Scorpio Goat: The Intuitive Personality Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Scorpio born in Goat year

Scorpio Goat
  • If you are born between October 23 and November 21 then you are a Scorpio.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people know everything that is trending.
  • The Scorpio Goat woman is a great communicator.
  • Conflicted by differing interests, the Scorpio Goat man often changes his mind.

Inventive and eccentric, Scorpios born in the year of the Goat are the most diligent of the Goats. They have a talent for the arts and they can be unstable.

This means they are not quite the perfect partners, not to mention Scorpios can get really jealous and possessive.

Intuitive and intelligent, these guys are also secretive and mysterious. While the traits of the Goat and the Scorpio are in complete opposition, people born in these signs seem to keep it all together, in balance.

The Emotional Scorpio Goat Personality

The Scorpio Goat natives will work with determination to get the fame and the financial gain they’re after. However, they will never take advantage of others in order to fulfill their dreams.

They are careful with their money, but this doesn’t mean they don’t like to spend on something expensive and tasteful every now and then. At work, it doesn’t matter if they are working alone or in a team.

Either way, they will be happy in their job and they will perform amazingly. When they want to relax, they usually get a book or a movie and spend the night on the couch.

Scorpio Goats like being informed about the latest news and everything that’s in trend. At parties and social gatherings, they will talk about these subjects and be proud with the fact that they know so much.

Top Characteristics: Optimistic, Responsible, Adaptable, Healthy.

Usually, the negative traits of a sign in the Western zodiac are compensated by the sign a person is in the Chinese zodiac, and the other way around.

In this case, the Goat gets strength of character from the Scorpio, and the Scorpio learns how to limit him or herself more from the Goat.

The person who is both a Goat and a Scorpio will be able to face responsibilities in life more easily this way.

Cheerful, Scorpio Goats love to chat with others. They can easily make new friends and they are highly adaptable to new environments. Because they are used to live their life steadily and calmly, they will rarely have health problems.

More than this, the influence of the Goat makes this Scorpio more tolerant and less thirsty for revenge.

Where the Goat learns how to be more determined, the Scorpio becomes more likely to compromise. Because they are intuitive when making decisions, Scorpio Goats are more inclined towards hurried judgments.

They like less stressful jobs, where they don’t have that much responsibility, something in manufacturing for example. All they want is to finish work and get home.

They like partners who think the same way as they do, and they expect spontaneity and loyalty from the other half.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Goat: Psychology, Writing, Dancing, Sculpting.

When Scorpio Goats want to surprise their lovers, these are expected to drop what they were doing and be happy. Scorpio Goats will never boast with their professional success.

They move slowly and surely towards achieving their goals, and they intelligently pass the obstacles that arise in their way. However, on their way to their objectives, they can get impeded by an anxiety they are usually feeling when they are working on something big.

But they are strong people who will hide what they’re feeling and deal with their problem all alone. There aren’t too many weaknesses in these guys’ character.

The ones worth mentioning are the fact that they are disorganized and that they are stubborn and don’t accept criticism.

Not causing major problems in their lives, these negative traits of the Scorpio Goats can be addressed if they discipline themselves and are more open to other people’s opinions.

Love – Exposed

Driven by love, Scorpio Goats couldn’t live without this feeling in their life. They need a partner who is organized and strong-minded so they can get convinced to be more organized themselves.

They would hate going through life on their own. This is why romantic relationships are essential to them.

They invest many efforts and feelings in the love for their partner, meaning they become more attentive and considerate when they have someone in their life.

Someone who can offer them security and warmth would be the perfect lover for these Scorpios. They need understanding and a soul to be next to them for better and for worse.

Because they have insecurities and they need to be constantly reassured, these people will become a little bit possessive, sometimes to the point of suffocating the partner.

Most compatible with: Cancer Pig, Virgo Pig, Capricorn Rabbit, Virgo Horse, Pisces Horse.

And because they are contradictory, they can often annoy the partner, even when they’re having the simplest discussions on the weather or what else has been happening in the world. Scorpio Goats need to respect a person before they fall in love with him or her.

Because they are sentimental and surprising, the fire between them and their loved one will always be on. They are incredibly loyal and they would never cheat on their partner, expecting the same thing back.

In long-term relationship, their curiosity and passion will always keep things heated up and there will never be a distance between them and their lovers because of this.

Scorpio Goat Woman Characteristics

The Scorpio Goat woman likes to look at the bigger picture. She will always have global ideas and solutions. She takes on many projects and she organizes everything perfectly. And she usually succeeds at what she puts her mind to.

This lady likes to share the success she has with others. She is strong and determined, always knowing what she wants from life.

A good communicator, the Scorpio Goat woman will manage people easily. She doesn’t like to risk and she’s cautious with her projects. She is a lucky lady as difficulties rarely come her way.

When the Scorpio Goat woman falls in love, she first falls for looks and after that for personality. She will start to evaluate her emotions as soon as the relationship becomes more serious.

This girl usually has happy relationships that are also successful. She is open and generous, and she always thinks of the partner’s happiness.

It’s advised that she avoids stress and doesn’t think so often of minor problems. She should also learn how to appreciate the small things in her life if she wants to be happy.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Goat: Lauren Hutton, Bill Gates, Kris Jenner, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Ruffalo, David Guetta.

Scorpio Goat Man Characteristics

The Scorpio Goat man combines many qualities of both the signs in which he is born. That’s why he can be soft and in the same tough with people.

Creative, he knows which way to take in life, and he has a unique way of evaluating people and situations. Very attractive, he has a magnetism that makes people go crazy around him. He is secretive and he expresses a lot through all sort of signals.

Open, he is also unstable and capricious. Because he shows his feelings differently than others, he can confuse people.

The Scorpio Goat man should learn how to properly express his emotions if he wants to be appreciated more. One of his other weaknesses is impulsiveness.

If he wouldn’t rush as much as he does, he would be more successful in both his professional and personal life.

This guy wants a senior position at work. He manages to make enough money and he is a person who would know his ways in business if he would venture.

It’s advised that he restrains his emotions and believes more that he is the best. He should focus on both career and family and he will be happy.

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