Scorpio Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Scorpio kisses are strong and passionate, to mark the start of something even more interesting, with these natives becoming more involved with every minute.

Scorpio kissing

Scorpio natives are the most poetic in the zodiac, also known for the passion with which they’re kissing. These people are far from following conventions, so they should expect their lovers to give them all sort of kisses before a hot night.

And that’s good because they love experimenting and can get bored if not properly entertained. When kissing, these natives are not doing it only on the mouth, but on the entire body because they know many techniques and how to do it.

Scorpio kissing in a nutshell:

  • These people are always hurrying to express their passion;
  • Locking lips with someone is a great proof of desire in their case;
  • The Scorpio man loves to tease and be teased but is not really into PDA;
  • The Scorpio woman won’t give out her kisses easily and doesn’t flirt casually.

Scorpio kissing style

Whereas the Scorpio natives are known as cold and perhaps mean people, they’re in fact sweet and not at all timid when it comes to kissing.

Just like in dancing, they want their partner to take over and to make the process worthy. What’s more important to know about them is that they need a lover to make them feel very important, so that they can come and kiss again, so they’re actually pressing their lips when joining them with someone else’s.

It can be intriguing to stand up against them. These natives are interesting, always happy and profound, also the type to be remembered for a long time after the connection between them and their partner has ceased to exist.

They’re the best at making their other half feel appreciated, and they’re always trying to make him or her happy. However, they can hurry too much and be more involved with every minute that passes, forgetting about how things are actually going and preferring to go for the experience of the moment.

They shouldn’t be left to drift away and this way, they can be the strong kissers they’re supposed to be.

When it comes to lovemaking, they’re not letting their other half know when different things have been started, as well how their kisses are occupying their mind.

When joining lips with their other half, these natives can wind up with that person for a long time, as well get profoundly attached. Don’t expect them to tell others whom they’ve kissed. They’re doing it with passion and are using their sensual lips to leave their partner wanting more.

Scorpios are containing themselves for a long time before they’re enjoying sensuality. More than this, they can kiss and make people want their soul, so it would be a good idea for others to be careful around these natives.

These elegant people are very sweet when with the person they love because their affection can go high and they’re all the time in the mood to be mouth-on-mouth.

Besides, they want to be with someone who enjoys kissing as much as they do. They’re most suited with Cancers, who are like them when it comes to this, as well all cuddles when in bed.

However, Scorpios don’t have to make any effort to be passionate and to enjoy a kiss because it’s in their nature to be intense.

They’re not only about the lips, but a lot about the neck and sides of the head areas as well. When kissing, they aren’t thinking about what’s coming their way, not to mention they can make their partner feel madly in love with them. The pleasure they can offer is tremendous.

Scorpios put a lot of passion in their kisses

Scorpios are considered the most erotic people in the Western zodiac. They put a lot of passion in everything they’re doing, so they’re not stopping at just pecking the lips.

Besides, they can be contagious with their passion, as well not at all discreet. It’s very likely for them to grab their partner when he or she expects it the least, and this way, to give shivers down spines.

Scorpios have a very high libido and want to live their life to the maximum, but they’re all the time struggling to appear well in the eyes of others.

In bed, they’re the ones who are kissing every inch of their lover’s body, not to mention they can make their other half lose his or her head.

When this person they’ve chosen is feeling fulfilled and happy, they want to take credit for everything.

Scorpios aren’t forgetful and can leave a mark in many people’s lives. It can be said they’re lucky because they’re so sexual.

They love to tease and be teased, so they shouldn’t be tempted too often with kisses because these are very intense when it comes to them.

Their entire body is an erogenous area, not to mention they’re domineering and can’t get enough of sex. They’re usually kissing in an aggressive manner, and they’re as well biting when pushing their lover against walls.

They can leave people with their lips swollen because they don’t want half measures. Kissing them is sure to leave a desire for sex behind.

Kiss a Scorpio man

Scorpio men aren’t that much into PDA. As a matter of fact, they don’t like to be affectionate in public.

Belonging to the Water element, the Scorpio man has strong emotions he doesn’t want to very much display in public. His feelings are only his, but when kissing, he’s preparing himself for more intimate moments full of passion.

His smooches are secret because he wants to experience love with all of his body. The electricity of this man can’t be too soon forgotten.

Full of life, he has a masculine magnetism, is mysterious and powerful, so women find him incredibly attractive.

His passionate ways can have this gentleman the victim of those who are looking to seduce. However, it can be difficult to have a relationship with him because he’s very jealous and can get angry in the most intense manner.

More than this, he seems to have many secrets and to be difficult to trace, even if he seems relaxed on the outside. He’s choosing what to show others, but many don’t know he’s in fact sensible and easy to hurt.

This man never shows his weaknesses because he wants to lead. When it comes to lovemaking, he prefers simple and passionate women, whose needs and requirements he can understand.

However, he needs to feel safe next to his lady. If his affection has to be secure, he can’t get along very well with others, especially his opponents.

Girls are very drawn to him because he’s charming, mysterious and a pleasure to be around. His attention can be focused only on his lover, not to mention he’s always ready to fight those who are hitting on her.

His passion and intensity are doubled by his possessiveness. When being given all the attention, he has no reason to stress about the love of his mistress.

Kiss a Scorpio woman

The Scorpio lady is like a spy girl. She likes being praised for her beauty, but as well to be feared a little. When being given attention this way, she can feel really good.

In return, she can offer all that she has and obviously, the most passionate kisses. The relationship with this woman is not for those who are weak in their heart.

She has many emotions and a lot of affection to give, but she asks for the same things in return.

This girl doesn’t want to flirt or to spend only one night with a man. She wants someone for herself because she’s jealous and possessive, not to mention mysterious.

Giving a lot of importance to love, she also likes a man who knows where he’s standing.

Being a Water sign, she can feel what others are going through inside their heart. As well, she has a very strong intuition.

When it comes to lovemaking, the Scorpio lady can be kept in bed with a rich imagination. She’s at her best when committed and when her partner is being loyal to her.

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