Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon: A Resourceful Personality

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are good judges of character.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are quiet and reserved on the outside, agitated and always thinking of something new on the inside. You can often see them being lost in their own inner world.

They combine the determination and emotionality of the Scorpio with the innovative and original mind of the Aquarius.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Rounded, skillful and stoic;
  • Negatives: Unappreciative, superstitious and criticizing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can respect their need for personal space;
  • Advice: You need to spend more time with your friends and social circle.

A little bit fixed when it comes to their own opinions and ideas, these Scorpios will get things done only the way they want them to.

Personality traits

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon natives are good judges of character. They can see when others have bad intentions.

As bosses and leaders, they are really tough and expect their subalterns to keep a logical way of thinking. But they will never show their disapproval openly. On the outside, they will be polite and mannered. Not that they’re discriminatory. They simply can’t tolerate irrationality.

They like being admired and appreciated, but only if they deserve it. Empty compliments would never make them feel better.

They are very influential in their progress towards success, so many people will end up listening to them without even realizing they are their followers. However, these natives won’t respect those who only agree with what they are saying.

Because they’re profound and complex, Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon individuals hate superficiality. Their mind is creative and open to new ideas.

When they’ll accomplish many of their artistic and intellectual goals, they’ll start being very proud of themselves. But there is something about their deepness and emotionality that others don’t understand.

Observant and analyzing, they are good with the creation process. They are the most rebellious Scorpios in the zodiac. Eccentric and always interested in the unusual, their way of thinking will make them stand out from the crowd.

While feeling different than others, they will still manage to work with what makes them so unique. If not allowed to be free to express themselves, they feel oppressed and attacked.

For these guys, the idea of conformity and the loss of individuality is tragic. But don’t think they aren’t good team players, because they are.

The urban type, these Scorpios can adapt to any environment and type of people. Their Moon makes them more interested in science and social issues.

Like all the Scorpios, they are determined and serious. They have an imagination and a perspective that helps them think way ahead of their time.

Connoisseurs of people, they will apply their philosophies with anyone and will convince. It’s easy for them to connect and make new friends because they’re charming and adaptable.

Many will be attracted by their relaxed and sometimes daring attitude. When they’ll come up with a new idea, they’ll want to talk about it with the entire world.

More outgoing and open than other Scorpios, these guys will want to make friends everywhere they’ll be going. They think a busy and complex social life does them good.

However, they are still independent creatures who often want to be alone and put some order in their own thoughts. Not to mention they believe only in what they are set to do.

For them, others can never have any good ideas. That’s why they will treat their friends as disciples, not as challenging opponents or helpful collaborators.

It’s suggested they keep an open mind and allow others to stimulate them intellectually. Realistic and sociable, they would do a great job in business. Very few are as clever and fast-thinking as them.

More detached than eager to be close to their loved ones, their emotional connections won’t be as developed as they are in others.

Stubborn and completely dedicated to their way of thinking, Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are easily offended when someone questions them.

A little bit of modesty and openness to collaborations wouldn’t do them any harm. They could be very efficient at everything they are doing if they would have more harmonious relationships with people surrounding them.

But being intolerant and having an air of superiority characterizes them most of the time. Their Sun and Moon combination indicates they often don’t feel appreciated enough.

It’s normal for them to misinterpret and read too much into things. But it’s usual for creative people like them to feel misunderstood and to imagine things that don’t actually exist.

When they set their mind to something, Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon natives will fight hard to get it. But they need variety and for things to often change if they are to be happy.

It’s very likely they will move on to new things as soon as they will reach success in one of their endeavors.

When they don’t have a goal and something to work for, they feel depressed. They like being in control of their life and they run away from those who are too restrictive or domineering.

A freedom-seeking lover

In short, people with this Sun Moon combination like having the power in their love lives. They also like being intimate with someone.

They want to know their lover to the very last detail. When there are no longer any secrets to be discovered, nothing can take them by surprise anymore.

Their ideal partner wants intimacy but doesn’t try to cross their boundaries. As soon as a person earns their trust and love, they become the most caring and loyal partners there could ever be.

But their other half has to respect their need to be alone and also to understand they can sometimes obsess over people and things. If there is for someone to be forever next to them, that person has to be careful not to cross them.

Aquarius Moon people are individualistic and want to stand apart from the crowd. As partners, they are caring and loyal, but detached. It’s because these guys are never in tune with their emotions.

Their need for freedom can’t be seen in other signs. They like doing things their way, rarely taking other people’s opinions into consideration. This will help them keep their romantic relationship exciting.

The Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon man

Unusual and original, this man often seems like he’s from another world. He doesn’t mind being in a group and finding out things about each member, but he will never be keen about it. And when others will think of him as weird, he won’t give a damn.

Interested in science, this guy’s mind works like a Swiss clock. He thinks ahead of his time and he’s a loner with many admirers. He will want to marry a woman who lets him be who he really is.

Fun, surprising and changeable, he can’t be counted on because he’s not constant. This is the inventor of the zodiac, the man for whom routine is pure Hell.

If his family won’t support him develop his latest discoveries, he will decide he’s better off alone and leave. It can be said he almost has prophetic abilities because he can guess what the society will need in the future.

When the Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon man meets narrow-minded, conservative people, he starts to no longer be as kind and nice as he usually is. But he will never argue with someone because he wants peace and harmony.

It’s possible this Scorpio will sometimes miss work due to the fact that he fell asleep reading a new book. He will be disappointed when people won’t understand him.

Not very emotional, he will probably never know how his wife and children are feeling. When it comes to his personal projects and work, he will always choose to do what he has set his mind on first.

The Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman

Because her Sun and Moon combination implies many complexities, this woman will sometimes be chaotic. As both of her signs are fixed, she will be a little bit inflexible.

But her astrological placement will often force important changes on her. The more she will try to keep things the same, the more destiny will turn her life around.

She will experience intense moments and will watch how things happen against her wishes. That’s why she’s so emotionally sensitive and stressed. It’s only normal for her to be like this considering she can’t keep things in order.

Intelligent and strong, the Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman is also creative and artistic. But she would never want to conform and be like others. Not to mention she hates routine. Physically attractive, she will stand out from the crowd and make many men fall for her.

Those who are original and as creative as her will always catch this girl’s attention. Because she’s talented and smart, she could do any job, from design to scientific research. But she sometimes procrastinates, and her colleagues can no longer count on her.

And when she’ll have periods of laziness, she’ll no longer care about others and even if they are struggling without her help. Outside of work, she’s friendly and curious about people.

As a mother, she’s loving and caring. Her partner will watch her being crazy about him today and completely indifferent the next day.

She’s a difficult personality who changes very often so her ideal partner will be understanding and caring. But the fact that she’s not like others will always be fascinating. Many men will be crazy about her because of this.

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