Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon: A Farsighted Personality

Decided and keen, the Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon personality knows exactly what to fight for and will not let anything or anyone interfere.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon

Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon people are stable and wise and only want comfort along with living the good life.

While determined and vengeful like all Scorpios, they are also nice and kind because they have the Taurus influence about them. People always trust them as they are reliable, good advisers and stable.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Tenacious, composed and elegant;
  • Negatives: Vengeful, insecure and jealous;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is romantic and elegant;
  • Advice: They need to use their charm more often, even in professional life.

Personality traits

Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon people will set high goals for themselves. And they’re tenacious enough to complete them. Calm and sure of themselves, these guys will easily communicate with others.

It’s easy for them to convince people to do what they want them to. But they will never have bad intentions and they will always expect honesty because they are offering it themselves.

Independent and always in control, it’s very likely Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon individuals will own a house of their own from a very young age. Possessive creatures, they hate it when someone tries to get what’s theirs. And when it comes to their opinions and their way of living, these guys are the most stubborn.

However, they are famous for their patient and sound judgment. They may seem very courageous, but don’t think they like taking risks. On the contrary, they are the most cautious people in the zodiac. Not to mention they have some fears that they will have to face at some point in their life.

The Universe works like this. It’s always testing people for their biggest fears. No matter the situation, these Scorpios will never be too emotional.

Taking things personally is also not in their character. They often treat personal matters like business. The combination of the Scorpio and the Taurus suggests the natives of these signs like sticking to a routine. And that they hate change of any kind.

They know what they desire and how to get it. There’s no one and nothing to interfere with their ways. Variety will not be too present in their life as a consequence.

While usually confident and sure of themselves, it’s very possible they will turn into these insecure and jealous creatures if people in their life will be more realized than them.

Wanting the most refined things in life, they will work hard to get the money for luxuries. Don’t expect them to share because they are very possessive. It doesn’t matter if women or men, these guys will always be very good as managers.

Their way of thinking is pragmatic and logical. And they can keep their cool in situations in which others would simply lose their head.

Great leaders, Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon individuals won’t mind taking control when the situation will require them to. Their stubbornness may be a big problem.

They are sometimes so fixed in their ideas and opinions, they don’t even realize they are being mistaken. Conventional and traditional, these Scorpios will always stick to the old-fashioned methods. From an emotional point of view, they are rigid.

That’s why being more open-minded and flexible would be a great idea for them. Prejudice and refusal to change shouldn’t be what rules their life. When feeling down or angry, they tend not to admit it.

This way, all their anxieties and frustrations will build-up. It’s essential they learn how to open up about what they are feeling inside or they’ll end up depressed. Not to mention it’s possible they’ll explode in anger and destroy everything around them.

Because they don’t want any tension in their life, it’s possible they will stick with what they have and refuse to fight for more. This situation will definitely not do them any good.

A lover prone to obsessions

As far as romance goes, Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon natives want someone who’s like them and desire the most refined things. They are also looking for a partner who could make them advance on the social ladder.

While caring and physical, it would be suggested they try and experiment more in the bedroom. Scorpio Suns are very serious about love. They tend to focus only one person when they have fallen for him or her.

The attention they give to their partner can be complimentary but also overwhelming. They are too controlling and possessive. While they want to keep some boundaries regarding their privacy, they want to know every little secret the other has.

Not to mention they can be paranoid and think they are being cheated on. But once committed, they are the most faithful people in the zodiac. Only death will split them from their other half.

Taurus Moons need stability and they are sensual and caring. Domestic chores are something they very much enjoy. They can change, but gradually and slowly. Sudden change makes them lose their ways and panic.

All in all, Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon people love with passion and great romance. They like courting and being courted. Physicality is something they crave. While seeming calm, they are in fact emotional and intense.

Their loyalty can’t be compared to that of others. Generous and fair, they won’t mind sharing their hard-worked money. Because they would hate owing, it’s possible they will never borrow a penny in their entire life.

The Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon man

Intense and purposeful, this man wants many possessions and to have a pleasurable life. But he’s never selfish. His passion and libido can’t be seen in other people belonging to different signs.

A good money maker, he’s also a survivor in situations in which he doesn’t have enough. Stubborn and determined, this guy will always get what he wants in life.

His colleagues will appreciate him for not trying to do their work and for being serious. His wife and children will be loved and cared for.

The Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon man will go after the woman he loves. And he’s usually lucky when it comes to romance. It’s possible he will be the bad boy no one knows about.

Masculine, reserved and sensual, he will dominate the social scene and attract many women. Because he’s original, he wants a lady who’s the same. Also someone who can stand up for herself and is a little bit challenging.

He likes intelligent and beautiful girls. But he doesn’t mind the passionate ones either. When it comes to his appearance, he’s the muscular type. He likes being outside and doing all kind of outdoors activities.

Don’t worry if you aren’t the same. He enjoys it when someone has other interests than him. He wants his woman to be a lover above everything else.

So the bedroom is where he will decide if a girl is a match for him. Paying attention to the silhouette of the person he likes, he prefers feminine looks.

The Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon woman

This woman won’t change her mind once she has decided on something. She commits to the very end. It won’t be easy to fool her because she has learned from a very young age that people can have bad intentions.

Not the luckiest in the zodiac, she would know pain and how to deal with it. But you’ll never see her feeling sorry for herself. Surviving is something she’s very good at. Not to mention she knows how to approach life with baby steps.

Don’t think the Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon woman is a saint because she can be a nag. But she definitely is devoted to her man.

While pragmatic and composed, she would rather be in the company of influential personalities and dress elegantly for a night at the restaurant.

At some point, this girl will have the money that she wants, but she’ll forget how to be elegant and classy. Her children will know about all the difficulties she went through.

Not that she won’t try to protect them, but things don’t always go as planned. As a single mother, she will allow her oldest children to support the family with whatever they can.

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