to offer their partner his or her freedom.

Love & Friendships

People born under Scorpio are obsessive and strange. They have a lot of passion and can make others ask themselves questions about them, even to be jealous.

When wanting to seduce, they can be too much, even destructive. Besides, they’re not being appreciated for their vengeful ways and the way they want to possess everyone or everything.

As lovers, they’re perverted and seductive. There is a type of cruelty about them that is making them irresistible.

If partners, they’re sadistic and have a lot of fun tormenting their other half. For this reason, they can cause trouble to appear, no matter how perfect their relationships are.

Not sure of themselves and looking to possess their partner, they love soap operas and can act just like the actors in them.

These natives can stay in marriages that don’t have any love, or they can hook up people on the Internet, in order to play with them, believing they’ve found true love.

Western astrology says these natives are full of passion, but not easy or wanting to cheat. As a matter of fact, they’re idiotic in their passionate ways, that they could wear clothes saying how much they can love.

Some people can find them to be suffocating. Because it’s difficult for them to find love, they can accept some unconventional agreements.

These people have many secrets and are cruel, as well curious. As friends, they seem to be jealous and to suspect others of the same vengeful ways as theirs.

It’s a good idea to never tell them any secret because they can use it later. When it comes to long-term friendships, Scorpio individuals are demanding and most of the time lying, so people should take a closer look at how they’re using different strategies under the mask of friendliness.

As far as their social life is going, they can generate tsunamis when picking up on others the way they do. They can have a lot of fun by bringing chaos to any party, so it’s a good idea to sometimes avoid inviting them over.

Family life

People born under Scorpio are striving for reliability, but are keeping many secrets and can be destructive, as well very obstinate.

They have compulsive ways and are uncompromising. When having friends, they can fill their life with a lot of anxiety, as well their obsessive and possessive ways.

Many are seeing them as lustful and passionate about one-night stands than about having a relationship, when in fact, they want utopias.

The parents in this sign need to make sure they’re not hurting their children when angry, with their criticizing nature. For this reason, they need their little ones to be less sensitive.

They’re as well possessive and can use harsh words that are hurting their little ones.

The children in this sign have the tendency to be quiet and to contradict others all the time.


Scorpio natives are tough, mean, hard to trust and rebellious. As colleagues, they’re only seeing things the way they want to, not leaving anything in the hands of others.

When someone is betraying them, they can become true predators who are acting in a cruel, but elegant manner.

If bosses, they’re putting their arms in secrecy, in order to come up with different and complicated strategies meant to make them achieve their objectives.

If working independently, they’re looking for many opportunities to make their life more beautiful.

More than this, they have different original ways of identifying what their competitors are doing and turning what those people are doing into benefits for themselves.

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