Scorpio Rising: The Influence of Scorpio Ascendant on Personality

These natives behave as if they have a sixth sense and can connect the dots about anything.

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio ascendant people are strong, mysterious and very intense. Because they suspect others of being deceiving, they won’t open up to until they completely trust.

They usually achieve their goals because they have an amazing power of concentration and a lot of determination. They are the best at making others confess about their secrets, while only a few people know theirs.

Scorpio Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Sophisticated, caring and imaginative;
  • Weaknesses: Dogmatic, jealous and crude;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is passionate and has an air of mystery;
  • Life Lesson for Scorpio Ascendant: Small expressions of kindness make everyone’s life worth it.

The way people carry themselves, the first impressions they create and their spontaneous reactions, are amongst other things, determined by the rising sign. This is, in the birth chart, given by the time at which a person was born.

Scorpio Rising personality

Scorpio rising have even higher demands from their partner than the natives with their Sun in Scorpio. Also passionate and intense when it comes to emotions, their close ones need a lot of energy in order to make them happy.

It’s very important for these people to feel that both them and their lover are trying to keep going with a fair relationship and work hard to make things between them happen.

Only this way, their demands will be met, and their energy coupled with all of their positive traits will emerge, get recognized or receive an answer.

The Scorpio rising natives’ possessiveness needs to be kept in control or they’ll become extremely jealous. Realizing that this feeling isn’t of any good is something they all need to do.

They see life as a battle because they treat every challenge like it’s something very serious. It doesn’t matter what type of feelings they may get, you can be sure they are intense and felt deeply.

That’s why they’re at extremes with how they interact with people. If things happen to go as they want them to, you can be sure they’ll be very happy, but when nothing works out, they’ll have serious depressive episodes.

It’s suggested they look at Taurus, their opposite sign, who just relaxes and just enjoys sitting in the sun. But they are not at all interested at taking the example of this kind of people, being even angry when dealing with them.

However, if they want happiness, they should just sit back and love life because Scorpio rising can have a passion that intimidates everyone. If there is for them to be pleased, everything needs to be settled and working according to their plans.

Never impatient and all the time constant or reliable, they rule themselves more after their intuition and feelings. But at the same time, they’re intelligent, not at all gullible and discrete.

It’s rare to find someone else who sees depths and nuances as good as them. Scorpio ascendant people should do their best to fight their dark side because it can be very destructive.

It usually resides deep inside of them, manifesting itself as envy, thirst for power and jealousy. All the dark sides of a personality come from within the most complex depths of one’s soul and can be expressed in a constructive way, in the form of art.

Those who happen to be the Scorpio rising’s partner will be fascinated by these lively and charming characters. However, when these natives will show what they hide deep inside their heart, they can scare their lovers and even lead the relationships to break up.

These people stay under a strong protective shell and rarely share their feelings, which can create distance between them and their other half. It’s important they learn how to trust and release their scariest sides of personality.

But for this to happen, they need to be with someone reliable and conservative, a person who will offer them a comfortable life while making sure their hopes and dreams are being fulfilled. Never wanting to seem weak, Scorpio rising will show only their determined and strong side.

It’s normal for them to always finish their projects on time and to deliver fantastic results. Bold and daring, these people want fame and money because these can make them happy.

Wishing to always be in control, it’s very likely some of them will have problems with others. The planets ruling Scorpio rising are Pluto and also Mars, which means they’re possessive characters who are given more than they desire by Pluto.

The same planet makes them want power, to be challenged and to have clear objectives, also giving them their mysterious air. You can be sure their most beautiful traits are reflected by the House in which Pluto resides in their birth chart.

This astral body is also about having the strength to go over any difficulty. Because it influences Scorpio rising together with Mars, it gives these natives a need for a Venus presence, which is usually kind, gentle and beautiful.

Any fighter like the Scorpio ascendant would require Venus natives to be around them. Their compatibilities are with Leo for this sign’s position in their chart, Taurus because it’s an opposite sign and Aquarius for its position in their chart in the House of family and home.

The physique of Scorpio Rising

You will recognize Scorpio rising immediately because they have big eyes that seem to stare into people’s souls.

Their face is usually sharp and their skin a little bit oily. When it comes to their body, you’ll notice that it is strong and has lean muscles.

They’re not at all expressive through mimic because they refuse to show any emotion. It’s easy for them to seduce with just one look and to attract with their body.

When looking at a person, they seem to promise the Moon and to reveal their mystery or passion. It’s possible for them to have a bent nose and eyebrows that make them look like owls.

Everything about the way the look inspires power and danger, not at all weakness. Usually slim and emanating a strong sexual air, people will be immediately attracted by them.

As said before, their muscles are lean, so their athletic buildup will have them look good even when not exercising.

It wouldn’t matter if they aren’t so appealing, they would still transmit eroticism and treat others like their sexual preys.

The Scorpio rising woman is flexible and very good at dancing or doing yoga. Because the natives of this birth chart have a Water sign as their ascendant, they will move like waves. Mars is the one that makes them competitive when it comes to physical challenges.

Scorpio Ascendant man

The Scorpio rising man wants to change all the time. He has many ambitions, is a little bit cold but very mysterious and strong.

As fas as love goes, he wants all the control, so he needs submissive women who only do what he wants. Inside, he’s insecure and has to have reassurance that his partner only wants him.

When this native commits, he does it for a lifetime because love is something very serious for him. If the relationship will happen to fail, he will simply be obsessed to get revenge on his ex-partner.

Having a high libido, he likes exciting and adventurous experiences in bed.

Scorpio Ascendant Man: The Comfort Seeker

Scorpio Ascendant woman

The Scorpio rising woman is mysterious and magnetic, so men find it very difficult to resist her. She likes being in their company and seems to guess what others are feeling.

Passionate and living her life intensely, she’s also obsessed to be in control and can turn into someone very possessive. She commits for a lifetime and doesn’t let go of relationships that easily.

The man who will cheat on her will never be forgiven and later on punished with a breakup that doesn’t have any chance of reconciliation.

Scorpio Ascendant Woman: The Demonstrative Lady


Scorpio ascendant people are intense, enigmatic, secretive, capable of destructive and regenerating forces, quiet, complex, determined, insisting, imaginative, independent, passionate and emotional.

Scorpio rising are highly evolved souls who want a lot of power because their rising sign is at the conjunction where the spiritual and the real-world selves meet to battle. These natives need to let their practical self die and give into their spirituality, to be reunited with what’s inside of them.

They are calm on the outside and a deep sea of emotions on the inside. You’ll never see them being loud and they’ll always have an interest to discover secrets while keeping their own well hidden.

That’s why they would make good detectives or private investigators. Very determined and strong, these people can defeat any opponent they may have.

But it’s essential for them to deal with the fact that they’re possessive and jealous. It’s very likely for them to have an interest in the occult, tantric sex, spiritual healing and even death. It can be difficult to determine if they’re angels or pure devils.

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