Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon: An Intuitive Personality

Tenacious and intense, these people stand by their feelings.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon

Always lucky, Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon people succeed at almost everything they set their minds to. It doesn’t matter if it’s about their job or their personal life. Not to mention they’re strong, intelligent and attractive.

When it comes to balance, these natives seem to never lose their temper. And they are usually comfortable with anyone, under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter that they’re such great leaders, they will still never want to be in control because they are rather loners and self-reliant than team players.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Intuitive, sensitive and tenacious;
  • Negatives: Harsh, pretentious and vague;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who gets along well with their family;
  • Advice: Learn to accept other people’s views.

They don’t need anyone to feel good. It doesn’t matter how many people want to be their close friends, they will always keep the distance.

Personality traits

It can be said Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon people will always look to protect the ones they love because they are nurturing and caring. It wouldn’t matter how emotional and difficult things around them will get, they will always manage to deal with problems without any help.

The Cancer in them makes their Scorpio less intense and edgy. Intuitive, these guys can immediately spot a liar and subtext messages. That’s why they like solving mysteries and looking into people’s lives.

It’s possible they will want to know everything about a person’s heritage and history if they’ll be curious about him or her. Family-oriented, they will be proud when their relatives will have accomplishments. And they want to make their loved ones proud of them too.

Ambitious and focused on success, Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon individuals rarely accept a refusal. They can always find a way to make things work because they persevere and pay a lot of attention to what’s going on.

Their combination of signs indicates they have profound feelings and a rich emotional life. After all, the Scorpio is intense and a little bit aggressive from an emotive point of view, while the Cancer is sensitive and tenacious.

Distant and proud of themselves, these natives will never count on others to have their own problems solved. But when someone wants their help, they don’t mind giving a hand. Not that they would go over their own needs in order to make others happy.

Their nature is rather pretentious and sometimes harsh. However, their intuition is strong and they can easily guess what others think and want.

It’s easier to reach them emotionally than through the logical way. It’s because they give a lot of importance to what they are feeling and their gut. They have a magnetism and a confidence that will always attract others.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon natives are possessive, sensual, jealous and rather self-protective. The fact that anyone could impress them is not at all a good thing.

Also that they let themselves be influenced regarding their emotional experiences. Serious about their own beliefs and the way they behave, these Scorpios will hold on tight to their own dreams and first impressions about someone or something.

Their opinions are strong. When arguing, these natives can defend their own ideas as fast as others blink. They may not have a strong logic, but they definitely are focused to win the conversation.

The fact that they twist their words will make any opponent go mad and throw in more arguments. Because they have two Water signs in their combination, they are not at all selfish.

That’s why they would do a great job as doctors, social workers and even scientists. Not to mention they have a talent for healing and making people feel better.

This ability is helpful when they’re in trouble themselves. It means they can easily recuperate and forget about what brought them down in the first place.

One of their negative traits is that they aren’t too open and candid when it comes to their own beliefs. It’s not easy for them to look into themselves. At least they are all the time aware of where they are standing.

Knowing how much they’re worth, they will know what direction to take when life gets hard. Because they’re mysterious, some of their friends will find it difficult to understand them. But they will still have a significant number of followers because they are strong and this can be felt by others.

Not to mention how charismatic, convincing and open to new ideas they usually are. Many will sincerely respect them. Their inhibitions may lead them to feel sad, heartsick and to use dark humor.

They hate superficiality and they prefer to give deeper meanings to what is happening to them. As they’re imaginative, deep and smart, they will most likely succeed in life.

Some needy lovers

These are courageous lovers who don’t fear discussing taboo subjects and exploring any sexual fantasy. They want intimacy and for their lover to share every little dirty secret with them.

And when they will be told about things that haven’t been heard from anyone before, they will be the happiest.

As a sign of death and rejuvenation, Scorpios are all about digging up darkness and questionable urges. There’s nothing too embarrassing for them.

They think of love as being such a deep feeling that the lovers should die for, and after meet on the other side as stronger versions of themselves.

Cancer Moons need protection but at the same time, they are nurturers themselves. These natives will never open to someone until they are feeling secure. But as soon as someone will gain their trust, they will turn into these motherly creatures with healing abilities.

Emotional and moody, they crave intimacy. And they want someone who feels the same. Their downside is their constant need to feel loved and secure.

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon man can be the prince of any woman. He’s up to rescue a damsel in distress because he knows emotions. Even after an adventure with him, a lady will be impressed.

Passionate, caring and powerful. this guy gets only straight A’s when it comes to sex. He can take a woman to places she has never been when they’re together in bed. And he won’t mind playing any fantasy.

Usually attractive and tall, he will drive the ladies crazy. Not to mention he’s a good provider and a fun, surprising person. And when it comes to domestic chores, he will always be around to help.

This man is the type of guy who will work hard to be liked by your friends. Not to mention how much any mother will want him as her son-in-law.

Jealous, he will see red when you are in the company of someone else, even after you broke up with him. And he’s possessive. The woman who he belongs to will probably not like this, but that’s the way he is.

If he had a bad relationship with his mother, things in the relationship with his lover won’t be so good. However, he will still give his best to make his other half happy.

This is the man a woman could always count on to do everything that goes through her mind. And when it comes to being the head of a family, he’s the best.

He will never be a workaholic. His colleagues will like him for being a hard worker and a fair person. He can focus on getting anything done. When it comes to the women he likes, this guy wants someone with whom to fight against the status quo.

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon woman

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon woman is one of the most romantic partners ever. She’s attractive, has sex appeal and a magnetism that will make any man go crazy about her.

Feminine and elegant, she will shine at every party if she’ll accompany a good man. And she doesn’t boast around with the fact that she looks good. People will admire her for all this and for being a good friend.

This woman is quite naive, but she’ll grow out of it in time. When it comes to her real feelings, this lady is not the most expressive.

Proud, she will never allow others to take advantage of her kindness. Don’t mess with this girl or she will make you pay. And you’ll regret losing her love.

She trusts her man even if he has a few admirers. Nice and sure of herself, this Scorpio lady will know her place in a guy’s heart.

She wants the good life, so she will make good money. And she’ll be generous. But she doesn’t mind being financially supported by her man either.

Only happy at home, this girl wants to be a wife and a mother. And when someone in her family will be sick or feeling down, she will be next to them heart and soul.

It’s important to get her while she’s still young. She needs to be loved, admired and trusted. A strong guy will definitely get her attention.

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