Scorpio Birthstones: Beryl, Ruby and Moonstone

These three Scorpio birthstones facilitate spiritual connections and practical commitment for people born between October 23rd and November 21st.

Scorpio Birthstone

Scorpios have the Beryl as their birthstone, but they also interact very well with the Ruby and the Moonstone. Topaz is known to work with the energies of Pluto, which happens to be the planet that governs Scorpio.

All these gemstones are lucky charms for people born in this sign, absorbing their negative energies and making them happier. When a Scorpio wants to connect with his or her higher mind and spirit, these three gemstones are definitely indicated to be used.

Scorpio birthstones summary:

  • Those who use Beryl will always know their purpose in life, while having enough courage to take action and to overcome obstacles;
  • Ruby makes lovers get closer together and commit for a lifetime;
  • Moonstone helps anyone identify their own subconscious emotions.


It’s rare to find red Beryl because this stone is not actually spread all over the world. It increases energy levels and calls people to action. At the same time, it gives self-confidence, wisdom and points individuals to the right direction.

Those who use Beryl will always know their purpose in life, while having enough courage to take action and to overcome obstacles. This is a stone that gives power and determination to those who have long-term projects to complete.

Furthermore, red Beryl protects and heals because it combines the energy in the root and heart chakra while absorbing the Earth’s life force. It helps people love unconditionally and respect everything that’s alive.

Those who have red Beryl on them are at peace with themselves, more open to cooperate and really compatible with those who happen to be in their life. When it comes to romantic relationships, this stone brings in the passion and convinces people to commit themselves from an emotional point of view.

And it’s not only passion that it brings as it’s also a gemstone for affection and loyalty. Those who want to attract their soulmate should definitely wear it because it would become easier for them to fall in love and to resist in long-term relationships.

As it has healing abilities, Beryl is also good when someone needs to overcome the loss of a dear one, a heartbreak and even deception. Besides, this gemstone can help with opening the heart for future connections.

It’s a helper for families who no longer keep in touch and it can help partners decide to continue their relationship after a third part was involved. Those who are divorced and have children together will be more able to reach an agreement if they’ll use Beryl.

This is a stone that protects against negative feelings and manipulators, psychic vampires and thieves. Those who are hopelessly in love can wear it around the navel and make the person they like want them.

It’s also indicated to take Beryl with you when going shopping and having to negotiate prices. Having an energy for courage, this stone gives people self-confidence and a clear mind when planning what to do next in life.

It reminds individuals of their talents and therefore, it unlocks success. Many witches and psychics make a crystal ball out of it because it reveals details about the person’s spiritual, personal and professional life.

This stone of courage can make anyone stronger and releases any type of stress. Those who don’t have any energy to continue with their life should use it to become more active. Any obstacle that may be in their way will be destroyed because they’ll become stronger, wiser and more spiritual.

More than this, Beryl gives people insight and makes them judge others or situations from an objective point of view. Those who use it will always know what to do and will be able to adapt to any kind of situation because they’d be spontaneous and inspired to do the right thing.

It’s also a good fighter against negative karma and wounds from past lives. People who lack love for themselves and who believe they’re the worst in the world should use it to regain confidence.

This is a stone for victims of different attacks because it deals with fear and influences anyone to communicate emotions more easily. Many believe it’s a stone that allows more self-love and appreciation for others to enter one’s life.

Artists use it as well because they become more creative, proud of themselves and confident in their talents or abilities. In friendships, Beryl inspires people to be loyal and to not mind a little bit of self-sacrifice for the other.


People who feel like they don’t have any more energy should definitely wear jewelry with Ruby or just carry the crystal with them all the time. This stone stimulates the blood circulation and brings new energy to the body.

However, all this doesn’t mean it isn’t good for those who are more irritable and usually deal with life at a faster pace because Ruby is also good at calming down hyperactivity. Working as an aphrodisiac as well, this gemstone can help couples be more passionate in bed and even the partners to connect with each other at a mystical level.

