Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Hearty Personality

Insightful and idealistic, the Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon personality will wish to leave some meaningful legacy behind.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon people are inclined towards getting involved in humanitarian causes. Great philosophers, they will want to live a life as spiritually rich as possible.

Others respect them for being goal-oriented and ambitious. Also for the fact that they’re good comedians and have an unique magnetism.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Daring, curious and dedicated;
  • Negatives: Suspicious, undisciplined and tense;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who gives them enough freedom without being distant;
  • Advice: Need to understand that their words are often very harsh and can offend.

When involved in a romantic relationship, these Scorpios are affectionate and kind. But they’re never too emotional and prefer to keep their distance. It’s because they’re free spirits and they are more interested in enlightenment, self-awareness and the truth rather than in romance.

Personality traits

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon people are funny and spiritual creatures. They hate superficiality and unfairness. Always young in their heart, these guys will work hard to be healthy and fit.

They are all the time on the go because they can’t stand being in one place for too long. Very curious and philosophical, these people will ask themselves the most difficult questions regarding our purpose in life and how the Universe works.

And they like to discuss these subjects too. They have strong opinions as they are good learners and love to gain knowledge from anyone and anything. Their interests will be philosophy, the meta-existence and new age healing techniques.

Because they’re usually religious and love to travel, they won’t hesitate to visit places of cultural and historical importance. Other cultures will always fascinate them.

Eternal students, they will look to expand their knowledge and to experience as many new things as possible. It’s very probable they will leave something to be proud of behind.

Many people will be glad to discover their visions and to talk about their ideals. Because they’re ambitious and persevere, they will make many of their dreams come true.

A little bit eccentric and using some unorthodox methods, it’s hard to understand them. Rebellious and free, they won’t allow anyone to control them.

These guys need their own space and to do what they want. Adventurous and courageous, they will take on any challenge in life. They only believe in honor, loyalty and being honest.

Their biggest defect is that they are not tactful and hurt others with their harsh opinions. Not to mention they often act without thinking. The older they get, the more these Scorpios need to understand their words can hurt others.

When it comes to their love life, Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon natives are fun, idealistic and uninhibited. Not to mention sincere, devoted and reliable.

But they will never stop being philosophical, no matter what. They will contemplate on themselves, they will read and they will study.

Their imagination is so strong, it’s possible they’ll develop fantasies and some unexplained fears. The transcendentalism that characterizes them will sometimes impede their judgment.

Just like in all Scorpios, practicality is home with these guys. What they believe in will often seem unreachable and a little bit ahead of others’ way of thinking.

Their level of sophistication and sharpness, coupled with courage and power, makes them able to reach some heights many wouldn’t even dare to think of.

They seem to think today of what the many will realize tomorrow. Confident and open, Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals are a force when it comes to their ambitions and emotions. This is how the Scorpio rules them.

The Sagittarius is in charge of their honesty and straightforwardness. The world they live in inside their mind is deeply philosophical and somehow perfect.

Sociable and friendly, these natives like to give a hand, even if they have a slow start doing it. The fact that they are honest, loving and devoted to the extreme can’t be denied.

As far as their job goes, they would be good doctors, priests or social workers. Because they think of perfection too much, they wouldn’t do well in business. Also not as something that wouldn’t require them to use their intelligence.

More interested in ethics and morals than in the money or the social status, they will work correctly and hard. But success may come slowly because they’re aggressive and not at all diplomatic.

It’s easy for sensitive people to sometimes not get a word these natives are saying. Because they believe in honor, have strong principles and many emotions, they will get far in life.

Wandering lovers

These lovers will never sacrifice their private life and personal secrets. Not even for their other half.

They believe in knowledge and they use it to grow. Personal revelations are something that happen to them every day.

While secretive, they want to know what others are hiding more than anything else. That’s why their lover will feel bothered being questioned all the time. Not to mention they’re jealous and possessive.

At least they are faithful and very intimate. Their downside as lovers is definitely their jealousy, together with their manipulative, controlling ways.

Sagittarius Moons need their own space. They feel safe only when they know they have a way out of any relationship or situation. Not that they will actually do something about this exit because they usually don’t.

They can commit quickly for a very long time and when they will, their partner will get to enjoy their optimism and adventurous side.

But these lovers need to be free if they are to be with someone. They will always want to wander and explore. A person who’s like them would be their perfect match.

The Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon man will always want more: traveling, knowledge, romance and fun are the most important things to him. He will have many jobs and partners.

Not the most responsible person, he will probably have children later in life. While friendly, he still keeps the distance. So let him call, don’t be the one who initiates contact.

Some women will think he’s flirting when he’s in fact just being friendly. The fact that he doesn’t talk too much about himself can be confusing.

People should only focus on what he says, not on how he behaves. As far as his interests go, he has a passion for religion, philosophy and the arts.

Business will never seem appealing to him because it’s not deep enough. His woman should act like she’s his companion.

This man wants someone with whom he can play football during the day and read poetry in the evening. Also a lady who can stand by her own beliefs.

She must want him, not his money. And he doesn’t mind if she’s picky or pretentious. The Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon man hates being told about his girlfriend’s previous relationships. While he wishes to be free, he is very possessive with the one he loves.

His partner should put up with all this and many other rules that may go through his mind. Someone who will make him give up his freedom would probably put him to respect. But this girl would have to be very romantic, charming and exciting.

The Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

This lady could host talk shows without a problem because she’s inspiring, a good speaker and a natural born leader. She will have people speak about their secrets and at the same time be their best friend.

And she will talk about herself too, which makes her an unusual Scorpio. Not the type of lady who clings and asks for attention, she will be more interested in her career than in a successful love life.

Power is what the Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon woman wants. Ambition and single-mindfulness are what she uses to get by in life. And she won’t hesitate to use people either.

The Sagittarius in her can’t stand dishonesty. While she won’t admit when she has made a mistake, her Moon won’t allow her to act in a nasty way.

She’s the type of lady who’ll go to football games and who likes fishing. Traveling and adventure are in her blood.

Enthusiastic, straightforward and always having an opinion, this lady will live her life to the fullest, not minding change. If left by her partner, she will survive and forget about all the pain as fast as possible.

Her life may not be the easiest one as she will have to deal with many difficulties. Destiny is not kind to her because she can take it. Impulsive, religious and sometimes impossible to deal with, some people won’t want to listen to her philosophies.

Her colleagues should expect many changes that she will make at work. She’s kind and nice no matter the situation. As a wife, this one is definitely not domestic nor the traditional type who will cook you dinner every night.

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