Scorpio Fixed Modality: The Secretive Character

The fixed modality means these people are focused on keeping things as they are, to preserve the current state of their life, even if this prevents positive change.

Scorpio fixed modality

The methods of the Scorpio are rooted in the nature of a fixed Water sign. Their personality brims with will and resolve, as such, most goals or plans reach fruition when it comes to these eager individuals. One downside would be that they have a tendency for envy and possessiveness.

One of the quests that a Scorpio embarks on is for knowledge. Especially that of the inner self and to understand how it manifests and works in others as well. All so that they can better grasp the concept of intellectual and spiritual development to further humanity’s progress.

Scorpio modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Loyal, focused and decisive;
  • Weaknesses: Impulsive and rushed;
  • Advice: They should temper their expectations of others;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November.

Rumor has it that Scorpios have a fiery drive that pushes them in all of their endeavors. This nature of theirs makes them some of the most arduous workers, innovators and charismatic leaders.

Placing great trust in themselves

There is a paradoxical quality to the Scorpio. While it is a fixed sign, its element is that of Water, which is forever moving and changing, qualities which this zodiac embodies with its flexible demeanor.

What lies at the core of these people is the aptitude for changeability. Even so, their morals regarding social and romantic relations tend to stay rooted in the same origin of ethics.

A Scorpio can truly flourish once they allow themselves some vulnerability. The soul of humanity is to be seen and felt.

Only then can they truly bask in its blessings of love, compassion and understanding that drive people.

This sign feels at ease when they have knowledge of other people’s emotional state. They require that feeling of security and emotional comfort that comes with understanding what others think and feel for them. Being certain of such endeavors is what enables them to function at their best.

The vigor of a Scorpio’s emotions stays at the foundation of their being. They tend to base their determination by taking advantage of this spiritual side of theirs. There is little they can’t accomplish in doing so, turning their dreams and goals into reality.

These people place great trust in themselves which enables them to handle almost any sort of conflict coming their way. Confidence is a fierce weapon and they make brilliant use of it.

Everything they feel and all of their decisions are calculated so that they succeed in their endeavors.

They appreciate loyalty and will never forget those that aided them in their time of need. However, they are also known to be rather hardheaded, which sometimes stagnates their progress.

As a fixed zodiac sign, the Scorpio is focused on keeping things as they are, to preserve the current state of their life and the methods they are using to tackle it, similarly to their other fixed sign sibling.

As strange as it may seem, it’s rational that to maintain the current state of affairs, one has to go through constant change.

After all, maintenance is the struggle to bring something that has changed back to its original, functioning state.

For example, a car that has broken down, requires fixing for it to work as it used. It’s previous functioning state has been replaced and in order for it to work again, it must go through a multitude of changes in order to reach its former shape.

This fixed sign tends to be the leading role in an organization. Their drive and diligence are what keeps projects going towards success.

While they can mingle in a team and take advantage of the prowess that comes with numbers, making efficient progress in such an environment can prove difficult since Scorpios are hard headed individuals.

As such, their peers need to rise up to their expectations and aptitude level.

The Scorpio is renowned for its sexual drive and passion. Most think of them as the lovers of the zodiac, with their fiery desires and their passionate love.

However, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these folks. Their influence is much more than a simply state of passionate arousal for others to take pleasure in.

They are the pillars of originality as well as emotional and social brashness, with more than a hint of insight in all that surrounds them.

The bold Scorpios are blessed to be under the influence of Mars, which the Romans entitled as the God of War during their time.

Similarly, this sign is as brave, determined and fierce as its godly mythological benefactor. They pierce through lies as if they were nothing, using their clairvoyant instinct to do so.

This also enables them to quickly and accurately judge a situation or someone’s character on the go, in order to keep any misfortune at bay.

These are the judges, juries and executioners of the horoscope. Their mighty and unforgiving wisdom is what keeps wrong doers at bay.

So if by chance they let someone pass into their kingdom, they will benefit from their blessing, aid and protection. And the Scorpio is truly an irreplaceable accomplice.

Their judgment is righteous and just, so if by chance others don’t pass their test, they must simply come back again as better, more developed and worthy individuals.

If these people are wronged and their impulses aren’t kept in check, the negative side of Mars’s influence takes on a darker aspect, turning them into irresponsible, impulsive and rather aggressive rulers.

Feelings and understanding

The Scorpio zodiac sign has its influence over those born between the 23rd of October and 21st of November.

The people born at the ending of October tend to dwell in secrecy, leaving those around them dumbfounded and unable to get a grasp on their character. And they love it!

Individuals born at the start of November tend to seclude themselves emotionally. Similarly to those born at the beginning of October, they to take joy in letting others guess their schemes and feelings.

The best method to figuring these typical Scorpios out is to use their secrets as hints. If one ought to know the truth about them, it shouldn’t be from what they let others see, but from what is hidden.

Almost identical to their other siblings, Scorpios born in the midst of November have a knack for secrecy. However, there is fright that almost constantly knits their brow.

They despise the idea of others knowing about their true feelings and what they are up to. They are also more emotionally susceptible to being influenced by what others think and feel. As such, it’s difficult for them to place their confidence in others.

When all is said and done, the true power of this zodiac lies in their piercing and sometimes harsh honesty. While they might enjoy their secrecy, they hold sincerity in high regards, especially in others.

People often shy away from speaking the truth due to fearing discrimination. That is simply not the case with the Scorpio. They will take any lie and illusion and smother it in the ground until it vanishes, making way for sincerity to take its place.

Because of this, the role of this sign is truly irreplaceable in this world. What would society be like if there were no warriors like the Scorpio to defend the justice and righteousness of being genuine and true to one’s words?

There would only be disarray, chaos and lies that would cloud everybody’s vision. Leave it to these brave people to fight such treacherous battles and secure victory for a better tomorrow!

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