Saturn in Aries: How It Impacts Your Personality and Life

The position of Saturn in your natal chart reveals how you deal with rules, responsibilities and limitations.

Saturn in Aries

An individual born with Saturn in Aries in their natal chart combines the organizational proclivities that come with Saturn’s influence and the natural tendency towards leadership of the Aries sign.

Therefore, these natives will be the leaders of their generation, taking everyone into the future with responsibility, confidence, and the willpower to do everything that needs to be done.

If anything, they are too competitive at times, always trying to finish a project with the best results and given that they have tremendous trust in their own abilities, others might not be able to work at the same pace as them.

Saturn Aries are pretty dominative and troublesome, to begin with. With an overly-exaggerated confidence in themselves and the belief that they’re a step above everyone else, they will try to take control of the situation regardless of what others think.

They can be quite annoying and insufferable in this sense, but they’re doing this mainly to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Moreover, these guys don’t like others trying to inhibit their actions or limit their freedom in any way.

They are responsible and grounded enough to afford their freedom of choice, so there’s really no reason for others to obstruct it needlessly.

Saturn in Aries in a nutshell:

  • Style: Undoubting and strong;
  • Top qualities: Focused, productive and loyal;
  • Challenges: Obsessive and superficial;
  • Advice: Life experience will force you to learn valuable lessons;
  • Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, Will Smith, Kylie Jenner.

Personality traits

The Saturnian Aries native is basically made up of an aggressive drive, a lot of it, which is kept in check by their inner limitations, the willpower that Saturn endows them with.

However, there is still a lot of potential here in using all that savage energy to good purposes. If they just manage to focus it on a singular goal, then there’s really no one that can match them when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

Anyway, these natives need to learn self-restraint, and to realize that all that energy could wreak havoc upon the world if released without prior thought. Confidence and determination are key in this regard.

As an individual born with the mark of Saturn in Aries, you are a ticking bomb waiting to explode, and the only thing preventing this from happening is your own willpower and ambition.

It all teeters on the edge of the disaster really, but that’s how you like it, living life with this thought in mind, that there is no turning back, and that you have to defeat any and all foes that stand in your way.

And all the extravagant spirit burning down inside you? It’ll serve as the main weapon, the tip of the spear that should shatter all the obstacles on the path to success.

You are quite convinced that it’s your destiny to keep on going despite the many dangers ahead, to struggle against overwhelming odds, and this has made you become very strict with yourself.

An inner conflict appears between the Sagittarius Aries’s obligation to keep things under close supervision, to maintain a full watch on their innate explosiveness, and the deep desire to roam the world unrestrained, fulfilling all their dreams.

This constant state of vigilance becomes really desperate because they can’t have even a moment of peace and silence for themselves.

Romantically, they may refuse altogether to establish a family and have children. Settling down comes as a very hard choice for them, especially at a young age. However, once with the right partner things can change but you can’t bet on it because these natives are rather unpredictable.

The good and the bad

These natives know how to approach a social situation in order to create a favorable context. They aren’t impulsive in the least, shockingly, but are really patient and calm with their strong impetus.

If a situation seems to get out of hand, Saturn steps in and fills them with utter tranquility, granting them the boon of eloquence, persuasion.

Now, most of the situations where others would react aggressively towards are solved with just a flick of the finger, or rather with a few well-placed words in their case. This balance between intense passion and a rational approach is the best way to go.

Whenever you have to accomplish something, you prefer to do it by yourself, because teamwork isn’t quite your cup of tea. Not because you’re not sociable or communicative, but because you know what to expect, and if there are any problems, you also know what to do in order to solve them.

For this very reason, you will also try to find a workplace where there are as few limitations as possible. Working as a freelancer must probably be an ideal job for you.

Moreover, this attitude extends to the day-to-day life of Saturn in Aries, in that they strive to lead life with self-made rules, and with no one else to interfere. Sometimes, lost opportunities are the biggest reason for disappointment in these native’s case, because they seem to possess insufficient confidence.

Caution is good most of the times, but you can’t just put everything on the backburner because complications might appear. There is a risk to be found anywhere.

The Saturn in Aries man

To a Saturnian Aries man, it matters a lot that he fights for his own beliefs and principles. Authority means nothing to him if it stands between him and the fulfillment of his dreams. Constant struggling against the forces that compel people to a certain strictness of being was always his fight, especially if it was something that implicated him as well.

Saturn gives him the extra confidence and aggressiveness to survive this hard, cold world, that throws unsurmountable dangers at every step of the way.

With his partner, the situation is even simpler, from this point of view. If the feelings are mutual, then he will fight endlessly with no intention to ever back down, no matter the risks ahead.

The Saturn in Aries woman

The approach of these Saturnian Aries women is in line with the influence that Saturn washes over them. Rational, systematic, pragmatic, and responsible, they like to know how they can solve any problem that appears, and this is why they try to take full stock of their abilities and downsides.

Even though this tendency to view life in black and white, between dotted lines, seems as if the essence of personal freedom doesn’t exist anymore, it’s also true that the same limitations grant them with a base to build their future on.

Otherwise, all her inner energy would overflow and go to waste. Being under the influence of the first zodiac sign puts them at odds with their childish, playful nature. Even their sexual life is marked by this same vitality and enthusiasm, but Saturn is here to calm things down.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.