Scorpio Rooster: The Demanding Observant Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Scorpio born in Rooster year

Scorpio Rooster
  • Anyone born between October 23 and November 21 is a Scorpio.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Curious and introspective, these people easily connect the dots.
  • You can’t really get bored in the company of the Scorpio Rooster woman.
  • A diligent individual, the Scorpio Rooster man also knows how to have the best kind of fun.

Those born in Scorpio the year of the Rooster have a unique way of dealing with the bad things from their existence. They can get it together even after they have gone through a deception and they have amazing recovery abilities.

In other words, they will deal with anything in their life with a smile on their face and this is what makes them so special and interesting. They get motivated by their own failures and they are efficient.

The Scrupulous Scorpio Rooster Personality

Proud, strong and ambitious, these people are imposing characters. Discrete, elegant and sober, they know how to behave in society and they always choose the style that matches them best.

They think highly of themselves and they don’t let others make fun of them. Independent and often critical, Scorpio Roosters hate it when they have to compromise.

They never accept the fact that they have failed at something, and they get up to try again. They put their own interests above those of others.

In the Chinese culture, the Rooster is an intelligent, open character who likes to do things perfectly.

Everyone who is born in the year of the Rooster has these traits. If it happens for someone to be in Rooster and also the Scorpio, these traits will be much more accentuated. That’s why people like being around these people.

Loving and fun, they never let those around them get bored. They are intelligent, witty and mannered.

Others will not even notice they can be a little bit fussy. You may think they don’t care about fame and recognition, or fortune whatsoever. But in reality, they have plans and some specific goals that they simply do not want to share.

They like to pretend they are happy and optimistic just to not allow others to see what they are going through. They are straightforward, saying nothing else but the truth and not caring if others get hurt.

This is helpful for their career, where they can share some of their brightest suggestions. Balanced and sociable, Scorpio Roosters will get well with anyone. They are affectionate and caring, and they keep their cool no matter the situation.

Top Characteristics: Intelligent, Uncompromising, Considerate, Easily bored.

Sometimes moody, it may seem that they are superficial but they aren’t. They are very organized and this will help them a lot at their job. Inventive and ingenious, Scorpio Roosters will work hard to get what they want in life.

Many of them will be self-employed as they have great business skills and they can feel where the money is. If you dare to challenge them, they will become aggressive, not caring about how harsh they can get.

These people will make sure they are winning in an argument, even if this attracts disapproval from others. It’s just that they can’t accept failure and they always want to win, even if the discussion is trivial.

They are curious about other people’s lives and they will go as far as lying and cheating just to find out what’s happening with a person.

Scorpio Roosters care a lot about their family. When they will move out of their parents’ house, they will try to find a place nearby.

They value friendship and they are loyal no matter what type of relations they are having with people. This can cause them trouble with time management as friends and lovers need to be given attention.

They enjoy meeting with their friends and escape the worries from work. Laughing, unwinding and relaxing are among their favorite things to do. It doesn’t matter where they are standing at some point in their lives, they will always be satisfied with themselves and their achievements.

They only trust themselves and if they suddenly wouldn’t have friends anymore, they would still be able to make it. A little controlling and impatient, Scorpio Roosters can sometimes be forceful.

But their intentions are always good as they are only trying to encourage and motivate others. They are intellectuals and they can’t understand why others don’t have the same interests as them.

You can easily understand when they are explaining something, even if they often lose their cool and become a little bit aggressive. They will look for a soulmate who can understand their impatience and are not bothered by their ambitions.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Rooster: Television, PR, Sales, Management.

Professionally, they would do great as private detectives because they like to investigate and find out things about people. Police or judicial work would also suit them very well.

They have good taste and they are creative, so they would be good as decorators too. Showbusiness would also suit them because they have a rich imagination. They have an analytical mind and they’re attentive to details so there isn’t any job that wouldn’t actually be good for them.

There is a small failing that Scorpio Roosters have and that is that they are too neat. These people want tidiness wherever they may be going and this can cause them some trouble. Also, they don’t know when to give up.

They tend to insist on something even if things no longer work. They simply cannot give up until they feel like their project is completely done.

It is advised that they learn how to appreciate what they can achieve and what not. This is important if they want to give attention to what matters and succeed at achieving their goals.

Love – Uncovered

Idealistic, Scorpio Roosters will want their relationship to be perfect. Even if the road is bumpy and they don’t actually match their partners, these people will insist on making things work.

They will want a big, exquisite wedding as they like high-quality, glamorous things. Demanding with their partners, they will expect faithfulness and a rich sexual life. Their lover needs to be careful not to flirt with other people as they can get very jealous and possessive.

They wouldn’t stand deception and they pay attention for this not to happen. Wanting a long-lasting relationships Scorpio Roosters will take love seriously.

Although they are willing to take care of any kind of problem they may have with their partner, they can’t accept the defects and flaws of a person.

This is why it is difficult for them to find someone. However, as soon as they fall in love or start a family, they become much softer and less selfish. They will protect their children from any danger and disappointment.

Most compatible with: Cancer Snake, Capricorn Snake, Pisces Dragon, Capricorn Ox, Virgo Snake.

Scorpio Rooster Woman Characteristics

Not always understanding what she is struggling for, the Scorpio Rooster woman can find it difficult to determine where exactly she belongs.

She could spend her entire life trying to understand herself and she would still not reach a conclusion.

She is generous and she should explore this trait of hers a little bit more. This will guarantee to attract positive energies and will bring her at peace with herself. If she doesn’t do so, she will allow all the negative traits to take over and she will no longer have such a pleasant life. This girl is complex and she knows her potential.

She can accumulate knowledge easily and she will open many roads for herself. Shy and humble, it can be difficult for her to make new friends.

It is advised that she excludes some moral principles from her life. She should develop purposefulness more, and she will be more victorious.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Rooster: Larry King, Neil Young, Goldie Hawn, Matthew McConaughey, Sean Combs, Gerard Butler, Ellen Pompeo.

Scorpio Rooster Man Characteristics

The Scorpio Rooster man is unstoppable. He is ambitious and he sets high goals that he will want to achieve by any means.

He is responsible and he needs to be motivated by ideals. These guys will never focus on trivial things. He likes to dress to impress and he loves the attention.

A fighter for justice, the Scorpio Rooster man will be appreciated by friends and family. People will trust him and he will be fun and open with them.

He is determined but he likes to have a little bit of fun along the way. Talented at many things, he will have a good position at work.

He wants to have money, so he will work hard in life. It’s advised that he gives spirituality more importance and that he invests more in his emotional side. Otherwise, he has a correct behavior that will take him far.

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