Scorpio Rabbit: The Harmonious Innovator Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Scorpio born in Rabbit year

Scorpio Rabbit
  • Scorpio people celebrate their birthdays between October 23 and November 21.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • These people are ferociously protective of their personal space.
  • The steady Scorpio Rabbit woman can be very motivational to others.
  • In order not to offend anyone, the Scorpio Rabbit man may oppress his feelings.

The graceful character of the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign bestows upon the people born in Scorpio a sense of harmony and a search for a different life meaning, as opposed to that of Scorpios born in another year.

Warm and generous, these people encounter no difficulty in making friends and their vast social circle will provide them with life boost in key moments.

The Modern Scorpio Rabbit Personality

Naturally optimistic and having a bright outlook on life in general, Scorpio Rabbits are very curious and studious, and implicitly more intellectual and faster in thinking that others.

Intelligence is first and foremost dependent on being obsessed with knowing things, finding out and striving to know more and more with each passing day.

With great organizational skills and being able to clearly plan things out efficiently, with no hitch whatsoever, it seems that nothing escapes their grasp, and they have utmost control over every single aspect of life, professional or intimate.

Preferring to show his feelings rather than talk about them, the manner in which the Scorpio rabbit acts is an ingenious and intelligent one, confident and direct most of the time.

Top Characteristics: Influential, Secretive, Proud and Organized.

Very interested in the process of learning itself, these natives are most of the times people with many areas of expertise, being able to theorize you the principles behind quantum theory, as well as quickly fixing your sink.

They really are multifaceted individuals, and even more than that, sharing all that knowledge truly makes them feel accomplished and successful.

That’s why education is more often than not an ideal job for these guys. Even their free time is occupied by the same type of cognitive activities, truly an admirable thing.

One other essential aspect about them that has a big influence on the way they perceive things is the interest in music, a top choice when this native wants to evade the daily stress and find something to relax.

Being very able at keeping his emotions and impulses in check makes this native one who is entirely capable of mastering any situation with a steady pace.

The Rabbit part of him gives a carefree and perceptive attitude, while the Scorpio affects the way this native interacts with the world, deceitfully and under the guise of secrets.

What results is a person who appears to be innocent and kind, while hiding his true purposes underneath the social mask.

A Scorpio Rabbit will never forget his word or promises he has made, because that would come into conflict with how he does things.

Because of this independence and devotion to one’s own thinking and inner self, it’s difficult for him to take into account the advices of others, especially when they contradict his ideals.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Rabbit: Security, Psychology, Education, Engineering.

What sets them apart from many other individuals is the proclivity towards becoming incredibly gloomy and upset once someone thrashes their self-worth.

Being shown wrong or being criticized is one thing, but being made fun of or mocked is another thing altogether. And it’s something they don’t accept and look kindly or accepting on.

The only thing that makes them even more angry and desperate is being made to look foolish and plainly insulted. That make for a total attack on their ego, and it usually ends up in flames.

This complex contradiction which acts up constantly is a permanent danger to them, an opportunity for enemies to use and make an attack.

But these natives are also quite ferocious is someone were to encroach on their personal space which they’ve spent so much time on building. When that happens, everything breaks apart and the outsider rarely escapes unscathed.

Wondering when the time comes that this Scorpio will finally manage to become more temperate and in control of his emotions?

Pretty later on, in the second half of his life, actually. Having always been rather incapable of showing his feelings in a straightforward manner, it will take some time before committing to a relationship in full.

Once that happens and love blooms, you have to watch out and really pay attention to what you will do from then on. Don’t even think about playing tricks on him or deceiving him.

God forbid that you somehow attempt to cheat. That would be incredibly foolish, given that it is in his nature to respond in a very aggressive manner once upset.

Love – Exposed

While very intense and passionate when in love, Scorpio Rabbits are rather temperate and cool in their approach, never exaggerating or showing desperation.

That’s because, eventually, love will still knock them off their feet and materialize into a relationship. It’s all a matter of time, and so it’s not worth it to worry about that.

Highly adaptable and enthusiastic individuals, they can be both serious and responsible if the situation asks for it, but also joyful and springy when in a comfortable place.

It’s all a matter of context and environment, because they can totally adapt to anything that comes their way.

Just to show their disinterest and worriless attitude towards love and relationships, it’s a fact that during youth, these natives will focus solely on career and making a situation for themselves.

Going forward with this plan takes their whole time and attention, but once a certain level is reached, focus can be diverted to other things as well.

Most compatible with: Cancer Ram, Virgo Dog, Capricorn and Pisces Pig.

Scorpio Rabbit Woman Characteristics

Scorpio Rabbit women are naturally witty and grounded individuals, with a positive outlook on life and its challenges. What leads them to existential abysses most of the time is their tendency to take great risks and leaps of faith, unwarranted sometimes.

If only they were more temperate and followed their instincts, everything would be better overall.

The nature of those risks usually consists of putting in practice the many dreams and ideas that spring up in their imaginative mind.

One important thing is that the plan they draw up is basically their life’s saving card, the only recipe for fame and fortune.

And if that doesn’t work, then it’s all useless and irrelevant. There literally cannot be any mistake or misconceptions about the plan, otherwise everything crumbles to dust in a most destructive and sad way.

And so, keeping in line with this chain of thoughts, the only way the strategy will go on unimpeded and reach success is to fully trust yourself and have the confidence in what you do.

As a Scorpio Rabbit woman, you yourself are the only enemy standing in front of the road to success, and that’s the first step one should take to ensure a steady advance.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Rabbit: Tara Reid, Rob Schneider, Beverly D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, Travis Barker.

Scorpio Rabbit Man Characteristics

A Scorpio Rabbit man is someone marked by a contradiction, and this time not because of himself, but by other people’s perceptions of him.

At a first glance, he seems like a very shy and solitary type of guy, impressing through charisma, charm and natural attractiveness alone.

But there is more to that, a certain fighting spirit, supported by an iron will, great confidence and, to some degree, a merciless attitude.

What is the one thing that Scorpio and Rabbit have in common as astrological signs? Intuition, that’s what it is. And when combined, you can obviously predict what the outcome will be.

An individual for whom life has no impact on whatsoever, as any situation is easily bypassed, just like picking a flower on a field.

Seemingly endowed with endless luck and fortune, it’s all really thanks to his subconscious decision-making, reflexes and instincts that act up when needed.

Confident, determined and highly resilient to stress, a Scorpio Rabbit’s greatest quality must be his ability to think big, to make goals for himself out of pretty much anything interesting. And that is greatly beneficial to increasing one’s focus and attention.

What must be his greatest defect is his crippling inability to actually achieve those goals without straining an exhausting himself mentally and physically.

Usually, being perseverant brings about the best possible results in the easiest way possible, but still.

On the sentimental part, a Scorpio Rabbit tends to exaggerate and only see tragedies and dramatic connections.

That’s surely because of his weakness at expressing his feelings clearly and convincingly, opinions and impressions about someone.

When meeting someone, there are some things that are naturally displeasing, but what happens is that they often keep silent about that, and only end up suffering alone about it.

In general, his affectionate and attached personality leads to a successful and long-standing relationship, but it will most probably still end up in failure, due to his repressed feelings.

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