Scorpio Ascendant Man: The Comfort Seeker

He is full of passion and intense, he usually says what goes through his mind but keeps his personal life hidden so that he doesn’t become vulnerable.

Scorpio Rising Man

It’s very difficult to get to know the Scorpio Ascendant man because he always keeps things to himself and doesn’t want to reveal too much about what’s in his heart.

Able to feel what others are thinking and to sense their emotions, it can be said he has psychic abilities. If he’ll decide to be friends with you, you can be sure of his loyalty and support.

Scorpio Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Daring, sentimental and principled;
  • Weaknesses: Disorganized, resentful and dogmatic;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who has patience with him and is not conflictual;
  • Life Lesson: Being kind and vulnerable with people.

This man wants to achieve many great things because he’s determined, ambitious and hates losing. He’d make a great detective as he likes mystery and to discover secrets.

Decisive and inspiring, he will do anything

The man with the Ascendant in Scorpio is always determined to succeed. He only wants to respect the rules he has made for himself, so others’ opinions don’t matter that much to him.

Independent, intelligent and courageous, he will surely be successful with any kind of business he may try. Many may think of him as mean, so they will prefer to spend their time with someone else.

Not to mention that he speaks his mind, which can generate many conflicts with those who are a little bit more sensitive.

He wants a comfortable life, so his struggle to afford luxuries will be completely real. This man is never happy with the second place and wants the best in life.

Decisive and inspiring, the Scorpio Ascendant man will do anything necessary to achieve his goals. Having a winner’s spirit, he won’t just sit around for things to happen, even if he usually seems calm and passive.

He relies on the support of his close ones, not caring what strangers and those he barely knows think. It doesn’t matter how powerful and ruthless he may seem, know that inside he’s full of emotions and has intense feelings.

It’s easy to recognize him in a crowd because he’s the most attractive man who possesses a piercing look.

At the same time, he wants to know everything about others and doesn’t hesitate to ask the tough questions. His winning attitude will inspire many, so a lot of people will be more than happy to be around him.

Others will see him as trouble because they would know how he can’t forgive or forget, revenge being all that’s in his mind when crossed.

Most women will be tempted by his looks and mysterious aura. But he will never reveal himself to a lady if he doesn’t trust her touch, the look in her eyes and what she’s saying.

A little bit short-tempered and confident, he has a magnetism that makes him irresistible. It’s like he hypnotizes people to make them never want to leave his side.

Communication with him will leave the impression that he’s sincere and open, but many things would still remain hidden. When it comes to his understanding of a woman’s soul, he knows everything she would desire and dream of.

The Scorpio Rising lover

The man with the Ascendant in Scorpio wants commitment above anything else because he’s pretty devoted himself. He’s also the all-or-nothing type, so he expects a lot from a woman.

There’s no one more loyal and faithful than him, but at the same time, no one more jealous and stubborn as well. He needs a lady who will always be next to him and who wants stability.

He immediately knows when his wife is not honest because he’s extremely perceptive. If you have crossed him, be very careful for he’s ruthless with his revenge, not giving up until he has managed to pay his opponent back for all the suffering he may have had been going through.

It can be said he’s lucky in love because he attracts many women, everywhere he’s going. However, he will only give his heart to the lady who really deserves him.

It’s possible he will ask questions about where his partner has been and with whom as he wouldn’t stand to hear she has had a great time with another man.

He’s so faithful that even if the most beautiful woman in the world would make him a love offer, he would refuse it as a man who’s involved.

He doesn’t talk about what he likes, so many will speculate and try to introduce him to all kinds of prospective partners.

But since no one can really know and understand him, he’ll most likely not want to have anything to do with the women he’s being introduced to.

While reserved and secluded, he can still attract more women than anyone else because he’s very sexual and strong.

It will take him a while to commit, so expect to hear about all kind of affairs he had with many different women. But when in love, he would do anything for the lady of his dreams.

Demanding with his partner, there aren’t too many members of the opposite sex who can resist in a long-term relationship with him. Not to mention he criticizes and makes fun of the defects his partner may have.

In his imagination, he’s with someone very beautiful and intelligent, so his girl should give her best to live by these ideals. Scorpio Ascendant man is pretty much how others see him, which happens to be handsome, mysterious and full of sex-appeal.

In the bedroom, he loves to play with imagination and wants to make love all night long. But be careful for he can get very jealous and possessive.

His ideal partner should know what she wants and be so sensual that even nature would shriek in her presence.

The man with the Ascendant in Scorpio will be intrigued by any lady who fascinates him with her dangerous living. He likes someone feminine and with great taste.

She will have to possess great secrets and to know how to make a man want her because he’s ruled by instincts. If she wouldn’t know a thing about the everyday life and wouldn’t be on her own two feet, he wouldn’t even look at her.

He is attractive and independent, so you can be sure he’s a good catch. It wouldn’t matter that much if a girl is unexperienced, he would still appreciate her for being sweet and funny.

But the more experienced ladies surely drive him crazy. However, any woman needs a lot of patience if she wants to stay for longer periods of time next to him.

What to remember about the Scorpio Ascendant man

The intensity at which the Scorpio Ascendant man feels emotions can be something beneficial for him and at the same time inspiring for others.

He lives his life as if it’s meant to put him to tests and to worry him in order for powerful changes to take place and for him to become a better person.

Instead of thinking negatively and being depressed, he prefers to live in an inside world of emotions and to think of how he has grown after different experiences.

This is how he gets his power and also how he becomes stronger and stronger with every year that passes. Such an attitude makes a winner out of him most of the time.

Having Scorpio as an Ascendant means intensity because this sign is known for passion and emotionality. The Scorpio Ascendant man will not fight his own emotions because they practically drive him through life.

He would never do things because his consciousness would push him to work hard and to devote himself completely to his activities and loved ones.

When not convinced about something, he prefers to not get involved because for him, the world is either black or white. This and the fact that he can’t be fooled or lied to will have many people respecting him.

He wants to know the truth and will obsess over it. No one can beat him at reading between the lines and identifying hidden nuances.

When meeting superficial people, he simply doesn’t pay any attention to them. Suspicious about everything, this person believes only in facts and what’s tangible.

He will filter information through his emotions and will often be right about the conclusions he has reached. But all the studies he’ll conduct will be done when he’s in private.

He’s secretive and would like to keep things this way, no matter whom he may be sharing his life with. No one will be able to see his emotions and what’s inside his heart because he’ll carefully protect himself.

Thirsty for power, he will do anything to get it. He’s not the type to want all the attention, so he’ll work from the shadows and dominate quietly.

The fact that he wants power is not necessarily a bad thing because he has all the qualities of a good leader.

He’s also a loyal lover, companion and co-worker who gets enthusiastic about life. This man will never leave his close ones’ side, no matter the circumstances.

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