Scorpio Ascendant Woman: The Demonstrative Lady

She will have success only if she will use her energy in a constructive manner and not to just get revenge on people or to be ruthless.

Scorpio Rising Woman

It wouldn’t matter her mood, the woman with the Ascendant in Scorpio will always have a magnetism that attracts people almost instantly.

She possesses a lot of sex appeal and an air of mystery because she keeps her life private and doesn’t talk too much about what’s going on in her heart.

Scorpio Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Incisive, ambitious and curious;
  • Weaknesses: Rigid, scornful and unreceptive;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is down to earth and trustworthy;
  • Life Lesson: Showing small expressions of kindness regularly.

Convincing and willful, this lady can revive from her own ashes and has the capability to completely transform herself after any obstacle.

She is always standing out

The woman with the Ascendant in Scorpio has the ability to completely transform things and make them better. She really knows how to control her energy and can turn the situation in her favor.

While it may seem that life is a struggle, she will always know what to work on in order to become stronger when the situation would require her to.

What she needs to do is to avoid conflicts and focus her energy on something constructive, because only this way, she will be able to live to her true potential.

People will always remember the way she looks because she’s really beautiful and sexy. Her eroticism will always have her attract many members of the opposite sex, not to mention people will always want to offer her their help, even if on her face is clearly written that she has no fear and is very determined.

You can be sure her style will have her distinguished from other people because she wears jewelry with occult inscriptions and rings with stones that keep inside all kind of energies.

She loves perfumes and usually chooses the most exotic ones. It would be important for her not to rely too much on her emotions because these can be quite intense.

The more she will act on impulse, the more life will have her in situations from which she’ll have to struggle to escape.

She will be happy and have her success because her confidence or determination can’t be equaled. Not the type to ask for help, this lady only relies on herself and has things done the way she wants them.

Honest and independent, she appreciates these quality in others as well. Very attractive and smart, she won’t have a problem finding a job or a man with whom she can spend her entire life.

It would be wise to take her opinion into consideration or she will turn into the most ruthless and vengeful person. In spite of the fact that she’s sociable, the Scorpio Ascendant woman still doesn’t allow anyone to discover her secrets as because she needs to trust people completely before opening up a little.

Seriousness and cautiousness characterize her, but courage and intensity are also strong traits that she displays all the time. It would be unfair to say people really know her as she seems to protect herself and her secrets very well.

Curious about others, she will ask questions and not believe you have answered with the truth. It can be frustrating to be around her when she’s acting this way.

While very strong, she rarely reveals that she could do anything, making decisions slowly and with a lot of care. And it’s the same with the new friends she makes because she seems to take a lifetime before trusting them.

She would be devastated to know that someone took advantage of her. This lady feels at her best when around innocent and honest individuals, appreciating good humor and blunt opinions.

When it comes to money, she could take risks, but never before calculating what are the pros and cons of an investment she’s about to make.

The Scorpio Ascendant woman in love

She’s domineering and very sexual, so she won’t mind having a submissive partner. It doesn’t matter how powerful and determined she is, problems will still appear in her life because she seems to generate them.

For example, while she easily can communicate, it’s very displeasing that she always tries to rule the conversation, even when her partner of conversation wants only harmony.

It’s suggested she’s less proud and arrogant if she wants people to always be next to her. If she’ll continue being like this, she will end up all alone and bitter when old.

The Descendant is Taurus, which means she needs an earthy partner who can be trusted and has the stubbornness to stay next to her when seeing she can be mean.

She doesn’t need someone passionate and intense like her because it would be more important for this lady to be nourished and paid attention to.

It’s normal for men to love her and for women not so much because she seems to hypnotize members of the opposite sex with just one look. But she can be too stubborn or not allowing a man to really know her, which can lead to break up after only a few months of relationship.

Because she’s a Scorpio rising, she will have a thirst for power that will make her even more attractive. Having a lot of passion and keeping her mysterious air, she would become very doubtful of her partner if he would seem in any way suspicious.

As soon as she will be with someone for a while, you can be sure of her to be the most passionate and lustful lover. She usually impresses with a look and conquers hearts with just one kiss.

Her sensuality and quick temper could work to her advantage because they are only making her more sensual. Protective and careful not to show her weaknesses, self-confidence and determination are the traits that she displays more often.

Expect all the eyes to be on her at a social event, as her sexuality is top notch. Many men will walk through her life, all being attractive, passionate and dangerous, but she will choose to be with only one.

Her passion and lust are only in moderation in public because she doesn’t want to seem extravagant. It’s difficult to forget her, so many of her exes will be with other women and still think about her.

Down-to-earth men who make a lot of money attract her almost instantly. They could be great artists who have a certain superficiality, she wouldn’t mind it as long as they bring home fat paychecks.

She’s not after wealth, she’s only into the power associated with it. It can be said wisdom and spirituality in a man are very important to her as well. Not to mention that she’s looking for deep feelings and strong intimacy.

Those who call her a femme fatale are absolutely right because she can really conquer the hearts of the most famous Casanovas. The more her partner will share his secrets with her, the more she will love him.

Knowing hidden truths about her other half will help her know how to act in bed and how to have power over him. This lady likes to use sex as a weapon and can be very dangerous because her exes can still think of the passionate nights they used to have with her even after years from the break up.

With her, sex is transcendental and a very intense experience. She can obsess over things and people, thinking love is only meant to last forever. Don’t dare to deceive her because she’s very vengeful.

What to remember about the Scorpio Ascendant woman

It’s impossible to tell the Scorpio Ascendant woman what to do. She will always be heard and noticed because her opinions are strong and her magnetism surprising.

Determined, this lady would never make a compromise. She wants her privacy to the point of paranoia, when she makes sure no one knows where she’s going or what she’s doing.

A good strategist, this lady plans carefully, especially when she needs to get her revenge on someone. She can’t stand people who don’t take love seriously and wants a man who’s faithful.

Always in for long-term, she’s looking for a strong marriage that will last for a lifetime. Recovering fast from failures is something that characterizes her very well.

It wouldn’t matter if she would have a problem with money, love or health, she would immediately get it back together after a period of hard time. It’s quite impossible to know what’s going on with her if you don’t know her very well because she doesn’t share information about herself with acquaintances.

Intelligent, determined to succeed, active and bold, the woman with the Ascendant in Scorpio is very calm when in a difficult situation. She likes competition and is always fair play.

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