Scorpio Sun Leo Moon: A Brilliant Personality

You can’t escape their convincing power.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon people are powerful, optimistic and fixed when it comes to their beliefs and feelings.

If they don’t allow their emotions to be too intense, they can become someone with great influence. These Scorpios want from themselves to be dignified people of great character and they expect the same from others.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Friendly, altruistic and dignified;
  • Negatives: Unconvincing, venomous and softheaded;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will keep their eyes on them all the time;
  • Advice: The need to learn to control their strong emotions better.

This is a mix that combines the ambition and intensity of the Scorpio with the Leo’s sense of honor and authority.

Personality traits

People with their Sun in Scorpio and their Moon in Leo are confident, persistent, courageous and ambitious. They may be vulnerable when their strong emotions take over their life. That’s why they need to control them.

Passionate, these guys will fight for any ideal and dream they may have. When it comes to love, they think of the perfect partner and the ideal relationship. They are demanding with their lover, but then again, they want too much from anyone else too.

Proud and determined, it’s possible they will have a leadership position from a very young age. Because they have the ability to analyze, they will succeed in any business or career.

There’s no one more high-spirited and enthusiastic than Scorpio Sun Leo Moon people. These people like to shine and to be in the center of attention, no matter where they may be going.

They have a nobility and a pride that can’t be seen in others. When it comes to the spotlight, these natives are not at all shy or reserved because their energy is sufficient for them to put up with all the attention.

But because they are such forceful creatures, it’s possible they become too bossy at times. There’s no one to stop them from getting what they want because they motivate themselves very easily.

Don’t mistake them for arrogant people because they are only confident. When combined with the Moon in Leo, these natives become more energetic, magnetic and warm.

Therefore, their personality is characterized by friendliness, generosity and altruism. Any social issue and lost cause interests them as they always want to make the world a better place.

When it comes to norms and conventions, these Scorpios prefer to only do what’s right. But don’t expect them to ever apologize when they are being wrong.

Honest and straightforward, they will speak their mind without thinking of the consequences. Not necessarily like the rest in the world, they are the ones who only believe in themselves and want to express their individuality as much as possible.

Therefore, they don’t need too much support from others. Many will see them as great leaders. Creative, they will always think of something. But they need to not allow their emotions to take over because they can lose their realism and start to fantasize too much.

As they are Scorpios, they have deeper visions and can indulge themselves in the sensual pleasures of life. But all in all, they’re romantics with spiritual thoughts and a realistic vision. It’s only their emotions that can impede them from being more down-to-earth.

Knowing their way to success, these guys may not give a lot of importance to others’ opinions. Compromise is not something that comes easily to them. And those who want to be in their way should stay out of their life.

The only thing that can make people with this Sun Moon combination lazy and less determined is disappointment. That’s why they need to keep a positive attitude no matter how hard life hits them.

They have a reputation of being intense and passionate about someone or something for a while, and then to suddenly leave. It’s because their Moon makes them eager for variety.

While they make an ideal out of being consistent and loyal, they are very prone to becoming unfaithful.

When it comes to their achievements, they are very proud. Not to mention they believe the world belongs to them. Some people will get bored hearing them bragging all the time.

It’s important for them to learn how to listen and accept other people’s views. Scorpio Sun Leo Moon natives are people of extremes. Everything they are doing is meant to put them in the spotlight. That’s why they’re so good at drama.

Giving others the opportunity to shine from time to time would be a great idea for them. They have everything they need to be great leaders and attain success.

Possessive lovers

These lovers can develop an obsessive behavior because they focus too much on a person or a situation. In the beginning, any partner they may have will think their possessiveness and intensity is attractive and intriguing.

Between the sheets, they are passionate and always eager to have sex. These natives want to know their lover’s every little secret.

There aren’t too many other signs more loyal and devoted to their loved one. But their jealousy can be bothering at times.

Leo Moons want their partner’s attention to be on them all the time. They will simply not settle with someone who doesn’t tell them they’re special and adorable.

When they are feeling appreciated and loved, they become the most passionate and protective lovers. But expect them to throw tantrums if they believe they are not given enough attention.

The Scorpio Sun Leo Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Leo Moon man is very proud and lustful. Also deep and intense, he has a very complex personality and is highly adaptable. He will probably be obsessed with sex.

His signs are both fixed, so he will stick to his opinions all the time, no matter what. When it comes to the people in his life, this guy has a set of expectations after which he chooses them.

And he gets angry when he doesn’t meet the right persons. It can be said he’s very demanding and pretentious. His family will have to meet his expectations all the time.

Fascinated by life and death, this man will probably be a scientist, philosopher or a doctor. But it’s possible he will sometimes focus too much on his romances rather than on his career.

Love can make this man lose contact with reality. He is simply fascinated by women. When he has solved the mystery, he won’t mind finding another lady to study.

He falls for beauty and mystery. The woman that has captured his attention will be taken to good movies, tasty dinners, museums and concerts. Not to mention the many expensive gifts he will give her.

A child at heart, this guy loves to be cared for. He will ask for peanut butter sandwiches at 3 in the morning, this being his way of testing his partner’s patience and affection.

The Scorpio Sun Leo Moon woman

The Scorpio Sun Leo Moon woman will not hesitate to use her sexuality to get what she wants. She’s beautiful, a little bit dramatic and sexual.

She will joke about how she has used her beauty to get to the top. And she knows how to get there for sure because she’s sure of what she wants in life.

Voluptuous, passionate and ambitious, there will be no one who can mess with her hopes and dreams. When it comes to her beliefs, this girl can stand by them without being shaken.

As a wife and mother, she will be perfect, but only with the right man. Bold and courageous, it’s possible for her to work as a policewoman, travel agent and even a coroner.

This woman is like a lioness when it comes to her loved ones. But she needs to be careful not to allow her feelings to rule her. It’s possible this woman will be attracted by a married man and relationships that are forbidden.

She doesn’t mind a domestic life, but it may be difficult for her to get it because she wants excitement. Boredom makes her go crazy.

No matter how chaotic and out of the ordinary her life is, she will still earn enough money to live a happy life. The man who wants to be her husband should be ready to wear the pants in the relationship with her.

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