Scorpio Monkey: The Adventurous Eloquent Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Scorpio born in Monkey year

Scorpio Monkey
  • If you are born between October 23 and November 21 then you are a Scorpio.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • These people possess amazing perseverance and have incredibly high goals.
  • The Scorpio Monkey woman may find it hard to relax.
  • You will need to have great interrogation skills to capture the Scorpio Monkey man’s emotions.

Having tempered themselves in their youth, taking as many opportunities as possible and making the most of them, the Scorpio Monkey is now a highly efficient individual and a visionary who can quickly identify what seems like a good plan.

With a great supply of energy and an optimistic attitude, they never seem to run out of driving force and determination.

Endowed with great charms and a very attractive allure, they are given a lot of attention by many people, and considering that they are also cultivated and highly intelligent, it’s really no surprise that they manage to leave a good impression everywhere they go.

The Impulsive Scorpio Monkey Personality

Communicative and adventurous, the Scorpio Monkey uses any chance they get to go out and explore the world, find new and exciting things, and gain experience.

Being calm, analytical and observant, as well as quite impulsive and volcanic, this native will often find themselves in unusual situations of their own making.

While they do find it very easy to understand and interact with other people, awkward and strenuous problems may appear because they don’t always think things through before they talk.

They can insult or hurt someone’s feelings by speaking too soon or by forgetting to choose their words carefully.

Top Characteristics: Generous, Honest, Outspoken, Calculated.

Also, because of this spontaneity, they almost never take a breather to look deep within themselves, to analyse and observe their emotions and feelings.

The Scorpio Monkey tends to ask too many questions and inquire about things they find curious or odd, and this may make some people feel uncomfortable or even attacked.

The thing is, they do this with the best of intentions, or in any case, with no bad intentions at all. Moreover, on a professional level, they show the same analytical and calculated mind-set, proving to themselves and everyone else that no problem is too complicated or labyrinthine for their mind to not uncover and solve.

They have great dreams and an even greater perseverance to achieve them, and no obstacle, regardless of its size and strength, will be able to stand tall against this native’s resolute drive.

Being very sociable and communicative, they get used to speaking to other people, interacting with them and exchanging ideas.

In the working place, the Scorpio Monkey makes sure to maintain a joyful and bright atmosphere, so that the efficiency and productivity of their colleagues remains top-notch. Not that they do it for that express purpose, but that is in their nature.

Either way, everyone appreciates this and learns to depend on it. And so, isolation, the lack of a social life puts them in a tough spot and definitely ruins their mood and appetite for work.

They have quite the ego and self-confidence, alongside a very unforgiving attitude which automatically makes them seem more rigid and sombre than they usually are.

In reality, they are every bit the enthusiastic and jolly individual that everyone has to come to know, and more often than not trespass on any sort of social regulations and rules, only to find what they seek. Evidently, all this prancing about must be supported by a crazy amount of energy and spirit, and they don’t disappoint in this regard.

Well-known for their sheer resistance and stamina, the Scorpio Monkey finds it incredibly easy to pull off the occasional tour de force, just to help someone or further their aims. As such, do they enjoy playing football, or jogging in the morning? That, they do.

Actually, physical activity and sports are one of the few ways in which this native succeeds in releasing all that pent-up energy that suffocates them constantly. Being persistently inundated by forceful drive and spirit is certainly not that good a feeling as one might think.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Monkey: Film, Visual arts, Education, Law.

For the same reason, they prefer people who fully know of their tendencies and intense passion, because one needs a strong conviction and patience to resist this native’s flourishing attitude.

They have a downside though, and that may not come as a surprise, now that you know what they’re all about. Thus, there are many situations in which diplomacy and patience is needed in order to arrive at a good enough conclusion.

Unfortunately, the impulsive and headstrong personality of the Scorpio Monkey often acts as a disadvantage, a great one at that.

Diplomacy was never one of their perks, and when those socially defying reflexes come knocking on the door, there’s nothing they can do but pray they go unnoticed. Acknowledging this as a problem will be the first step towards a solution.

Love – Revealed

Romantically, things are pretty straightforward with this native. Don’t ever think about deceiving or failing to meet their expectations, because you don’t want to see what happens when they deem it necessary to admonish or punish you.

If a Scorpio Monkey sacrifices everything to a relationship, puts in all their efforts and love in order to help grow the bond between you two, then they will obviously expect the same in return.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rat, Capricorn Dragon, Pisces Dragon, Virgo Rat, Pisces Rat.

Or at least an acknowledgement of what they have done. If the partner instead chooses to ignore and treat their affection as stupidity, then prepare for their revenge.

In general though, as we’ve said, they can be the perfect lover. Understanding, appreciative of even the tiniest effort, and empathetic with what the other goes through, the Scorpio Monkey behaves admirably and whoever doesn’t know how to appreciate this, deserves to be left alone drowned in sadness and despair.

They don’t hesitate the slightest when they realize that nothing can be done anymore to fix things up. If you’ve dared to cheat on them, there are no more second chances, and everything is coming to an end faster than you can see them leaving.

Scorpio Monkey Woman Characteristics

These women have an independent and resolute character which stays strong even in the most powerful of conditions.

With great ambition and perseverance, success will unavoidably come knocking on the door eventually, and given that the Scorpio Monkey knows the difference between work and spare time, she won’t become obsessed.

Relaxation is also an integral part of one’s life, because it releases all the build-up pressure and stress, as well as gives time for great ideas and plans to hatch and materialize. Furthermore, she will be able to put forward extraordinary amounts of effort, efficiently and systematically so.

Romantically, she wants someone who can truly love and be with her for all eternity, until death do them part.

With a tremendous emotional potential and an unrivalled kindness, the Scorpio Monkey woman will always seek that which is most fitting with her character and personality.

If she finds such a person, then there is nothing else in the whole world which could change her mind and satisfy her more than that.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Monkey: Sylvia Plath, Danny DeVito, Bo Derek, Cynthia Rhodes, Owen Wilson, Jerry Yang, Ryan Gosling.

Scorpio Monkey Man Characteristics

The Scorpio Monkey man is an individual for whom failure and half-measures are nothing else but concepts, even better flawed concepts.

He knows nothing of exhaustion, difficulties or anything of the sort. With all his abilities, talents and relentless attitude, what can even pose a problem for this individual? To thrive amidst danger and peril, all the while pushing further on towards a goal, he truly deserves everything he will achieve.

And by counting on the help of friends, as well as maintaining a peaceful relationship with colleagues, he will indeed reach to the top and attain harmony in his life.

Usually keeping their feelings to themselves, and only willing to release all the emotions when it is only necessary, the Scorpio Monkeys will eventually have to face certain situations when everyone will witness their inner thoughts.

And this may come as a hidden advantage, because it helps toughen them up mentally, which can only lead up to a greater fortitude and willpower. This is exactly what they need in order to achieve great things on a professional level.

Most of the time, these natives can also be hesitant and indecisive, choosing to forfeit and admit defeat, or give up on something, and this can only lead to great disillusions and disappointments.

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