Scorpio Dragon: The Attractive Opportunist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Scorpio born in Dragon year

Scorpio Dragon
  • Scorpio people celebrate their birthdays between October 23 and November 21.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • Their magnetic personality drives many people to them.
  • The Scorpio Dragon woman is rather rigid with her beliefs.
  • An intuitive explorer, the Scorpio Dragon man will keep his skills hidden.

Seeing everything in black and white, Scorpio Dragons may be a little bit rigid with their opinions and views.

Borrowing the forceful and confident manner of the Dragon Chinese animal and the mysticism of the Scorpio, these people possess magnetic personalities that instantly attract attention.

If they get attached to something or someone, they find it hard to let go. Their expectations from life are high. Ambitious, these people never lower their expectations and go only after what’s best.

The Confident Scorpio Dragon Personality

Sensual, secretive and with a magnetism that drives people crazy, the Scorpio Dragons are determined and they sometimes exaggerate in what they are doing or saying.

They are optimistic and they don’t run away from hard work if it’s helping them to reach their goals. Fast thinkers, these people are organized and always busy. They would suit any type of work that requires all of these talents.

If you are with a Scorpio Dragon, keep your place tidy and clean as they are very critical of people who don’t know how to organize their stuff. The fact that they’re full of energy makes them irresistible.

They will get noticed fast and they will attract people like magnets. Intense individuals, it will be difficult for others to remain indifferent to them.

Top Characteristics: Analytical, Competitive, Quick-learner and Responsible.

They are not known as the ones to give up easily and they are open to new things, no matter how difficult or hard to understand. When they start something, the Scorpio Dragons usually also finish. New responsibilities and challenges are something they enjoy dealing with. Lucky with money, they will work to have a stable financial future.

They seem to have their way with financial opportunities, being where the money is all the time. For example, they keep winning at competitions or they score with a get-rich-overnight scheme.

As far as work goes, the Scorpio Dragons are just like they are with everything else in their life: looking after their own interests.

It’s impossible to contradict them. They will spend all their energy in convincing you is their way, and they will often lose their head with uninteresting, useless arguments. It’s because they enjoy conflict and they like to provoke and be provoked to heated discussions.

The Dragon in their Chinese astrological chart makes them strong, ambitious and courteous. Courageous, life can challenge the Scorpios in Dragon with anything, they will not stand aside and they will face any difficulty boldly.

These people like the city life, and many of them will try to make it in places like New York or London.

With a keen attention to details, Scorpio Dragons may notice things and situations are not the way they’re supposed to be, before others do. This is why when having to find solutions, it is enough that they have a glance at the problem and they will be able to solve it.

They are eager to learn new things and they are fast when learning. These are all great qualities for perfect employees and family heads. Their home will be decorated with pieces of furniture they’ve made themselves.

When there’s a heated discussion about something actual and interesting, the Scorpio Dragons will be the ones who will argue anything while showing others they’re big intellectuals. However, be careful around them.

They don’t like it when someone tries to take the first place from them, or when they are being rushed. They have egos no one can tamper with, and they can be very vindictive if they have been caused to be upset by someone.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Dragon: Security, Medicine, Hospitality, Fashion.

These individuals hate taking orders, so they will struggle all their life to get a senior position. They become very aggressive when they are close to getting advanced at work.

As they are good with details, the Scorpio Dragons can easily be sculptors or painters. Making things with their hands would suit them very well. The fact that they’re assertive can be in both their benefit and detriment.

They can be possessive with the people they love, and they demand many things from others, especially if they are stressed out about something. Their emotions change, so one day they could seek attention and to be pampered, and the next they could just leave for a safari in Africa without taking anyone with them.

It’s helpful they talk things bothering them with others. They are selfish and they want people to live the same way they do.

Love – Revealed

There’s nothing more passionate than the love of a Scorpio Dragon. They are charming and they can make people fall for them easily.

They like people who are organized, no matter if they’re their friends or their lovers. And they also like it when these people are the same as them.

Out of all Scorpios, the Dragons are the ones to be the most loyal. They want someone for long-term and they believe in being monogamous.

If you are with a Scorpio Dragon, you can consider yourself lucky as you’ll never find someone more devoted and interested in giving you love.

Dominating, people born in Scorpio the year of the Dragon will want a partner who is submissive and devoted.

Most compatible with: Virgo Ox, Capricorn Ox, Pisces Monkey, Cancer Tiger, Pisces Tiger.

Scorpio Dragon Woman Characteristics

Attractive and confident, the Scorpio Dragon woman can convince other people her way is the best way. She knows how to be caring and loving in the beginning of a relationship, but she will become powerful and rigid with her points of view afterwards.

She makes her own destiny and it’s easy for her to achieve her goals and settle. This lady knows what she has to do since childhood.

Her partner should be patient and understand she won’t be moved from what she believes in. Her main weakness is that she likes to be admired and flattered.

If you want to get to her heart, just express how much admiration you have for her and her hard work. She will be all yours in no time. But be subtle.

She can’t notice you are trying to get to her. While the Scorpio Dragon woman may seem courageous, she will not be the one to take any risk in life.

She analyzes the outcomes of any situation. She is rather traditional and she would do great as a leader or the manager in a firm.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Dragon: Roseanne Barr, Diana Krall, Emma Stone, Analeigh Tipton, Tinie Tempah.

Scorpio Dragon Man Characteristics

Complex, secretive, and passionate, the Scorpio Dragon man knows how to evaluate reality. He’s open but he has difficulties understanding himself.

He also doesn’t know what others may want form him, so it may be tough for him to communicate. Lucky, this guy achieves his goals without struggling too much. He is fearless and he often makes it by using his intuition.

He likes sharing his successes with the people he loves and he gladly helps when he’s needed. The Scorpio Dragon man will be careful when choosing his partner, but he will manage to get the love of his life.

He is ruled by emotions and sensuality when in a relationship. As a young adult, he will explore all of his talents. Later, he will learn how to achieve his goals and he will succeed at it.

Kind and attentive, he is good at taking initiative and making decisions on his own, as long as he decides for others or for something at work. He needs someone to advise him on matters that are related to his own wellbeing.

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