Scorpio Pig: The Determined Extrovert Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Scorpio born in Pig year

Scorpio Pig
  • Scorpio people celebrate their birthdays between October 23 and November 21.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people despise conflict and risky situations.
  • The Scorpio Pig woman is reluctant in letting anyone come too close.
  • With a gritty and warrior-like demeanor, the Scorpio Pig is ready to protect what is his.

The Scorpio Pig is, among all other Scorpio natives, and even other zodiac signs, the most energetic and enthusiastic.

Nothing they do is dull or tedious, and their approach is nothing if not full of impetus and a glaring drive of adrenaline.

Self-assured and confident, as well as very determinate, they put all their emotions and desires into everything that they do, turning a simple walk in the park into an exciting adventure that is filled with risks and opportunities to have fun at every step.

The Uninhibited Scorpio Pig Personality

Furthermore, thanks to the immense confidence in themselves, these natives will likely never refuse any sort of non-conformist or peculiar endeavours, because they are sure that nothing will pose a problem for them.

And even in the midst of danger and risky situations, they will still act with great determination and the willpower to win out against all enemies.

Being so full of energy and unrestrained, Scorpio Pigs are addicted to communication and talking to people so much that they can’t live in solitude not even for a day.

It’s too much for these social butterflies to stay cooped up in their homes without having an interesting conversation or even small talk.

If they have to stay in-doors, for whatever reason, they’ll make sure that something makes some sort of noise, whether it’s the radio, the TV or the next-door old lady who always gossips about the whole neighbourhood.

Also, music is one of their greatest pleasures, because it’s not only entertaining and pleasing, but it also acts as a temporary distracting element, keeping them focused and comfortable in times of solitude.

Top Characteristics: Dreamy, Comfortable, Devoted, Considerate, Loving.

Even against their own self, the Scorpio Pig proves to be a fierce and determinate individual. The contradictions and scission between what they desire, their innermost wishes, and the responsibilities and societal expectations, are what bring about a state of constant battle. And this is why they will always go all the way, never hesitating for even one second when it comes to fulfilling their dreams.

Furthermore, the friendly and generous attitude of this individual transcends all barriers and reaches directly into the hearts of everyone around them.

No one can resist their charm and benign smile, least of all colleagues and close friends. You just can’t stay upset with this guy, no matter what they do.

And speaking of conflicts and arguments, they despise them, and won’t ever take part in such things unless they are forced by the circumstances.

They may have the tendency to expect too much from their friends and actually hold them to their words. These are moments when a fight could erupt at any minute, because a lot of people would get annoyed and irritated by their high and might criteria and desires.

Bear Grills is most probably a Scorpio Pig, given their predilection for nature, survival techniques and… well, exploring nature.

Therefore, this native absolutely loves spending their time walking through the woods or taking care of their backyard garden, planting flowers, trees or plants.

This is their preferred weekend activity, and a perfect vacation location would be the Amazon, most probably, or a forested and secluded resort in the middle of the jungle.

If they are stuck in an office due to their workplace, then as soon as they finish work, they have to regain their strength and recuperate their energy by having a nice and peaceful walk through the park.

Career-wise, this native is so self-obsessed with success and making great achievements, that they don’t really pay attention to what exactly they enlist themselves for.

If someone makes use of this insatiable thirst of theirs, they can easily manipulate and deceive them into doing atrocious and immoral acts just like that.

And so, they have to take care when dealing with unsavoury or dubious characters, because they can easily get side-tracked and tricked.

For this reason, they can also get incredibly greedy and envious, using unfair methods to get what they want, namely a good financial situation, which they are most likely to ruin in a split second, given their luxurious tastes and desires.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Pig: Performing Arts, Journalism, Sales, Politics, Finances.

The only method to escape this certain predicament is to learn from experience. Never overuse your funds and get too greedy, just enjoy living life within your own limits, because if you don’t, things are evidently going to go bad, very bad indeed.

