Scorpio and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

This friendship seems very effective as both these signs have a lot to learn from each other.

Scorpio and Capricorn Friendship

The friendship between a Scorpio and the Capricorn can be very healthy and durable because these two natives respect each other very much.

The Scorpio identifies good opportunities, whereas the Capricorn is very ambitious and hard-working enough to pursue them. If these two decide to combine their forces, great things can be achieved.

CriteriaScorpio and Capricorn Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

A set of ambitious friends

Sometimes, the Scorpio will be appalled to see how the Capricorn advances at work by being ruthless. In return, the Goat will not understand how the Scorpio is able to cause so much pain to the ones that have crossed him or her.

If these two are friends and respecting one another, they can stay out of trouble and be appreciated, not to mention how happy this could make them since they both love having the power.

The Scorpio and the Capricorn are signs of success because natives born in them are ambitious and supportive, especially when in the presence of each other.

However, they’ll have to overcome the fact that some competition in their friendship is normal. If colleagues, they will simply impress everyone at work with their energy.

When it comes to being devoted to goals and ambitions, the Scorpio can really understand the Goat. Furthermore, people born in this sign are serious and as well know how to have fun, not to mention they can charm anyone with their friendliness and helpful nature.

The Capricorn is not at all interested in making new friends, so he or she knows some time spent alone can bring about great things after a period of stress. The Scorpio will convince the Goat to be more active and to have a little bit more fun.

The friendship between these two is very resourceful because they’re both really able to help each other and to develop a warm connection.

Being shy, reserved or distrustful wouldn’t in any way help either of them. While it takes them quite a while to open up, as soon as they have started to trust someone, they become reliable, strong and caring as friends.

The Capricorn and the Scorpio friends can collaborate in the most effective manner and at the same time learn many things from each other.

For example, the Scorpio can be shown how to become more down-to-earth and less emotional, even if he or she may sometimes become irritated and say that the Capricorn never has any emotion. Being friends with such an intense person like the Scorpio, the Goat can learn how to be less superficial and more focused.

Both of them are very stubborn

The Scorpio is influenced by Pluto, its ruling planet to be aggressive, courageous, sexy and in need of renewal. Saturn, Capricorn’s governor is all about being disciplined, working hard and assuming all kind of responsibilities.

When the ambitious Capricorn and the emotional Scorpio get to be friends, things can start to become very dynamic. The Scorpio belongs to the Water element, while the Capricorn to the Earth one, which means the second is more attracted by the materialistic side of life.

An Earth sign can bring a lot of balance to a Water one because the latter tends to take the emotions of others and to feel them with his or her own soul, which can be bothersome and tiring.

If the Capricorn and the Scorpio as friends decide to be more tolerant and as stable as possible, they can become very close for a lifetime and share everything they’re knowledgeable about.

The Scorpio is fixed, the Capricorn cardinal, which means the latter will always come up with new ideas and the first will be more than happy to just follow and to give a helping hand, even if he or she is often opinionated.

It’s suggested the Capricorn takes his or her time and listens to the Scorpio as much as he or she can. Both these signs are very stubborn, which means conflicts between them can’t be avoided.

Furthermore, the Scorpio gets very attached from an emotional point of view and is usually more involved than the Capricorn. If they want to be friends forever, these two need to accept all these things about themselves.

The greatest thing about their connection is how devoted they are to one another and also how determined to share their ideas. The Scorpio will feel comfortable with someone as stable as the Capricorn in his or her life, and the latter will be inspired by the first to have more energy.

When feeling down, the Scorpio can ask the Goat for a little bit of help as people in this sign are very practical and good at making things better. The Scorpio should inspire the Capricorn to be passionate and less overwhelmed by everyday issues.

It’s true the Goat can be a little bit pushy and unappreciative when others are letting themselves go, but he or she and the Scorpio can have many common interests and the latter doesn’t usually become apathetic.

The Scorpio friend

The Scorpio is very honest and doesn’t like sugarcoating anything. Natives in this sign never confuse others when it comes to where they’re standing because they never hesitate to tell their opinion.

It’s rare for them to lie and they tend to become nagging when one of their loved ones is not living up to his or her potential.

Scorpios can be friends with someone for a lifetime and really know how to make others laugh, be more intense and take a lot of pleasure from doing fun things.

However, they should be less sensitive and just allow life to surprise them. It’s difficult to ever guess how a Scorpio is feeling because he or she has a cold exterior and a very delicate interior.

Natives of this sign would never admit getting hurt or feeling vulnerable. Those who manage to make them talk are probably their best friends, those whom they’re really trusting.

The greatest thing about Scorpios is the fact that they’re always ready to party. It doesn’t matter where they may be and with whom, they want to have fun in an extreme manner.

They’re very charismatic and don’t mind being in the spotlight, making people laugh and transmitting their positive energy. Parties that need a little bit of more action should definitely have a few Scorpios as guests because these can come up with all kind of ideas on how to drink a certain booze or to jump in the pool.

Furthermore, Scorpios need to have an interesting life and are fascinated by any mystery, especially by the philosophical ones. They love being deep and helping others think more profoundly.

These natives are famous for their loyalty, so anyone can count on them to be of great help in need and to always want what’s best for others.

The Scorpio has a tendency to push his or her loved ones’ limits, this way creating great memories and making people more ambitious.

The Capricorn friend

Capricorns are known for being funny, sarcastic and also a little bit troublesome. For example, they can really have bad ideas and make the worst decisions in life.

Those who want to be their friends and to go on many adventures with them should be ready to face a person who gives to romantic affairs more importance than to friendships and who’s pretty obsessed with work.

It’s important to be persistent with these natives, especially when they’re putting on their cold face. However, they’re not distant, they’re just trying to determine whom they can trust.

Therefore, Capricorns are always observing others before joining a circle of friends or accepting someone. They give a lot of importance to character because they’re honest and hard-working themselves.

People born in Capricorn will never say “no” to helping someone, but they need to be all the time stimulated as it’s impossible for them to see the meaning behind just sitting for coffee and talking.

Taking them out hiking and bird-watching is a great idea when friends with them. Furthermore, they need to feel important, so their pals should remember their birthdays and to send a card from time to time.

Goats hate it when their friends decide to disappear on them, so having a successful and long-distance friendship with a Capricorn is not at all impossible. He or she will simply love to communicate over email and text.

The same people in Capricorn love traditions and can remember the most important things at a family gathering or when their parents got married.

While not seeming at all sensitive and caring, they love being shown how much others love them and to offer their services. Very loyal, natives in the Goat will always help their loved ones in times of need, regardless if they agree or not with what’s getting done.

It’s possible for them to be a little bit preachy, but only because they care, not because they may be mean. As said before, Capricorns can remember everything, so it’s better not to ever cross them.

They can organize the greatest parties and know everything about their friends’ lives. It’s easy for them to identify what makes a person strong, this being the reason why many of their acquaintances see them as some kind of therapists. It would be easy for Goats to work as life coaches because they’re practical and love to share their strategies on how to succeed.

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