Saturn in 8th House: What It Means For Your Personality and Life

This placement of Saturn encourages people to plan and always think a few steps ahead with regards to what is going to happen in their lives.

Saturn in 8th house

People born with Saturn in the eighth house in their birth chart know how to work hard and are all the time patient. Very disciplined and looking to make as much money as possible, they may forget about their social and sexual lives, losing themselves into work.

Having a great desire to develop from a spiritual point of view, they should turn all of their energy into wisdom and an elevated power of understanding, which could be done by having stable relationships.

Saturn in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Hard-working, spontaneous and creative;
  • Challenges: Aggressive, controlling and fearful;
  • Advice: They need to be more calculated about life decisions;
  • Celebrities: Kristen Stewart, Jay-Z, Robert Downey Jr., Ian Somerhalder.

Because these people tend to be hurt for long periods of time when someone says or does something wrong, there’s the danger for them to become abusive, dependent on sex or power, and possessive.

One step ahead

The 8th house rules over death, but more in the sense of rebirth, not as the end of existence. While ancient astrologers used to think Saturn here would mean a painful death, modern ones have changed their views about this, a long time ago.

This is more the house that rules over significant change and transformation that comes from development. That’s why people having Saturn in the 8th house need to always reinvent themselves, to give up their past and to grow into someone completely different and new.

This placement of Saturn, however, will obviously not allow all this to happen because Saturn is the bully of the zodiac, bringing about worries or feelings of anxiety.

It’s important for natives having Saturn in 8th house to understand change scares them and that they should be prepared for it.

They should always plan and get documented on the major things that are about to happen in their life, for this strategy can bring them a lot of resourcefulness when the transformation will take place.

The 8th house is strongly related to the deepest insights of the psyche, which means natives having Saturn here will have penetrating thoughts and an energy that makes their ego shine.

This planet and the Scorpio, which occupies the 8th house, will always battle over the consciousness of natives, making them feel sick in their subconscious about this war and never open to let go of their ego.

Only transformation and rebirth will be able to get them out of this toxic state of mind. Not understanding what’s happening in their subconscious, they will seek relief in interpersonal relationships, sex and even therapy.

It’s normal for people having Saturn in the 8th house to feel rejected when refused an insignificant wish, traumatized when offended and to become abusive or in the worst-case scenario, assaulting.

Saturn happens to deal with longevity, so its presence in the house of death indicates natives of this placement will live long if the planet is not in bad aspects.

It has the power to deepen periods of isolation and to make people lethargic or changeable when it comes to their lifestyle.

This planet is aggressive and disciplined, the ego in the 8th house already having the destructive influence of Pluto. Therefore, individuals with this placement will feel like their identity is being slowly stolen by others who have either deceived or betrayed them until they no longer want to trust human beings anymore.

They may feel separated from people and connected to some transcendental energies that help them communicate with the esoteric.

They may go to the doctor for some sexual problems, but these won’t be nothing else than strong expressions of their ego submitted to a force bigger than themselves.

It’s like they have the capability to reach divinity by making love, that’s how their passion works. The advice from the doctor may prove to be of no help and they may decide to either be single or to become promiscuous.

They can even be depressed and dissociate themselves sexually, trying to obstruct their emotional responses, which are ruled by the 8th house. Saturn in 8th house natives can become catatonic when their ego is getting hurt.

When it comes to more worldly issues, they may encounter problems with their money and inheritances because for them, belongings of others are magical and can carry curses.

They will be suspected of fraud or of doing some tricks to not pay their taxes, but they won’t care and let accusations pile up if these would come from people in their life and not the government.

Saturn in 8th house natives can be aggressive when defending themselves, can suffer from paranoia and have a fear that others are always looking to betray them. All this may be related to things they’ve experienced in their childhood and some bad relationships they used to have.

Saturn will always discipline them, while the 8th house will influence their ways to be very curious about dangerous situations and taboo subjects.

The goods and the bads

Saturn in 8th house individuals can have a powerful connection with a different plane of reality, but not surrender to it.

This planet will bring them many difficulties that can teach them how to be different and how to break away from what they’ve been used to.

There may be many fears in their life, which they’ll have to somehow face. Saturn is a bully planet that puts many obstacles in people’s way, the house where it’s placed determining which are the areas of life with which a person will have to struggle.

So when in the 8th house of sex, death, inheritance, transformation, the money of others and new starts, it makes the natives with this placement face challenges with these aspects of life until the age of 40 and even a little bit older.

They will struggle and work hard, but their money will still always be late. As brokers, these people will do a great job dealing with other people’s finances, but their own credit score will continue to be low because Saturn causes for things to happen this way.

It’s a good thing it also brings about longevity and a spontaneous approach to sex. When it comes to the way they’re dealing with the darkness, it can be said their creativity is pretty unpredictable and that some energies will always require them to surrender.

Only Saturn will help them let go and master the art of dealing with what’s forbidden. The 8th house hosts Eros’ energy and allow it to be free. This means more sexuality, passion, imagination and love.

Saturn in 8th house people will know how to unpack life so they’re always feeling alive, even if they may be doing things that don’t seem to be in line with logic.

They will simply destroy their own limits and use their regenerative energies to get their life back together.

It’s possible some of them have been abused as children and look when adults to recuperate with shamanic techniques of soul searching.

What’s good about this placement is that it makes the natives of it realistic and responsible, so this is what they should rely on in order to be as happy as possible.

Anticipating change and planning may be a very good idea for them, together with the use of their instincts when having to deal with the worst that could happen.

They shouldn’t be negative and have many close friends who want to discover all of their mysteries. Natives with Saturn in 8th house are known for their loyalty and dedication when it comes to relationships.

This position of Saturn should have them focusing on the good that comes with change and not the worst because this will in return have them less worried and stressed.

Very secretive, these people don’t like sharing and tend to keep everything about themselves hidden. Anxiety should be defeated and they need to address their problems more openly.

Allowing people into their inner world can help them deal with the chaos, but it’s essential they learn how to no longer take things so seriously.

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