Last but not least, the Scorpio Pig is an individual of great confidence, ambition and resoluteness, and this makes for an astounding combination which, most of the times, impresses everyone around, especially like-minded people.

After all, who wouldn’t admire and respect someone who is capable of overcoming any sort of challenge, in the worst possible circumstances?

In order to do exactly this, they prefer to take it step-by-step and open up a communication channel with the conflicting sides, rather than going all out in an attempt to quickly solve the problem.

But, this doesn’t mean that they tolerate just about anything from other people, just so they can avoid a fight. No way, they aren’t that good either.

If a situation turns out to be detrimental to their own wellbeing and even financial situation, then there is no more reason to accept it, or continue on with it.

They can be quite a combative and unforgiving individual when what they own is put at risk, and they are in no way willing to let go of their efforts just so that the situation ends up well.

Love – Revealed

The Scorpio Pig natives are quite the charmers and good-looking individuals, and this comes by word of mouth from all the people that have been conquered by their unbeatable charisma and sex appeal.

When in a relationship, these guys can really give in to their feelings and waste no effort in trying to satisfy and make the partner feel comfortable and happy.

There is literally no one better fitted to be called the perfect lover, no one better than them, that is.

Most compatible with: Cancer Ram, Leo Ram, Cancer Rabbit, Virgo Rabbit, Pisces Rabbit, Capricorn Ram.

However, in return, they expect the same treatment, if not a better one, for all the effort and affection shown thus far.

If that doesn’t happen, or if the partner appears to be disinterested and distant, then the intimate bond will most likely get ruined in a short time by these native’s emotional instability.

Thus, whoever meets this native has to make sure that they have both the ability and the patience to deal with their volcanic attitude.

Scorpio Pig Woman Characteristics

One of the most important aspects about the Scorpio Pig woman, both an advantage and a disadvantage, is her boundless stock of energy supply that she’s been naturally endowed with.

Obviously, this gives her both the abilities and resistance to take up the harshest and most difficult of life’s challenges and quite possibly emerge from them holding the flag of domination tightly in her hands.

Furthermore, she doesn’t just run head-long into battle, expecting nothing but a bloody and fierce fight, from which only the strongest survive. No, that’s not her style at all.

Rather, she’s the strategist behind the attacking force, who carefully plans out the strategies, formulates hypotheses and devises attacking principles.

As for her love life, it all starts fine and dandy, with purity, honesty and a strong emotional depth, but as time goes and she gains more experience and becomes more mature, things start to change.

How exactly, do you ask? Well, she develops more stringent and high-end expectations, superior criteria for all the possible partners that might want to take a bite out of her. And this is just perfect in general. After all, we wouldn’t want her to become the prey of some hunting male, now would we?

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Pig: Alain Delon, Richard Dreyfus, Bryan Adams, Winona Ryder, Kendall Jenner, Nikki Bella.

Scorpio Pig Man Characteristics

The Scorpio Pig man is pretty muck well-known for his great resilience and determination in confronting life’s challenges and walking out a winner, baring the mark of victory over his scar-ridden back.

No matter the circumstances and irrespective of the level of risk, he can endure anything, fight whoever comes his way, and resurface a new man, filled with boundless power and infinite potential.

On top of the gritty and warrior-like demeanor, he is also a very frank and direct individual who never exaggerates or overestimates his own capabilities.

Instead, by carefully observing and analyzing his skills and perks, he can forge a path towards self-development and personal evolution, as easily as walking through the park.

Nothing is too hard for this native, and this is just one of the many examples that comes to mind.

Thanks to all these great abilities and the mature mindset, everything seems to be clearly and precisely mapped out so as to enable him access to all the world’s opportunities and the path to absolute happiness and success.

Many believe that he is endowed with great luck and the destiny of a king, and that’s why nothing seems to put a dent in his iron will and shocking determination.

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