Scorpio Anger: The Dark Side of The Scorpion Sign

Scorpios are totally angered by being criticized and put in a corner by people who are in no way better than them.

Scorpio anger

People born under Scorpio have intense personalities and can easily become angry. Besides, they’re under the impression that they are better than others, so they only have a few friends to be by their side, not to mention they always have the impression everyone is picking on them.

Whereas their anger is known to last for a long time, they really don’t like aggressive people. These natives are mysterious, tricky, able to manipulate, violent and vengeful.

Scorpio anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Being cheated or lied to;
  • Can’t stand: Hypocritical and pretentious people;
  • Style of revenge: Excruciating revenge;
  • Make up by: Giving them some space to cool off.

Plotting against the enemy

Scorpios live for revenge and enjoy seeing others suffering as this is making them feel good. It may sound like they’re mean and always thinking about evil, but they aren’t.

It’s more like their intense feelings are aimed at getting revenge in a precise manner. These people think highly of themselves and believe no one can even get near their standards.

If someone is hurting or doing them something wrong, they start to become domineering. As a matter of fact, they’re most of the time looking for revenge, not trying to cause any pain.

When angry, Scorpios are starting to express themselves through body language. They’re not saying that they’re bothered because they respect themselves too much to ever look weak.

Instead, they’re talking with their eyes and other discreet signs. It wouldn’t be a good idea to appeal to their bad side because they simply live for revenge.

These natives are all the time plotting against their enemies, not to mention they can’t allow to be cheated.

When silent, others should worry because in their head, they’re thinking of ways on how they can get back at the ones who have done them wrong.

If someone is noticing they’re angry, they need to be given some space in order to relax.

If in the mood, they may come towards the one they’re considering to be their enemy, and start a chat.

Things can never be sure with them because they seem too passive to ever make a move.

For this reason, they should be left to go to others at their own pace, if this is what they’ve chosen to do. The more Scorpios are being pushed around, the angrier they’re becoming.

Angering a Scorpio

It’s easy to anger Scorpios because they’re always looking for revenge. These natives should be paid attention since it can’t be known when they’re striking someone.

Egotistical, they don’t like it when someone is saying they’re only superficial posers.

More than this, they see themselves as Gods, so if a person is telling them they’re mediocre, they can become very angry.

Since they have psychic abilities, it’s almost impossible to lie to them. They’re manipulative enough to become lost in their own web of lies, out of their own fault.

Those who are foolish enough to make them angry should take good care. They can make others feel terrible with a simple glance, not to mention they can highlight insecurities in people, in order to use them when they need to.

Their loved ones know deep inside their heart that Scorpios aren’t forgiving, no matter what they’ve done. The anger of these natives is painful and unstoppable.

Testing the Scorpio patience

People born in Scorpio can’t stand many things, among which one is having their picture taken without their permission, especially if that photo is uploaded on social media and doesn’t get likes.

Something else that can make them feel angry is doing something wrong and forcing them to feel sorry or to say that nothing matters that much.

For instance, they couldn’t stand having to say that their dinner is just fine when in fact the dinner is not cooked properly.

When someone is promising them to do something and nothing happens, they’re becoming as well, very angry.

More than this, they can’t stand being told how to drive. Their loved ones shouldn’t try to get compliments from them because they can be very angry when this is happening.

All in all, everything and everyone that’s against their basic traits of Scorpios is also against these people.

For instance, they’re irritated when left for as the second option, when dealing with people they can’t trust, when their ideas are not being considered, when their manipulative moves are being challenged or when they’re being confronted.

Putting their revenge into practice

Whereas people born under Scorpio are usually serene, they can hold on to grudges for very long periods of time.

They’re always ready to face any challenge, so it would be a good idea to not make them angry. These individuals can’t forget what made them upset.

The thing is, their anger can’t be noticed because they’re never saying what has caused them to be mad, not to mention how much they can insult someone when they don’t like something or someone.

More than this, they can start offending people out of the blue. However, they’re not sadistic and therefore, thinking about how they can cause pain.

Only when hurt and contradicted, they can make their opponents shut up in an abrupt manner, without giving any explanation, as if they no longer know the person who has dared to cross them.

The can be thirsty for revenge for a very long time and plot against those whom they think done them wrong, for ages as well.

Since the planet of War, which is Mars, is also ruling them most of the time, they can’t forget or allow themselves to not destroy.

Being a masculine and fixed sign, they’re confident in their own strengths and know what they can do. The most vengeful of them have no humane feelings and would simply harm anyone.

Their favorite way of revenge is the psychological one. Knowing how to torment their opponents, they can destroy those who are opposing them, little by little.

Mind games are their favorite because they’re played gradually and making people doubt their sanity.

Possessing a magnetism that can’t be seen in others, Scorpio individuals can use their elegance and charm to make everyone believe what they’re lying about.

They can make up riddles and leave behind different hints that can’t be understood by anyone.

In the beginning, others can consider them weird, but in fact, it’s only their vengeful manner that’s working its way out, usually until it’s too late for something to be done.

In case they don’t have the opportunity to play the mind games they’re into, they can start to sting people with their invisible tail, poisoning them and sabotaging their reputation until these individuals no longer believe in themselves.

However, they can be “calmed” with expensive presents, even money or a good job.

Those who have hurt them should invite these natives at parties and offer them the opportunities to meet the people they would need in order to climb the social ladder.

It shouldn’t be expected for them to forgive, but at least their punishment can become less strong. In fact, Scorpios can never forgive or forget.

Making peace with them

Scorpios are oftentimes emotionally detached when in a bad mood. They can be angry for no reason whatsoever.

If stressed, they can become traitors who are only interested in conspiracies. These individuals are the ones to back-stab others and to generate intrigues.

All they need is their so-called enemies’ fantasies and they good to consider the situation regarding what they could do in order to obtain revenge.

When seeing they want payback, others should say something about their original ways of vengeance because they surely love it. If angry, Scorpios need to be helped to relax.

Those who love them should make these natives trust them when it comes to their bothering matters.

The coldness of people born under Scorpio is a method through which they’re getting rid of the anger they’ve accumulated in time.

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