Scorpio Tiger: The Unassuming Nurturer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Scorpio born in Tiger year

Scorpio Tiger
  • Scorpio people celebrate their birthdays between October 23 and November 21.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • The kindness of these souls is often hidden but surfaces at key moments.
  • Spiritual development is the route to the Scorpio Tiger woman’s happiness.
  • Modesty is a key trait of the Scorpio Tiger man, although on the outside they appear proud and fierce.

The Tiger Chinese animal portrays vitality and good luck whilst the Western sign of the Scorpio is symbol of confidence and intuition.

The Scorpio Tiger is obviously a fun-loving individual who is versatile and can change the narrative in an instant. Justice seekers, these people will stand by the weak and will be very generous in life.

The Determined Scorpio Tiger Personality

Ambitious and serious, people born in Scorpio the year of the Tiger are all about playing hard and working hard.

They always keep an optimistic view on whatever life may throw at them, and they are rarely defeated by disappointment. But this makes them prone to stress-related illnesses.

Always happy and very charismatic, it is very easy for the Scorpio Tigers to make new friends. They are happy only when those around them are happy, and they are generous with a good sense of humour.

However, when they need to get involved in a serious romantic relationship, these people become very difficult.

They will purposely choose enemies that are much stronger than them for the fun of releasing their mean side and knocking them down.

Top Characteristics: Bold, Optimistic, Encouraging, Kind.

Courageous and daring, the Scorpio Tigers plan carefully their revenge on people who caused them harm. One of their vengeance ways is to make others feel guilty. It’s a strategy the Scorpio Tigers often apply.

Very expressive and open, these Tigers will have beautiful taste that will be reflected in the way they dress and the way their house is being decorated. It’s impossible for them to be alone.

They will always look for the company of others and they’ll surround themselves with friends. It’s important that at work their imagination and creativity are being challenged and explored. They can stand as much effort as they’re required to, and they have strong analytical skills.

These individuals will wait for opportunities to arise, and they will not just jump to grab them. They’ll wait and plan how to make the best out of a situation.

All those who are born in Scorpio the year of the Tiger are constantly searching to improve their image, looking to achieve something supreme.

Good at making decisions, the Scorpio Tigers will know their way around money. They are precisely aware of how much to spend and how much to save.

They are pretty generous with what they have, but they need to have enough in order to spend on someone else.

When they want something they can’t afford, they prefer not to borrow, but to raise money. They think it’s more efficient to wait until the money are in the bank account.

Their kindness is determined by how they have been educated at home, and they are known as the extremists of both zodiacs, the Western and the Chinese.

You can’t stop the Scorpio Tigers from taking up new challenges. While they are always ready to face new situations, they rarely prepare for the failures that may appear. Enthusiastic and sometimes insisting, they usually get what they want, and succeed at whatever they put their minds to.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Tiger: Medicine, Engineering, History, Writing, Visual arts.

When it comes to their health, the Scorpio Tigers are well built. However, they need to get enough rest if they want to continue to be healthy.

These people often believe nothing can take them down and they like sports of any kind. Traveling is something they do with pleasure. They like to collect things and memories from the places they have been to.

If you visit them in their home, you can notice all this. Since they are generous, making gifts and surprising others are two of their favourite things to do.

It is normal for the Scorpios born in the year of the Tiger to exaggerate and be extreme. They simply don’t like living a normal, obscure life. While they are eager to be successful, they often forget about the details.

Hating to hear about their personal problems in public, these individuals are able to deal with rejection only if they find out from the person who doesn’t want them. The most dangerous thing for Scorpio Tigers is in their times of frustration, when they become dark and aggressive. These people need to be at peace in order to fully enjoy life.

Love – Uncovered

While optimistic in other aspects of life, the Scorpio Tigers treat love a little bit differently. They are energetic and passionate about their love life, so it may be difficult to find a partner to put up with them.

And this is why they become contradictory, on one side being tormented by acceptance of the fact that they are single, and on the other by the temptation to go ahead and take somebody else’s partner.

They won’t settle down till they have seen some of the world, and when they find someone with whom they can share their life with, they hope it will last forever.

Most compatible with: Cancer and Virgo Horse, Capricorn Dog, Dragon Pisces.

If you are with a Scorpio Tiger, you probably know how passionate, romantic and attentive he or she can be. You can be sure they’ll never forget anniversaries or important dates of the relationship.

Because they have a sensitive side, the partners of Scorpio Tigers should be careful with them. They need to feel safe and they want to have a family with the person they love.

Some weak points in their love life include jealousy and possessiveness. While they enjoy moving and changing their lifestyle quite often, they are sure to be faithful and devoted to the one person that waits for them at home.

When the Scorpio Tigers get involved, their weak points surface and they become jealous. So, don’t do anything wrong or they will get to show their ugly side.

Scorpio Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Scorpio Tiger woman will be the centre of attention no matter where she may be going. She’s a natural born leader and she draws men into worshiping her. After she has been admired enough, she often becomes superficial and arrogant.

If she wants to be happy, she needs to develop spiritually. Also, it would be wise if the Scorpio Tiger woman would try less to be like those around her.

She can drop her individuality very easily, so it’s important for her to have a reminder that she has to stay herself.

Strong and talented, this lady is also easily bored. She needs a change of scenery in order to be satisfied. Restless, she will not stop at a location or one group of friends, but she’ll continue to explore and learn new things.

She can be the envy of others in her career, and she will have financial stability only if she learns how to manage her money.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Tiger: Josh Peck, Drake, Jodie Foster, Leonardo Di Caprio, Joacquin Phoenix, Demi Moore, Anthony Kiedis.

Scorpio Tiger Man Characteristics

Energetic and fun, the Scorpio man won’t stay in one place. He has many interests and a lot of friends. But he rarely lets people to see him for whom he actually is.

He can be at extremes: either successful and happy, or ruined and miserable. He will choose to take on challenges and deal with them as he sees fit.

He is known for being adventurous. This man’s energy and power are contagious. If he knows how to channel them, he can become a successful person.

The Scorpio Tiger man doesn’t like to be bossed around, so he will probably be in a senior position at work. If you want to get to him, some flattery is more than enough. He doesn’t mind comprising either.

Contradictory because he is so complex, he can face problems when he can’t figure out himself. He can go from calmness to anger fast, but he forgets easily why he got angry in the first place.

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