Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon: A Methodical Personality

Highly perceptive, the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon personality has a very personal filter through which they view and interpret the world.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon people combine the emotional force, ambition and determination of the Scorpio with the analytical, intellectual, criticizing and discriminatory mind of the Virgo.

This means they are insightful and very aware of their surroundings. It will be easy for them to notice details that others usually skip.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Conciliatory, magnanimous and dynamic;
  • Negatives: Self-indulgent, scornful and vain;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is just as insightful and observant as them;
  • Advice: Learn how to appreciate themselves before starting to judge others.

Natives with this Sun Moon combination will always use facts coupled with the scientific methods to prove their point. They are usually objective and detached people.

Personality traits

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon individuals can really focus and are able to research or investigate the most complex subjects. But they have to be careful to not get lost in too many details because they will miss the bigger picture.

Very criticizing of everyone they interact with, they should try and be more tolerant. Especially with those they love the most. It’s possible they won’t have too many friends who are very close to them.

But no matter how well they know the persons they have to deal with, they will never mind giving their advice. However, they’ll be honest and harsh with their opinions.

They are not quite the people to whom you can complain and feel sorry for yourself with. Perfectionists, these natives often set high standards that those around them can’t meet.

If they really want to be successful, they should try to live to these standards themselves. Some self-awareness and analysis of themselves will definitely help with their success and growth.

The more they will get to know themselves, the more they’ll evolve as businesspeople and in their career. Because they’re persistent, scientific and detail-oriented, their goals will be achieved more easily.

They are the most modest Scorpios. It doesn’t matter how talented and attractive, they will always be humble. And when it comes to the attention of others, they don’t actually want it.

These are the type of people who operate from the shadows. As far as the opportunities that reveal themselves to them go, they are very pretentious and choose only what benefits them tremendously.

These natives really know what they want. It can be very difficult to please them. Usually reserved and gentle, they won’t make a scene, no matter what life throws at them. They’d rather have others in the center of attention.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon natives are known as easygoing people with a great sense of humor. While they may seem that they are taking themselves seriously, they don’t mind laughing each time they make a mistake.

One of their main interests is their own health and wellbeing. Their ethics and organizational skills are far superior to the ones of people belonging to other signs. It doesn’t matter how daring a project may sound, they will take it and complete it in the most efficient way.

These guys’ beliefs and values are very well established. While appearing quiet and composed, they in fact want to make their voices heard. And they will have good opinions because they’re very aware of their surroundings and of how things are going.

Because they are influenced by the Virgo sign, they believe in perfection and want to attain it. That’s why they are so criticizing. It’s easy for them to find a defect in everyone and everything.

Not to mention how much they will strive to improve what they find to be faulty. Analytical and pragmatic like all Virgos, they also have the emotional power and ability to read minds because they are Scorpios.

Few characters and situations will pass their perception. They can be aware of things others wouldn’t even imagine exist. And they understand everything with accuracy.

There’s no one who’s better at playing detective than them. It’s because they are rational and cold-minded.

The only thing that can cause them problems is their way of finding a fault in everything. Not to mention they can be disapproval of themselves too.

If they are to be efficient with their interpretations, it’s necessary they learn to accept themselves. If they will socialize and collaborate, their intellectual pursuits will be more satisfied than if they won’t.

Just like all the Scorpios, they have high libidos and are great lovers. It’s probable that they have had some inhibitions when young, but these would no longer be of actuality when they are adults.

The Virgo in them may calm a bit their sexuality. When involved in a relationship, these Scorpios know how much to give and to take. With the right partner, they are very loyal and committed. What they need to do, no matter whom they are with, is to learn how to appreciate themselves before starting to judge others.

Supportive lovers

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon lovers are known for being complicated and can obsess over people and dreams. This, coupled with their vengefulness, turns them into the most forceful adversaries.

It would be best if you would never cross them. With their partner, they will be supportive and tolerant. They don’t like to leave things half-done, so expect them to dedicate themselves completely to a relationship.

And when they have decided on something, it’s hard to make them change their mind.

Virgo Moons need to understand their partner. They are analytical creatures who like to be aware of what’s going on so they can make things better if they happen to be damaged.

While their lover will like this about them, it’s possible they’ll end up obsessing about improvement. But they are the most supportive people someone could ever have near.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man is masculine and very attractive. Everything about him says power. This macho figure can really talk about his feelings. While he seems more about the mind than about the emotions, he’s very deep and resourceful.

He will probably try to hide this about him, but a close person of his will notice. He expects people to conform to what he wants. He’s insecure and too worried, but his ego doesn’t need to be reminded of all these weaknesses that he has.

The woman this guy will want is a little bit rough, wild and passionate. He doesn’t mind the book worm type either, but some passion is definitely required.

This man will work hard for his lady to be happy. Two jobs, freelancing, you name it and he will do it just to afford the house his wife has been dreaming of.

He needs to devote his life to someone. And the person he has chosen as his mate will be analyzed, undressed of secrets and challenged. He’s criticizing indeed, but he doesn’t do it intentionally.

All that he wants is to be fun, friendly and nice. And when he says he’ll get old next to someone, you can trust him that he will.

He pays attention to his lady, noticing when she has gotten a haircut or when she has bought a new skirt. Any woman will feel very important next to him.

And he will take care of his wife more than a mother takes care of her children. Not to mention how well he will perform in bed.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon woman

Expect this woman to devote herself completely to the man of her dreams. Every role her lover will want her to play, she will play it perfectly. She’s not submissive, she’s just capable of offering a lot back if she’s being shown true feelings.

As a friend, this lady will always be next to the ones who have chosen her to be in their life. She’s supportive and wants only what’s best for her closed ones. And she’s not in any way needy.

People won’t even know she’s being there for them if they need her. The man she loves will be asked all kind of questions about his secrets. Direct and open, this lady will tell her lover what he needs to do about his life.

But she will be sweet and interesting while doing it. It’s possible she won’t find someone to deal with all the demons in her soul.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon woman can be annoying because she criticizes all the time, so a man needs to patient with her. A diligent worker, this Scorpio girl will probably become an efficient boss at her workplace.

She won’t pay anyone if they haven’t done their job. And she’ll communicate very clearly with her colleagues. She’s usually detached and very analytical with her partner, until she becomes a mother.

This changes her level of commitment and desires. If she’ll want a divorce, she’ll prepare for it thoroughly. The man that will keep her interested will be sexy and good looking.

She also wants someone whom she can admire. It’s possible for her to still be friends with all the men who have been in her life at some point, as lovers.

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