Scorpio Dog: The Demonstrative Storyteller Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Scorpio born in Dog year

Scorpio Dog
  • Scorpio people are born between October 23 and November 21.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people are devoted to their families, first and foremost.
  • With a mind of her own, the Scorpio Dog woman won’t accept being told what to do.
  • The practical Scorpio Dog man rejoices when others depend on him.

Scorpios born in the year of the Dog are eloquent and sometimes judgmental. They enjoy sharing what goes through their minds with others, and they are trying to make their ideas known no matter if people are interested or not.

The Dog is known for being able to grasp how those around him or her are feeling. This makes people in this Chinese sign very adaptable and appreciated.

Furthermore, Chinese astrology describes the Dog as someone who is loyal and devoted. However, Scorpio Dogs are not known for these specific traits although they are more inclined to get the Dog’s ways of perceiving emotions.

Not that they are not loyal, they simply don’t have this characteristic as accentuated as others, but they have other traits to compensate. For example, they express their feelings very clearly and they like to please. People around them will always be spoiled and appreciated if they know how to play their cards.

The Revealing Scorpio Dog Personality

Scorpio Dogs will combine the honesty and the energy Scorpios have, with the irascibility and courage the Dogs possess.

Restless and oftentimes skeptical, these guys have a very developed sense of propriety. Not as generous as other Dogs, they still can identify when someone deserves to be appreciated and they prefer to give people around them attention based on merit.

The sense of responsibility is very present in the Dog Scorpios. They like to keep their word and they never act recklessly. Whenever they will have something important to do, they will analyze the situation carefully, not wanting to be surprised by anything.

Not the most talkative people in both zodiacs, Scorpio Dogs will be reserved regarding their emotions. They like to be sincere and they will always say things as they actually are, without embellishing or trying to hide the truth.

They enjoy life and they like to make everything fun. These guys are always interested in people and what makes them different.

Top Characteristics: Direct, Trustworthy, Controlling, Reserved, Vengeful.

Open and approachable, they will make friends easily. It is recommended that they take jobs requiring them to talk to people, like in sales.

They have a great personality for such positions. More than this, they like helping others. Jobs in care taking would suit them too.

When they want to relax, Scorpio Dogs usually prefer to rest. They wouldn’t do something that requires physical activity. Therefore, sport is not something they would take part in. Reading a book or listening to music is more adequate for them.

These people are kind and they want to help without expecting anything in return. However, don’t try to cross or deceive them. They have a temper and the Scorpios are known as the most vengeful people in the Western zodiac.

The personality of Scorpio Dogs is attractive and often irresistible. They are not hiding anything negative in their character, being open about who they are and how they prefer to do things.

These guys will refuse to change their ways in order to be on someone’s liking. They express themselves very well and they are honest when they are saying what they’re feeling. You won’t have to delve into things when being around them.

They are simple people who like to connect with others and improve their relationships along the way. They don’t enjoy it when someone is being disrespectful and they resent any kind of violence.

When they are defeated or don’t succeed at something, these guys feel humiliated. As a matter of fact, when they are provoked, Scorpio Dogs often lose their means and they don’t hesitate to fight for their ideals. You can see their bitterness and fierceness if you dare to cross or strongly contradict them.

At work, these people are appreciated for their great ideas and the fact that they can rapidly understand what it’s being said to them.

This will help with promotions at an early age. They care a lot about what others are feeling and they will avoid hurting people for no reason.

Not the most careful with their finances, Scorpio Dogs can overspend each time they find something they really like. It is advised that they take partners who will keep an eye on how much they are spending. It would be much more efficient for them to have someone else taking care of their money.

Perfect careers for Scorpio Dog: Writing, Medicine, Publishing, Journalism, Psychology.

They like to show just how special they are through the way they are dressing. This is why you will often see them wearing strong colors and unconventional pieces of clothing. They will have many pairs of shoes and entire collections of clothes.

They take pride in their looks and the way their home is decorated. You will notice their creativity in the unusual decor at their place.

When they are at work, these guys like to enjoy a calm environment. They need comfort and harmony it they want to focus on the job.

Fierce about their goals and dreams, they never let others identify and think of what’s best for them. They only rule themselves based on their own intuition.

They are successful because the Dog makes them discrete and sometimes loyal, and because the Scorpio gives them their strategical mind.

As far as weaknesses go, it can be said Scorpio Dogs sometimes bark and bite. They can become grumpy and mean when they are very tired, rejected or hurt. Not liking to be deceived, they will take revenge on anyone who disrespects or tries a bad behavior with them.

Love – Revealed

Scorpio Dogs become shy and reserved when they are in love. Capable of inspiring a feeling of security, they are very cautious around people that they have feelings for.

It’s easy to love them, the entire experience being peaceful and comfortable. They will be 100% devoted and loyal to their partner, but they expect the same thing in return.

If they are not receiving what they want from their other half, they become very vindictive and dangerous.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rabbit, Virgo Rabbit, Capricorn Horse, Pisces Rabbit.

Attentive, they can identify when their lover is feeling down, and this will help them make people want to stay with them for a long time. Open to what their lover suggests, they will be appreciated for giving independence its special place.

But when they have reasons, they become jealous and very possessive. These guys would never forget unfaithfulness.

They are very concerned that their partner may cheat on them, and they are constantly trying to make sure they are being loved. They don’t like their freedom to be compromised as Scorpio Dogs need time on their own for their interests.

Scorpio Dog Woman Characteristics

The Scorpio Dog woman likes to take risks. This will often bring instability into her life. As a matter of fact, there are two types of Scorpio Dog women: the balanced and the unstable ones.

The balanced will risk but not without thinking of consequences, the unstable one will never care about what happens after she takes action.

Ambitious, this girl will persevere in reaching her goals. When her desires become threatening, she can change her mood and no longer perceive reality as it is.

It’s advised that she creates a scale of values for herself, and rules her life after it. She mustn’t be so self-critical and she should allow herself to make mistakes. This woman needs a family if she wants to be happy.

Celebrities under the sign of Scorpio Dog: Carl Sagan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tonya Harding, Ethan Hawke, Bethenny Frankel, Adam Goldberg, Anne Hathaway.

Scorpio Dog Man Characteristics

Kind, wise and a good communicator, the Scorpio Dog man will be surrounded by many friends.

He is strong and able to cope with what life has prepared for him. He will work in stressful conditions and still be able to make the decisions that matter.

He will persevere in attaining his ideals, but this will sometimes cause him to have conflicts with the society. He may not like the fact that the world is not perfect.

Intuitive and perceiving, this guy can identify how others are feeling. He has a great imagination and people can rely on him. It is advised that he finds out what he is good at and makes a living out of it.

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