Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon: A Purposeful Personality

Organized and diligent, the Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon personality will impress with their ambition and aim for success.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon

People with their Sun in Scorpio and their Moon in Capricorn have a natural instinct to protect themselves regardless of how kind they may seem when interacting with others. They’re ambitious, stubborn and aim for success.

Never happy with the second place, they could lead anyone towards greater things. Independent, charming and headstrong, they will fight hard to get what they want in life.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Resourceful, prudent and honorable;
  • Negatives: Vindictive, uncooperative and troublesome;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who respects all their efforts;
  • Advice: Accept who you are and your own limits.

And they are organized enough to do so. It’s true they sometimes manipulate others, but they are very serious about their relationships and everything in general. It can be said they have their own devils, just like anyone else.

Personality traits

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon people will work hard to have a flourishing career. But they will never allow money to rule them. They want security and to support themselves, but they don’t insist on getting rich.

It’s entertaining to be around them, even if they have this need to take a step back from time to time. In their heart, they are in fact loners, capable of loving with passion and very sincere beings.

They are the most mature Scorpios in the zodiac. Wise and disciplined from a young age, these guys are also calm and approachable. While they seem very grave and composed, they don’t think of themselves as being like this.

Their sense of humor is quite enjoyable. Many will wonder how many of their amusing stories are true. Private and secretive, they don’t want all the attention to be on them.

When they happen to be in the center of the stage, they prefer to keep things low key. People will always like them because they’re responsible, cerebral and humble.

They give a lot of importance to honor, ethics and the law. It doesn’t matter if it makes them unpopular to stick to their own beliefs and to being honest, they’ll continue to do it.

It’s a mix that brings together the strength, ambition and determination of the Scorpio with another sign that has the same qualities and more pragmatism.

Cautious, the natives of Scorpio and Capricorn will have patience and persevere at anything they may be doing. That’s why they are good businesspeople and managers.

In their professional life, they are diplomatic and calculated. They distance themselves from emotions and fight really hard for what’s theirs.

They want their efforts to be rewarded and their talents to be recognized. No one can convince them they don’t have good opinions, and they rarely change or adopt methods that aren’t well established.

Discipline and management characterize them a lot. Others know they are the most reliable and serious people ever. Not to mention they can control their emotions when a situation becomes too difficult.

It’s possible they will not be able to hide their feelings and become aggressive in some cases. But this won’t happen too often. These guys know what people and groups think because they are fine psychologists.

And this makes them good leaders who can make good decisions and are able to control people. Their inner fights and interests are all about attaining success and climbing the social ladder.

Their main goals in life are gaining other people’s respect, having a good reputation and making a good living. It doesn’t matter how warm they seem on the outside, they will always look for these things. If they would be able to recognize their authoritative presence, it would be easier for them to deal with people.

It’s only up to themselves to unlock their leadership abilities and their power. But they would have to judge less if they are to be successful at leading.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon individuals have high standards and aren’t very tolerant of people who don’t act the way they think it’s correct. But they should respect others as much as they want to be respected.

Just like all the Scorpios, they have a high libido and can make a woman go crazy. They will use others in a subtle way and get what they want.

When they see helpless people, they simply don’t know what to do. Not to mention how scared they are of seeing their weaknesses in others.

While confident and sure of themselves on the outside, these Scorpios are anxious and confused on the inside. It’s because they are too eager to succeed. Maybe this is the only thing that makes them feel more important and perfect.

They don’t believe in empty compliments and if they won’t explore their emotions and spirituality, they’ll remain these cold characters with whom few can get along.

It’s essential they accept who they really are and don’t look to change because it seems easier to be successful if behaving in a specific way. After all, everyone has limits.

Attentive lovers

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon natives are honest people who don’t believe in things being half-done. If someone doesn’t grab their attention completely, they won’t even waste their energy getting to know him or her better.

So their partner can rest assured they are serious about their relationship. But there’s something about being with them. They want to know all the darkest secrets and hidden fantasies their lover has.

Not to mention they desire to become intimate on a deeper level and expect only loyalty. Their downsides include that they can be broody, fixed and manipulative.

Capricorn Moons want a lover but they don’t necessarily need one in their lives. Deep inside their heart, they are loners who can survive on their own. And they will bring this side of them in any relationship they will have.

Sometimes, they take things too personally and become defensive. But all in all, they are lovers who can be counted on. At home, they like being in control. These guys like to work hard at their relationship.

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon man

It doesn’t matter what life throws at him, the Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon man will always be able to put up with any challenge. And he will be the best at what he’s doing.

He wants power. That’s why he will always strive to make a lot of money. Being someone important is his main goal in life. He can make a great government agent or CEO of a big corporation.

A cold person with others, he’s an animal in bed. But he will stop to focus at romance only if he’ll be successful in his career. As a husband and a father, he may not always be there for his loved ones.

It’s possible this guy will want to settle down in his fifties. And another thing: his money is his. He worships it, so don’t expect too many expensive gifts from him.

He’s definitely not the perfect material to be exploited by a gold digger. As a young adult, he will probably try to find himself, but this doesn’t mean he will change jobs and homes.

He usually knows what he desires, and when in love, he can make any lady go crazy about him. But he needs someone to support him in his career. It’s very likely his partner will be treated like an inferior.

Someone with too many friends will not be to his liking because he likes spending time with his lady and no one else. Not to mention how judgmental he can be of people. He doesn’t like talking about his childhood and feelings.

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon woman

This woman expresses herself harmoniously and is able to make others appreciate her ideas. She can easily communicate, so the job of a teacher suits her perfectly. Not to mention how well she would do as a public speaker or politician.

But she needs to keep the distance because she is, after all, a cold Capricorn. Ambitious and determined, this lady will manage to attain her goals and fulfill her dreams.

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon woman doesn’t like interacting with people who she considers to be of less value. Or with those who aren’t down-to-earth and capable.

It’s possible she’ll use others to escape poverty and climb the social ladder. Either way, she will be very far away from where she has started at a very young age.

In her twenties, she may seem superficial and flirty with anyone who’s a little bit more eccentric. Her thirties will make her more aware of her needs and stable. This means at this age, she will own a house, a car and will be on her way to success at work.

Around forty, she will be this committed person who only wants security and to evolve into an even more fulfilled person. Because she wants money, this lady will work hard and dedicate herself completely to her job.

She’s a champion when it comes to survival and being productive. But don’t expect her to be the kind and warm wife or mother.

Yet she will always be next to her family, no matter how difficult the times. A Capricorn, a Cancer or another Scorpio man would be perfect for her. However, any guy in love with her needs to keep in mind that she’s very controlling and stubborn.

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