Scorpio Ox: The Stubborn Explorers Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Scorpio born in Ox year

Scorpio Ox
  • If you are born between October 23 and November 21 then you are a Scorpio.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • Open and curious, these people are anywhere something interesting is going on.
  • Painfully vengeful, the Scorpio Ox man is more than a justice lover.
  • Intuitive and with an ability to express her emotions, the Scorpio Ox woman is never caught by surprise.

When the Ox of the Chinese zodiac is combined with the Pisces of the Western astrology justice is sure to be made.

These hard working individuals go straight to the point and will not hesitate to show everyone how things really are. Their presence brings their peers new motivations so they will often be role-models.

The Determined Scorpio Ox Personality

The Scorpio Ox is courageous and strong-willed. He or she will pay great attention to details and will have a unique way of solving problems.

The people born in Scorpio in the Chinese year of the Ox have a life force not met in other signs of the zodiac. They can inspire others with their zest for life, but they can sometimes be tiresome as well.

They are always ready to go somewhere and they never have the time to sit and talk about something. They only believe in actions, and they use words just to say what’s on their mind.

As the Chinese zodiac identifies, the Scorpio Ox people can be really intelligent and let’s say nuts.

They function in extremes. They could be the harshest judge in the Supreme Court, or the most dangerous gangster in the neighborhood.

Top Characteristics: Sociable, Instinctual, Argumentative and Passionate.

As said before, the Scorpio Ox people are more interested to do things and talk about them afterwards. As a matter of fact, they are not at all the talkative type, but this doesn’t mean they don’t like being in the company of others.

They are not the most sociable sign, but they are known for being more reliable and less flirtatious than other people born under Scorpio. The Scorpio Oxen are also more considerate than other Scorpios.

They have strong instincts and they are rarely doing what others expect of them. Skeptical and doubtful, they find it difficult to trust others fast.

The calmness of the Ox and the Scorpio’s need for attention are always in present in the Scorpio Ox people. They never get too emotional and they seem calm and down-to earth. People may find them caring, loving and kindhearted.

At work, the Scorpio Ox individuals are getting warmed up when they need to fight for a position. They emanate a sense of superiority, thing that can bring them trouble. They are good at jobs where they have to be of help and where they have a purpose.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Ox: Writing, Business, Administration and Acting.

They possess the energy and the motivation to be responsible for things that others may find it difficult to care about.

The Scorpio Ox people can’t stand those who are always complaining and they find it difficult to contain their anger when around such persons.

The fact that they are motivated and caring makes them amazing parents who are mature and sensitive to their children’s needs. It is admirable how the people in Scorpio the Ox year can get themselves together after a big disappointment and even a disaster.

Their self-sufficiency always comes into play and they never bother others with their problems. Many people admire them for this.

They like traveling and they will do things in life as soon as they are legally allowed. They will drink when they are old enough, they will get their driver’s license as soon as they have reached the age for it.

They like going to new places and explore cultures or historical places. Boastfulness and having a temper are the Scorpio Ox’s weak points.

These are a combination of the stubbornness in the Ox and the over-confidence in the Scorpio. The Scorpio Ox doesn’t like to be contradicted, and they are vengeful when criticized.

Love – Exposed

With many interests, people in Scorpio the year of the Ox need partners who are open to the many hobbies that they have.

They also need someone who allows them to be independent and understands their need to go on new adventures from time to time. The Scorpio Oxen have an aura of authority and they inspire power.

That’s why so many people admire them. They choose partners who are good looking and nice. They prefer to have fewer friends they can completely trust, rather than being friends with everyone and not trusting a single person.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rat, Virgo Rat, Pisces Rat, Capricorn Rooster, Pisces Rooster, Virgo Snake and Capricorn Snake.

If they would need to choose between looks and intelligence, they would definitely go with the looks. They don’t mind arguments and breaking up from the partner for a short period of time.

They think it’s amusing to be in a relationship that can be compared with a roller coaster. Passionate, possessive and jealous, the Scorpio Oxen would rather destroy than let what they have built to be taken by someone else.

The most annoying traits of a Scorpio Ox are boastfulness, moodiness, and stubbornness. When they express their opinions, these people become too intense for others to handle them easily.

Scorpio Ox Man Characteristics

The Scorpio Ox man will always succeed in what he puts his mind to. He’s intuitive and he reads people and situations very well.

Don’t betray him as he will be painfully vengeful. He takes any relation very seriously and he never gets together with people just for the fun of it. This guy takes some time until he chooses his partner.

He’s looking for someone who would appreciate his qualities and has the same interests as him. The Scorpio Ox man pursues his dreams in big secrecy and he often forgets what reality’s all about because he lives in a world of dreams.

He can guess what others want and he takes initiative when required to. He likes being independent and he’s not the most talkative.

Ambitious and a rapid decision maker, the Scorpio Ox man could succeed in the creative and scientific fields. He likes to be admired and he can’t stand being criticized.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Ox: Richard Burton, Meg Ryan, Lily Aldridge, Bruce Jenner, Dylan McDermott, Ciara.

Scorpio Ox Woman Characteristics

The Scorpio Ox woman should have her own values so that she isn’t overwhelmed by her own emotions.

She is intuitive and she express emotions very clearly, thing that will help her be successful in her career.

She needs to communicate all the time or she will fall into depression. With a temper, the Scorpio Ox woman is a great problem solver. The only thing that can bother her is her emotionality.

If she catches a wave of luck, this lady needs to stay on top of it and achieve what she wants. She can offer a lot in love, but she is always too sensitive and she may cause problems to the relationship that she’s in.

Hardworking, simple and honest, the Scorpio Ox woman will organize her own life very well. The only thing she should work on is her emotional side, which can often make her indecisive and not trusting.

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