Saturn in Scorpio: How It Impacts Your Personality and Life

The position of Saturn in your natal chart reveals how you deal with rules, responsibilities and limitations.

Saturn in Scorpio

Those born with Saturn in Scorpio in their natal chart are the saluting soldiers of the zodiac, the ones benefiting from great discipline, who always try not to stray away from their principles.

Once they’ve put it in their mind to do something, nothing’s going to stop them from achieving it. Of course, perseverance would be akin to stupidity if not for their intelligence and many abilities that make everything seem simple.

Saturn in Scorpio in a nutshell:

  • Style: Passionate and resourceful;
  • Top qualities: Loyal, stern and intense;
  • Challenges: Stubborn, too bold and cowardly;
  • Advice: Don’t be reluctant in helping others, even if there is no end game for you;
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs, Scarlett Johansson, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse.

Life is just a walk in the park for them, contrary to the opinion of the majority, who can’t even understand what they’re doing, and how exactly they manage to stay in control so perfectly.

Personality traits

Once again, the Saturnian Scorpio gets another boon from this planet in terms of inner depth. He can carefully hide his abilities from prying eyes, and also his weaknesses.

Being a vulnerable individual, just like everyone else, makes him uncertain of going all out, but now that Saturn brings guidance and rules to the mix, this won’t be a problem anymore.

These natives become masters of their own destiny who work behind the shadows, no one noticing exactly how they accomplish miracle after miracle.

One thing that can define the Scorpios almost perfectly – intense enthusiasm. With an impetuous and unrestrained source of energy at their disposal, their naturally combative spirit comes out of hiding, biting anyone who doesn’t pick up their pace.

Whoever can’t keep up with them will have to suffer. They manage to control these instinctual reflexes when they have to formulate a plan.

Future goals are too important to be put under the pressure of such unpredictable behavior, and they understand this.

With their secretive nature, it wouldn’t be surprising if they had some bizarre interests like magic, necromancy, or some other controversial passion.

Moreover, this also makes them quite determined to achieve a state of perfect mental discipline, of exquisite willpower, so that no one can read them. Emotional stability is also something that they have to keep a look out for because all that intensity and volcanic personality will eventually boil over and burn everything in sight.

They prefer subterfuge to a direct confrontation, to weaken the enemy psychologically before delivering the coup de grace.

In this sense, they approach almost all situations, even if there is no enemy to speak off, but an idea, an object of their attention overall.

Their investigative powers are off the charts, and they can be very devilish and vile, to the point that a lot of people would remain awe-struck at their resourcefulness.

Love behavior

Romantically, these natives have very contradictory feelings most of the time, born from their uncertainties and fears.

They may be very affectionate and intense in intimate bonding, craving for nothing but the most blissful of pleasures in bed, but the truth is that they are ridden by a constant nagging feeling of inaptitude, of self-pity, because they aren’t sure if they’re good enough.

Because of this, the Saturnian Scorpios will try to test their partners from time to time, to check the strength of their feelings, or how they’re going to react when confronted with unruly accusations.

It’s not something very pleasing or comfortable at all, so there’s really no surprise when they start arguing over this matter. However, if they manage to stand face to face with your trust issues and prove themselves, what comes next is complete loyalty.

The good and the bad

No matter how efficient they may be when acting inconspicuously, it has a bad effect on their whole temperament and overall emotional stability.

They feel the pressure of having too many secrets, a deep disappointment that no one really truly knows them, and this is one of the essential things they should work on.

They must let other people in and have a more open-minded attitude toward personal relationships.

Their naturally responsible and hard-working personality can help a lot with this pressure, taking their attention away from it.

Saturn ensures that they are deeply committed to their goal, always vigilant and attentive to the smallest of details.

To them, acting under the cover of secrecy is not only a good professional technique, keeping the secrets of success safe under lock, as well as having a restrained attitude that does the job perfectly, but also in their day-to-day life.

There are plenty of manipulative people out there who only need a little bit of information to use against them. That little anchor that they’ve grabbed a hold of can possibly lead to a great disappointment, so these natives make sure that nothing essential is accessible to the outside world.

Even their emotions are tightly kept to a minimum, not letting the excess leak out. Love, affection, appreciation, sadness, these feelings could just as well make them vulnerable to attacks.

Because they feel so deeply, most of the time, an offense on that level would leave them dumbstruck for a long time.

It’s better to avoid such situations from the start. Saturn is the one who makes sure that they never leak any information out by imposing a certain set of principles and rules.

The Saturn in Scorpio man

Just like their female counterparts, these natives are hard to piss off, and they would rather prefer to get away for a time to calm themselves, rather than going all out and saying something they’ll later regret.

In other words, they care about their family and friends a lot, and not even they would dare to put those relationships in danger.

However, there is one exception when they’ll not be able to control themselves from exploding. If he suspects his partner of adultery or just deceit in its rawest form, he won’t take it standing and will likely issue an ultimatum.

Of course, being on a constant watch out for possible dangers will kill off any sort of opportunity for self-development, and happiness will be just a dream at night.

All these people have to do in order to escape this predicament is listen to what Saturn in Scorpio tells them about objective standards, using reason to create a certain set of guiding principles that he can fall on, in times of need.

The Saturn in Scorpio woman

The woman born with Saturn in Scorpio in her natal chart is a being of extreme sexual appeal. She will dazzle everyone with her lascivious and sexy demeanor, leaving everyone dumbstruck with burning desire.

Whatever rules Saturn brings about, they will cross them in this instance, and their partner can only enjoy this. Beyond this, they are very protective of their close ones, and especially their family.

There will period of time when you’ll feel like nothing gets done as it should be, and it’s like you aren’t capable of even half the efforts you were used to putting in until now.

Physical illnesses may plague you, like the common cold, the usual headache, or just a normal bout of anxiety.

Saturn in Scorpio imposes a certain process of self-introspection, of self-analysis, in order to find the perfect solution to these problems and the lady with this transit is the most prone to experiencing this.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.