Scorpio Sun Libra Moon: A Dutiful Personality

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon personality will surprise you with their charisma, friendliness and positivism.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon people are sociable, positive, charismatic and usually attractive to the majority.

The Scorpio’s intensity makes them more energetic and brings them an unusual lust for life. Meanwhile, the Libra brings in the friendliness and social comfort these guys accustom others with.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Faithful, cooperative and contemplative;
  • Negatives: Ritualistic, submissive and superficial;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will stand by their most eccentric desires;
  • Advice: A little bit more generosity will make you feel good in your skin.

They are a blend of the emotional forcefulness and determination of the Scorpio with the balance and openness that characterize the Libra.

Personality traits

Because they are nice and have plenty of charm, Scorpio Sun Libra Moon natives will always attract attention to themselves.

People will appreciate them for being supportive and quick to please. Proud of their achievements, they also know exactly what they want and how to obtain it.

The fact that they want harmony and balance will be reflected even in the way they are dressing. These guys have high standards and expect their friends to live up to them.

They are rather passive-aggressive and reserved. And the older they get, the more they’ll discriminate and keep their opinions to themselves.

When it comes to their ideals, there’s no one more confident in achieving them. Proud but not offensive, they know how to deal with people and are amazing at hosting a party or a gathering.

They have many friends, from all the corners of the world. As far as their relationships go, they know what their partner wants and don’t mind delivering.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon individuals are passionate people with many interests and hobbies. They prefer the middle ground instead of taking sides. It’s because the Libra in them wants harmony and to maintain warm relationships.

Flirtatious and romantic, they will always look for love. But they’ll be suspicious and insecure about their partner’s fidelity. Because they pay too much attention to what others want and need, it can be difficult for them to follow their dreams and path in life.

All the Libra Moons are easily influenced by the people in their life. At least they know who they are and how others see them. It’s essential they always stay true to themselves if they want to be perceived correctly.

Thinking about how others see them may influence their decisions a bit too much. Many will be charmed by them because they are graceful, forceful like all Scorpios and balanced like all Libras.

They know diplomacy, how to be tactful and when to judge. While not as ambitious as other Scorpios, they can handle people with ease. And this will bring them great rewards in life.

It’s important they keep being free and that they believe in themselves. After all, there’s no one to resist their charm and kind approach. Repulsed by violence, these people would never be a pushover.

Only persuasion and diplomacy helps them convince others of their ideas. They’re not mean, but they surely know how to manipulate others. In love with beauty and art, these natives have great taste.

They will eat at the best restaurants and wear the most elegant clothes. Because they’re attentive, outgoing and charming, others will want to spend as much time with them as possible.

And all these friendships they develop will help them achieve what they want in life. Intelligent and cautious, these Scorpios immediately notice when a person has bad intentions.

Romantic, they dream of a perfect relationship that is both deep and truthful. They believe in people. When it comes to their achievements and successes, it would be wise if they would be more sure of themselves.

The approval of others is not all the time necessary. And they are smart, resourceful and wise enough to realize they deserve good things to happen to them. It’s necessary they avoid being complacent.

Creative, capable and open, they would make great politicians, lawyers and social workers. Visual arts are also a good career choice for them because they know how to combine colors and play with shapes.

Some of these natives need to be careful not to become too religious in their search for the Absolute Truth. Because they believe in others too much, they need to pay more attention when someone is offering them suspicious opportunities to get rich.

If they’ll discover someone is trying to fool them, they will immediately want that person brought to justice. There’s no one more ethical and fair than them.

They love spending their free time indulging in all the life’s pleasures. Independent and idealistic, these guys usually work hard to get what they want. But they also have moments of laziness and procrastination.

Craving intimacy

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon lovers are courageous people who don’t like to show off. As very sexual creatures, they crave intimacy but no one will cross into their private space if they won’t want them to.

It doesn’t matter if they have been with the same partner for years, they will still have hidden sides of their personality. They need a lover who likes to share secrets and who can understand the fact that they are obsessive from time to time.

It takes someone very committed to be next to these natives for a long time. Libra Moons believe in true love but prefer a more open relationship. They are ready to work hard at their romance.

More than anything else, these guys hate conflict. They are true romantics who need to be appreciated if they are to be happy. When their lover gifts them something, they appreciate the gesture and fall even further in love.

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon man is one of the most romantic and charming gentlemen in the zodiac. Passionate, convincing and very loyal, he also has the ability to guess other people’s feelings. Not to mention he understands the most complex emotions.

He will want to know everything about his close ones. If he’s interested in someone, that person will be analyzed to the very last detail. This guy lives to discover and understand people.

And he will struggle to keep the fact that he’s playing detective hidden. It doesn’t matter if it’s about colleagues, friends or his lover, he will want to know their secrets and darkest urges.

Because he’s on the side of the underdog, this man will probably work in the public service or as a lawyer. He’s friends with everybody, but prefers to have refined people around.

His high standards will start to be obvious when he’ll criticize and analyze everyone. With his children, however, he will be more tolerant. This is the type of man who needs a partner in order to have balance in his life.

Sharing his hopes and dreams with someone is what he wants and he will be by his lover’s side all the time. Looking for beautiful and elegant women, it will sometimes be difficult for him to find a girl.

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon woman

Beautiful, persistent and a little bit oppressive, the Scorpio Sun Libra Moon woman won’t give up until she has found the right man. As a young lady, she will be disappointed by many partners because she only sees the good parts of a man.

But the older she’ll get, the more she’ll realize people are not as great as she imagines them to be. Out of all the Scorpio females, this one is the easiest to fool.

Not that she won’t become tougher with the years. But bitterness will take over. It’s possible she’s inconsistent and unstable when young.

Sociable and always dressed nicely, she will look elegant whether is a job interview or a party. As far as her professional life goes, many will want to hire her because she’s honest and sociable.

Working with the public would be perfect for such a talented character like this woman. Her colleagues and bosses will always appreciate the fact that she’s supportive. While agitated and nervous inside, this woman will never reveal her true personality.

As a wife and a homemaker, you can be sure she will look good even when taking out the trash. Her house will be nicely decorated and cozy. No one can argue with the fact that she’s a good wife and an attentive mother.

As long as she’s allowed to be herself, she will care for her family like no one else. Well-intentioned, no one could use her because she would simply leave if mistreated.

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