Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon: A Dynamic Personality

Domineering, the Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon personality will have no other way but theirs and really need to respect someone to follow them.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon

People with both their Sun and their Moon in Scorpio are creative, intense and mysterious so it’s hard to predict what will happen in their life because they are very authoritative and usually don’t allow emotions to take over.

Not to mention how extreme and in love with the sensational they can be. These natives will be high today and low tomorrow. This is how their life goes. And their moods will have a lot to do with the way they are acting.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Captivating, courteous and loyal;
  • Negatives: Domineering, stubborn and moody;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will not be offended by their secretive nature;
  • Advice: You need to learn to live your pride aside sometimes.

Personality traits

Don’t expect Scorpio-Sun Scorpio-Moon natives to avoid putting their entire hearts and souls in whatever they may be doing. Very emotional, they are also great at hiding their feelings.

Impulsive and fast-acting, these guys will have to keep themselves in control if they want to be appreciated. Intense, hardworking and determined, they will usually succeed at everything they are doing.

In crisis situations, there’s no one more composed and effective than them. Sexual and passionate, they will make their partner want them all the time.

But they are domineering with everyone who decides to step into their life. Not to mention they rarely accept other people’s opinions or feel the need to cooperate.

As opponents, they are dangerous and fierce. As the Scorpio is a fixed sign, its natives will be loyal to the extreme. But the person they commit their life to should be diplomatic and would have to flatter them all the time.

It can be said Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon people have a big ego that needs to be fed. Not that they don’t take care of that themselves.

Because they are proud and very strong, it will be difficult for them to have relationships with people who are the same. And when they see someone who isn’t like them, they don’t seem to care about that person.

They simply hate weakness. And because of all this, they may end up alone. They are too private anyway. As Scorpios, they are obviously alluring and mysterious.

This combination of the same signs is also known for a good sense of humor, incredible energy and high spirits. Many will love them because they’re sincere and goofy.

Interested in social matters, their compassion can’t be matched by people in other signs even if they sometimes go wild and seem to not care about anything anymore.

Most of the time, they will struggle to do good and to be themselves. Scorpio Moons are known for being stubborn and individualistic.

These guys hate getting labeled or constrained by the perceptions of others. They will want to build their own future, but they care about how their work is being appreciated.

When feeling weak or insecure, double Scorpios will hide behind humor. They will make some important changes in their life from time to time because they have a need to start anew.

Their creativity will be expressed through emotions if they won’t choose an artistic career. How they use their magnetism and energy depends pretty much on what they decide to do with their life.

In the worst case scenario, they’ll end up being too extreme, involved with married people or exaggeratedly romantic. Their sexual energy is tremendous.

When they’re feeling like they can’t dominate someone, they become combative or completely eliminate that person from their life.

But when in love, they are the most devoted. However, as said before, they need someone diplomatic and who admires them a lot because they like feeling important.

Being proud, this trait will destroy many of their relationships. Especially if they get together with people who are the same.

Not to mention Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon individuals have the tendency to subjugate and to abandon those who become weak after some time spent with them. While eager to be in power and to have a position of authority, they aren’t the best when it comes to dealing with life problems.

In spite of having good leadership abilities, they prefer personal victories and not the ones in business. If they won’t devote their life to their romantic pursuits, they can get to be talented artists.

They also should avoid being too angry, proud or satisfied with their accomplishments. Having the attitude of a missionary, they would be great as reformers and preachers. They can influence others and they know that, plus it brings them satisfaction.

Pretentious lovers

These lovers are deep thinkers who know there’s always more to everything. And their partner will be pretty tired about this attitude they have. Yet they won’t stop hating superficiality and dishonesty.

They will never choose to be with someone who doesn’t live up to their standards. And when they’ll find that special someone, they will be the most devoted and loyal lovers.

Scorpio Moons need a primal connection with their partner. These natives are secretive and will never reveal their true feelings, not even to their other half. It wouldn’t matter how much they trust, they will always be reserved.

They sometimes withdraw in order to rejuvenate and become these completely new persons. But they will remain supportive and passionate with their spouse, no matter how much they change.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon man is charming, convincing and dangerous. He likes to dominate and he’s very determined. Sexual, he will overwhelm any woman with his passion.

But he still wants a traditional relationship. Just that the ladies won’t be able to help themselves from wanting him all the time. Because he has both his Sun and his Moon in Scorpio, this guy will often obsess over things and people.

He may have been a bad boy in his youth, but as an adult, he’s the most cautious and defensive creature anyone could meet. He will be stubborn to make the woman he likes his.

It’s not impossible he’ll propose after only a few weeks of relationship. While he can read people like open books, he prefers to hide his personality from others.

A complex creature, there are three types of the double Scorpio man. There’s the one who’s self-destructive and acts nasty with his partner. This guy will probably marry his girlfriend’s best friend if he will look for some revenge.

There’s the eagle-type who will run any business and will want a good career. And there’s the dove, who also happens to be the most evolved one. This last one wants peace, is interested in religion and philosophy, has a need to push himself beyond limits.

He’s rare to find, so be careful when meeting a double Scorpio. He could be the first type. But it doesn’t matter which one of these three, the man in this sign will always be possessive and stubborn to have things his way.

And he can hypnotize people to do things as he wants them to. So, anyone should be careful when wanting him as a partner or as a friend.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon woman

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon woman is mysterious and intense. While feminine, this lady is also very strong. No one but her can have her down. Ruled by Pluto, which is the planet of destruction and rebirth, she can’t control the changes in her life.

All her seduction games are aimed at gaining control over men. Her eyes are hypnotic, so she doesn’t usually use words when wanting someone. Not to mention she’s also naughty and erotic.

The occult and the forbidden will always interest her. That’s why she will probably get together with married men. And they will be captive to her charm. A good mind reader, this lady will tell people what they want to hear.

The males in her life will always be told they are good looking, strong, intelligent and virile. She’s vicious and this will attract many people. This girl knows how to make a man feel like he’s everything for her.

As a mother, she’s difficult and always preoccupied with her own problems. Only after she has given everything, she will begin to tire and stop being oppressive.

If you want her and you’re thinking about having your own hopes and dreams too, you should choose what would make you happy. And sooner than later. She won’t allow for her to occupy the second place in your life.

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