Scorpio Snake: The Comfortable Sceptic Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Scorpio born in Snake year

Scorpio Snake
  • If you are born between October 23 and November 21 then you are a Scorpio.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • You will not be able to escape their suspicious nature.
  • The otherwise charming Scorpio Snake woman can sometimes be stuck in her emotions.
  • Changing the mentality of the Scorpio Snake man is a life quest.

The Scorpio Snake is a very active sign as a result of their strong desire to have a better situation and to improve their lifestyle, just like the resourceful Snake of the Chinese zodiac.

If you want to have a discussion with a Scorpio, you should be prepared for a really deep and meaningful conversation whilst the Snake will bring that appropriate mix of wittiness and liveliness.

The Fascinating Scorpio Snake Personality

Even if most of the time the Scorpio Snake has a personality full of confidence and patience, there are moments in their life when they lose it, because of their sensitivity, and they will always have a look at what other people think about them.

If you choose to befriend this zodiac sign, just be prepared to put a lot of effort into analysing him, due to their capability to hide their true feelings and emotions. But be careful, because they can read other people’ thoughts and moods in exchange, which is why it’s hard to lie to a Scorpio Snake.

They will give you the most rational and honest pieces of advice, but don’t expect them to tell you beautiful words only to make you feel good because that’s not in their character.

The Scorpio Snake doesn’t have many close friends thanks to their scepticism. They can easily be a policeman or a detective, but when it comes to personal life, this ability could be a serious problem or even ruin their relations with other people.

This means that they should be less pragmatic and more sentimental, and they should see the people around them more as human beings, rather than potential criminals.

Top Characteristics: Curious, Rational, Honest and Pretentious.

Being an active sign, they enjoy going out and spending their free time by taking a healthy mouth of fresh air or by playing in nature, or even having a walk in the park, which should give them a lot of energy.

The Scorpio Snake loves going to work, but only when they feel that their efforts are appreciated enough and they are paid fairly, but if all this stuff doesn’t happen, then they will not feel any remorse in quitting immediately.

Even if they love having a comfortable and luxurious life style, they never give more attention to their job than to the loved ones, so if a Scorpio is deeply in love with you, be sure that they will spend a lot of time to make you happy.

Be careful when you give answers to this zodiac sign, because they always find out the secrets hidden behind them with an ability and curiosity that are hard to imagine.

At the same time, you will normally be struck by their indifference and scepticism, because they enjoy playing with your mind to obtain better advantages from you, as they were seemingly born with business-related skills.

Even more, they can lie to you with a smile on their face, and they can also hide it very well if they are hurt or upset.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Snake: Visual arts, Management, Administration, Athletics, Education.

The Scorpion Snake can be considered a narcissistic person, because they love themselves and they are very careful with their own interests and enjoy doing things which give them great pleasure.

As all zodiac signs, the Scorpio Snake has a lot of weaknesses too, and besides that incapability to express their emotions and feelings in the right way, they always want to be the last person who talks.

And all this in order to be sure that they end the discussion in a personal tone, while everything that they said is heard loud and clear, and not taken for granted.

This knack of theirs may sometimes get really annoying, although the Scorpio doesn’t do it intentionally, but because they feel a little bit insecure.

But thanks to this, they may win a ton of debates and talking competitions, being as persuasive as they are.

Love – Uncovered

The Scorpio Snake is a charming, mysterious sign that makes everyone fall madly for them. But he has high standards in a relationship and he wants a partner of which he can be proud of.

And also, because he is a possessive individual, he is looking for a person who is easy to manipulate and who can behave in the way he wishes without having a anything to say about it.

When he truly loves the partner, he can become very obsessive and protective, and this type of behaviour may please or terrify the loved one.

You should be very careful not to provoke the Scorpio, because it is hard to control his anger which can degenerate in verbal and physical violence.

Moreover, he is known as an individual who is deeply concerned with the wellbeing of close ones, so you can be sure that he will raise his kids very well and he will never cheat his family, being a loyal and devoted person and all that. He wants an extended family and spends all his energy to make them happy.

But there is a problem with his attitude, because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings verbally, which can sometimes be the reason for a break-up or a divorce.

If he doesn’t have a partner who has the ability to read his mental state and even to see beyond, everything will fall apart. A good partner would be on who is capable to encourage the Scorpio and give him the best advices.

Most compatible with: Virgo Dragon, Capricorn Dragon, Cancer Rooster, Virgo Rooster, Pisces Dragon.

Scorpio Snake Woman Characteristics

The Scorpio Women are open to professional life more than everything else, and with an ambitious and serious personality, she doesn’t stop until the moment when she achieves everything that she proposes.

If you want to conquer a Scorpio woman, then you should be prepared to be put in a delicate situation, due to his violent and disobedient mentality with which she will beat you at your own game.

Open to the new and innovative, and full of energy, she is the one who will start new trends and go beyond her limits.

Even if in a relationship she gives everything to his partner, the lack of freedom in his life can become the reason for a break-up initiated by the man she loves.

But though will not hurt her a lot, because she is too proud to suffer more than what is necessary, and she knows that men are as numerous as flees on a dog, so you can always find another.

The ability to communicate can be a very hard job for her, because she is looking for perfection and sometimes forgets that people have feelings and desires, so then she has to learn to appreciate others’ efforts for her own wellbeing.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Snake: PewDiePie, Tyga, Grace Kelly, Bjork, Famke Janssen, Gavin Rossdale, Eliza Taylor.

Scorpio Snake Man Characteristics

The Scorpio Snake man is a mysterious, passionate and interesting sign, and that’s exactly why people fall in love with him easily.

Full of ambition and with a strong character, he will always achieve his goals and impress others with his personality.

Expecting that people around him complete the given tasks in time, he can over-exaggerate at times, and this creates a certain mentality, one full of restrictions and a tyrannical attitude, which may affect him in the future.

In love, he is jealous and possessive and he tries to control his partner due to his arrogant temper.

He doesn’t believe in equality, and that’s why the women who manage to steal his heart should be prepared to know that she will not steal his mind as well.

Because he is always the one who leads a conversation, he should learn that sometimes listening to others is a wise thing.

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