Scorpio Sun Aries Moon: A Straightforward Personality

Honest and direct, the Scorpio Sun Aries Moon personality will never hesitate to express opinions and feelings openly, even with the risk of offending.

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon

No one can keep up with Scorpio Sun Aries Moon people. They have an energy that can’t be seen in other signs in the zodiac.

These natives are always heading somewhere, taking care of business in an efficient and fast manner. Impatient and impulsive, they can be considered aggressive in their behavior and affirmations.

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Benevolent, capable and original;
  • Negatives: Cruel, irrational and neurotic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is just as efficient as they are;
  • Advice: They should slow down from time to time.

When they are too busy taking care of their own problems, they tend to forget all about those around them.

Personality traits

While kind and warm, Scorpio Sun Aries Moon people become careless when they are too busy. Being self-centered is something that characterizes them. But they are in no way selfish.

They believe luck and good opportunities come only to those who work hard. Not to mention they can’t tolerate people who are not determined and ambitious.

When it comes to getting what they desire, these natives are pretty direct and rational. It’s enough that Scorpios already are strong willed and goal-oriented.

When coupled with the Moon in Aries, they become even more courageous and expressive. Scorpios are famous from never giving up and for getting it back together after every setback.

It doesn’t matter what obstacle is in their way, these guys are always prepared to overcome it. Competitive characters, it’s possible they’ll grow to be addicted to winning all the time.

There’s nothing to make them feel better than the satisfaction of being first and defeating strong opponents in different intellectual and even physical competitions.

Hard-working and ambitious, Scorpio Sun Aries Moon individuals can focus on doing almost anything right. They are too stubborn to ever get defeated or give up.

While on the outside they may seem detached and not at all caring, inside they are eager to win and would deal with any obstacle. It would be wrong to say they’re like others, like the crowd.

On the contrary, these natives are more the type who always innovates and focuses on progress. When it comes to their personal life, it can be said it’s a little bit agitated and filled with all kind of events.

Their romances are turbulent and often look like a romantic comedy. They aren’t in any way related to harmony and calm when it comes to their love life. No to mention they are more focused on their career and other goals.

Because they can never rest, Scorpio Sun Aries Moon natives will settle with someone later in life. It will take a lot of convincing to have them in love with only one person.

And while they want to be admired, appreciated and loved, it sometimes seems impossible for them to find some time for a relationship. They are rather pragmatic and interested in practicality than in spirituality, romance and abstract concepts.

Administrative tasks and being focused on their work is what they are best at, also what makes them thrive. It’s good that they’re ambitious and determined, but they may miss on other things in life because they are focusing too much on succeeding.

That’s why it’s suggested for them to slow down from time to time. To see what other interests and hobbies they have. They tend to become more agitated when things seem to work just as they want them to. It’s because they get excited the more success comes their way.

When they’ll be angry, the entire world will know about it. It would be better if they wouldn’t rush to make judgments when upset. If they won’t take it slow from time to time, allowing others to catch up, they’ll end up enjoying success all alone.

While they are the best at partying, these Scorpios also need some time for themselves. Especially because they tend to offer their all to the people they love.

They give loyalty and sincerity a lot of importance and they couldn’t ever be fooled. When someone will hurt them, they will be very angry and look to get revenge in the cruelest way possible.

Honest and direct, they will express their opinions and feelings openly. And no one will be able to stop them from doing it. They like to know people’s real intentions because this is how they feel emotionally protected.

Aries Moons are passionate creatures who will always express themselves with fervor and eloquence. While they have a harsh temper, they are not known for holding grudges.

For them, life is more than keeping in mind what others have done to them. Forgiving and forgetting is the way these guys prefer to go with.

Lovers full of passion

When it comes to romance, Scorpio Sun Aries Moon people are spiritual and very passionate. They have a strong sex drive and want to experiment all kind of new techniques in bed.

But they aren’t romantic or too faithful. No to mention how domineering and bossy they can become. That’s why they often choose partners who are passive and not so opinionated.

Scorpio Suns could stay single for years and they wouldn’t care. They want intimacy, just not with anyone. And when they will find that special person, they will reveal everything about themselves.

But their lover will have to do the same. They won’t be happy hearing a joke and what happened at work. They want to hear details about their partner’s darkest wishes.

The uglier the truth, the more intrigued they are. They need someone uninhibited and ready to share everything with them.

Aries Moons are passionate creatures. And this passion they have can be felt in both their negative and positive traits. You will never see them living the quiet life.

They want a lover who makes them feel secure and at the same time understands their need for freedom. Not that they can’t stand the domestic life, they simply won’t be around for it. Their lover will have to patiently wait for them to return from the bar or work.

The Scorpio Sun Aries Moon man

The Scorpio Sun Aries Moon man only cares about himself because both of these signs influence him to be competitive, intense and have a bad temper. It doesn’t matter whom he’s with, his dreams and goals are the only ones that matter.

That’s why he’s considered a little bit fixed and small-minded. Because he has an aggressive behavior, he may force people into doing things the way he wants them to.

He will also offend and not have as many friends as others. As a father, he’s cold and distant. Only if many of his planets will be in Sagittarius, he will be more fun and open to interact with people.

His lady should do what he wants, live where he lives and give all of her money to him. He’s very stubborn to have everything the way he likes it.

At the first date with a girl, he will try to make an impression by being very intense and ostentatious. The fact that he sees the world only in black and white can be very controversial about him.

It’s possible he’ll want a woman just to deal with the domestic things he can’t deal with. This guy doesn’t have the magnetism of other Scorpios. His sexuality is more about leather belts and perhaps whips.

The Scorpio Sun Aries Moon woman

Pretentious, adventurous and superficial, the Scorpio Sun Aries Moon woman is the conquering type. She’s strong and doesn’t mind chaos, whether she creates or lives in it.

If she isn’t at the extremes, she doesn’t feel good. And she’s very passionate, no matter if it’s about love or her ideas. Everything new makes her tick.

If she’s to be a manager at a company, she will lead others by solving crisis after crisis. Not the most popular girl in the zodiac, she doesn’t have many friends but a lot of ex-boyfriends.

If she’s one of the intelligent natives of these signs, she won’t get married until she has attained her professional goals and fulfilled a few of her dreams. It’s because she can become very hateful from the devoted and passionate lover.

It’s difficult for her to forgive or forget because she continues with the negative feelings just as much as she does with the positive ones. But this happens only if she feels she has been done wrong.

Just like her male counterpart, she will look for a partner to do some things for her. She doesn’t want a companion, but someone who could help her in her career or with the chores around the house.

If she could find a guy who can do both of these things, she would be the happiest. It doesn’t matter what this lady is wearing, her walk and posture will always indicate that she’s ready for a fight. And she actually is.

She’s not at all the sensitive and fragile type. As a mother, she’s protective; as a wife, irresistible. Men will fight over power with her.

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