Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon: An Eccentric Personality

Teasing and sensual, the Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon personality is one hard to resist, whether in romance or in the business world.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon people combine the planet of magic with the one of communication. This means they are fast thinkers who love to talk and use their brain.

Scorpios are a Water sign, Geminis an Air one. Their combination of signs is great because Scorpios are serious and intense, while Geminis are the pranksters of the zodiac. This means their qualities and traits complement each other. Not to mention how attractive these guys can be to the opposite sex.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Aspiring, intuitive and sharing;
  • Negatives: Petty, rowdy and tactless;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is attractive and teasing;
  • Advice: Don’t apologize for other people’s mistakes.

These people will charm and fascinate while tantalizing and trying to get you on their side. Their love life will be more like a beautiful fantasy they are striving to make even more interesting and fun.

Personality traits

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon natives know how to play the game of life. They are great intellectuals who can communicate with or without too many words.

When they need to tackle some serious business, they become the most pragmatic, disciplined and most determined people on Earth.

What makes the ladies with this Moon femmes fatales is their unpredictability and power to adapt.

Because these individuals compensate their signs’ qualities with each other, they make the people who are closest to perfection.

These natives will always try to express their visions and ideas while being in control of their own destiny. Not to mention their main purpose in life is to rule their own life and inspire their loved ones to be the same.

Intense like the Scorpios and adventurous like Geminis, they can live at the extremes. When they are bored with something or someone, there’s nothing anyone can do to change this about them.

It’s important they have variety in their life. Also friends who are interesting and looking to develop from an intellectual point of view.

It’s possible they’ll become very knowledgeable in the subjects they are most interested in. And they don’t mind sharing what they have learned with others.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon people have all the chances to be experts in more than one area of expertise. They like making friends because they are emotionally versatile and unprejudiced.

You’ll never see them judging others. Their ability to read people’s minds is incredible. One of their defects is that they’re a little bit self-oriented and think only of themselves to ever bother analyzing others anymore.

Some may find them as too much because all they do is talk. But they can improvise and find innovative solutions when times are the worst. Their fast thinking is very helpful in crisis situations.

Expect them to express themselves and to go through emotions at a fast pace. They are the people with whom you can never get bored because they always have something to say and their sense of humor is unique.

Many will be intrigued and amused by their ideas and the way they see the world. Having a bad temper and being moody, they will get upset and the next minute forget everything about it.

In stressful situations, these Scorpios can adapt and turn the situation in their favor. Their temperament is rather optimistic and easygoing than negative and tensioned.

Scorpios are intense, possessive, often jealous and very focused on fulfilling their dreams. Geminis are adaptable, fast and the biggest communicators in the zodiac.

Put these signs together and you get people who are very intelligent, determined and usually successful at what they set their mind to.

Scorpios are serious in general, but when their Moon is in Gemini, they are more open and the social butterflies that this last mentioned sign influences them to be.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon individuals combine the best that can be found in the Water and Air elements, which is awareness and mindfulness. These natives need to stop worrying and being so nervous.

Reading, talking and even thinking will help them deal with their emotions and relationships with others. It would be best for them if they would focus on only one thing and not start more than one project at a time.

You can be sure that no matter what they will do, variety and uniqueness will be present in their approaches and presentations.

Their seriousness will be complemented by playfulness and a great sense of humor. These guys never talk without thinking or choosing their words carefully. They are disappointed to meet superficial people who only want to gossip and to talk nonsense.

If they would choose a career in teaching, they would do great and be very successful. Even if they’re talking about something boring, they still find how to make it interesting and fun.

When it comes to their romantic relationships, they know what their partner wants and needs without talking too much. And they always deliver. When it comes to their emotions, they prefer to keep them hidden and not to speak too much about what they are feeling.

Intellectual lovers

These lovers are possessive, eager to be intimate and fearful of appearing weak in front of others. Their lover needs to understand they live and love very intensely.

While many Scorpios are manipulative and aggressive, some of them are soft and completely dedicated to their partner. Because they can’t stand superficiality, most of them know how others are under the surface. Not to mention how eager they are to discover secrets.

Gemini Moons filter everything through their mind. They like to talk about feelings and prefer discussions to be light and breezy rather than dark and too meaningful.

People who are too emotional scare them to the point in which they want to run away and leave everything behind. They jump from one subject to another faster than the speed of light.

And it can happen the same with their lovers. Not that they can’t love, they simply need variety. They sometimes feel like there’s no point continuing with the same discussions or even the entire relationship.

The Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon man

Not able to sit still for a minute, this guy is always agitated and interested in the new. And he will be the same when old too. He’s the type of man who goes to parties and knows everything about the latest news. Still, he doesn’t like to gossip.

His interests are more about the wellbeing of others. A little bit secretive and private, he won’t have any parties at his house.

His friends won’t know too much about him. If he will take someone home, expect the curtains to be on and the visit to not last for too long. It’s just that he’s very protective of his space.

The Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon man knows where to draw the line between being friendly and being open. As much as he’s sometimes dark and secretive, he can also be fun, enjoyable and funny.

This is a complex man you would be dealing with. Believing in true love, he will look for a woman for years. And when he’ll find her, it’s possible he’ll propose after a few days of relationship.

But he can have problems being faithful because he’s not at all consistent and always on the move. Only one woman won’t be enough for him to keep busy.

It’s possible he’ll be a good father in two different families. And when it comes to work, he’s the same. Changing jobs very often is something normal for this guy.

The Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon woman

This woman will always defend her partner to the outside world and has a tendency to lie that her relationship is perfect even if things aren’t going so well.

But when alone with her man, she will yell at him saying that she thinks he’s a jerk. As a Gemini Moon, she shouldn’t be like this. But it’s the Scorpio Sun in her that makes things this way.

The Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon woman doesn’t really know what middle ground means. When it comes to her private life, she’s secretive and reserved. Her true strength will never be shown to the public eye.

And she can move mountains if she wants to. If she likes someone, expect her to pursue him for years. She will look deeply into his eyes each time they’ll meet.

It’s possible she will even send love notes or complain about how much she suffers when she’s not around him. And this can drive some men crazy.

She will justify her failed relationships with the argument that she didn’t meet her soulmate and that the next person is definitely the right one for her.

Every new lover in her life will be The One. While a little bit dark and manipulative, this Scorpio lady still likes to work hard and to have a lot of sex. As a mother and wife, it can’t be said she’s the most reliable and affectionate.

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