It makes lovers get closer together and commit for a lifetime. Those who admire someone from a distance should also use it because it’s very efficient in courtship. If worn when having sex, Ruby increases the chances of making a baby and brings about all the passion in the Universe.

When it comes to the mind, it makes people more aware and focused. Furthermore, it inspires courage and brings about success in arguments and debates. Those who are afraid of evil forces and ghosts should as well use it because it has the power to eliminate nightmares and to protect the psyche from any attack.

For the home, Ruby is a protective crystal that needs to be placed in a discrete place in the house. Because it is a bloodstone, it strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system, improving the circulation as well.

Many crystal healers use it for such problems. Furthermore, it detoxifies the blood, the lymph and deals with infections or high fever. The adrenal glands, the kidneys and the spleen will also be protected when people will wear Ruby with them all the time.

It’s a great stone for weight loss, especially in those who are eating because they’re emotionally distressed. Ruby assists individuals that have been hurt in love and turns the negative energy into a positive one.

Those who are feeling like victims will get rid of their anxiety, pain, distress and become encouraged. This is a stone that makes people more protective and ready to stand up for anyone who’s being threatened or have been wronged. Therefore, Ruby can help any activist be fiercer and fight for what he or she believes in.


As old as the Moon in the sky, the Moonstone is mysterious and features an exterior veil that resembles pearls. This gem carries hidden truths and it only reveals its teachings in the light that gets reflected on its surface.

Many use it as a talisman for when they want to know themselves better and also when they need to discover what’s missing in their life. This is a stone that reveals what’s buried inside the soul and the secret desires of a person.

Just like the traveler’s stone, it’s very protective when worn by those who travel at night, especially when the Moon is in the sky. Those who happen to drive at night should keep a Moonstone in the glove compartment of their car.

This is also a gem that opens hearts towards love and caring. It’s excellent for those who want to get involved in a new relationship or perhaps are dealing with a partner who wants to keep their romance a secret.

In the old times, lovers used it after they broke up with their partners. An erotic stone, Moonstone stimulates the Kundalini and influences passions to revive. Therefore, it’s a crystal for fertility and lovemaking.

It could be worn as a necklace during full Moons because it helps the body have the same rhythm as the lunar cycle. Those who want to use it for faithfulness and fertility should employ 13 crystals and make a circle around their bedroom.

When using Moonstone, the biological processes in one’s organism start to synchronize with the Moon’s cycles. This is a crystal that’s extremely efficient for the female fertility and can be used during pregnancy or childbirth. Also, it helps with menstrual problems, water retention and hormones.

Ladies should be calmer and more in tune with their emotions after using it. Moonstone brings about balance and healing because it determines the higher power to influence the emotions of a person.

Therefore, those who use it will never suppress any of their feelings. More than this, it helps anyone identify their own subconscious emotions and contains explosive passion as it makes people more composed.

Moonstone is believed to encourage deepness and to make anyone happier with their environment. It’s a stone of the feminine gender and usually deals with the new information.

When women wear it, they become more feminine and even get to have psychic abilities. The men who wear Moonstone are more in contact with their feminine side and get their left brain stimulated. Therefore, they become more emotional and creative.

The Moonstone is surrounded by mystery and associated with femininity because it increases sensitivity. For the ladies, it enhances the Kundalini energy and brings about psychic powers.

Both sexes can use it to activate their Third Eye or crown chakra, and to clear their aura. This is a stone of new beginnings that’s strongly related with the Moon and intuitive abilities. It helps anyone reflect and remember that the Moon is always changing, just as life does.

The emotions of those who wear it will always be kept in control, while they’d be more aware of their intuition and empathic abilities.

If you’re curious about lucid dreaming, just use Moonstone during a full Moon. Those who want to open their mind and study matters of irrationality should as well use it, but with care as it can bring about many illusions.

A stone of dreaming, the Moonstone can help anyone think and rely on the interpretation of dreams, especially if this stone is placed under the pillow during the night.

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