Sagittarius Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are self-sufficient and often reject others because they don’t want the complications.

Sagittarius weakness

Even if having a good reputation, Sagittarians are all over the place, vain and criticizing. They’re not paying attention to details and using improvisations in chaos, with no purpose.

More than this, it can be impossible to predict their actions, they’re running in all kind of circles, not able to respect what they said they would do.

Sagittarius weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They can end up too idealistic and detached from the reality surrounding them;
  • When it comes to love, they can become nervous and jealous quickly;
  • They love their families dearly, but they are not the most dependable;
  • With regards to work, they are quite sloppy and uncompromising.

They’re the ones who seem to know everything and don’t need any advice. For this reason, they can preach for hours and have intellectual discourses that don’t impress anyone, not paying attention to what they’re saying.

A big mouth and lack of tact

Sagittarius natives seem to lack discipline and any methodical strategies, meaning their everyday life can be erratic and they’re always getting late to meetings.

Never happy with what’s going on, they can be jealous on the ones they want to imitate.

Being so inconsistent and comfortable in the presence of others can annoy everyone, especially when they start to preach and to talk about morals.

These individuals don’t like small talk and seem to know what works for others, but they’re spending too much time blaming people who are experiencing bad times.

Being so wild, they’re refusing to participate at everyday social events and to sometimes be friendly.

More than this, they’re sometimes true rebels who think originally, which can have them seeming strange, funny and even too much for those who are respecting the normal conventions.

Sagittarius people are not appreciated for their big mouths and lack of tact. They’re not thinking too much and prefer to tell others how to live, not to mention they don’t care about how their loved ones and strangers are feeling.

Besides, they tend to be too curious and to ask the most bothersome questions, whereas their honesty can hurt.

There are more negative sides to Sagittarians. For example, they’re not at all responsible and more focused on themselves, they don’t have patience and are impulsive, as well undisciplined.

When facing responsibilities, they prefer to just run away and to do something fun instead. For these reasons, people see them as unreliable and lightheaded.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Sagittarians are the ones who are intellectualizing everything, from their emotions to what they wish for. Besides, they have this need to conquer or to be, themselves, assaulted in conquer.

It’s possible for them to develop romantic connections or to conform to a lifestyle that’s built on their hopes and dreams.

When it comes to love, this decan is considered to be naïve, its natives looking for simple relationships, but not standing routine. Sincere, 1st decan Sagittarians are only looking for profound love stories.

2nd decan Sagittarians have to overcome routine and to explore more. They can succeed when allowed to do what they want and when surrounded by exotic strangers.

These natives are looking to be with someone who isn’t jealous and looking for friendship, rather than love. They don’t like to be with only one lover, but at least their feelings are always in the right place.

When it comes to affection, they seem to have plenty and they love being seduced, but they’re the ones to decide what direction their relationship is taking. Idealistic, they’re avoiding relationships built out of interest.

As the serious decan of the Sagittarians natives, the 3rd one is more about hopes and dreams than about any emotion.

People born during it need to admire their lover. Classy, they can remain faithful, but they need a partner who’s as beautiful and elegant as they are.

These natives are authoritative, precise and not ready to give up their morals. Giving, active and judgmental, they can bring a lot into a relationship, but they need to receive the same in return.

When it comes to their purposes, these are of spreading confidence, moderating optimistic individuals and being next to the ones who are ready to invest their personal convictions into making it big.

Love & Friendships

Sagittarius natives can have an absent mind and be moralistic. They’re getting excited pretty rapidly, but boredom is something that’s making them avoid a steady lifestyle.

In other words, they’re feeling like competing all the time, but can’t keep their relationships healthy because they’re too agitated.

With regards to love, they don’t seem to know how to keep any promise because they’re only looking to have fun.

As far as seducing is about, they’re more about superficial activities and not the romantic ones. They are partners who can’t stay too much in only one relationship and who need new adventures.

The ones who are getting together with them can benefit from their good advices. Sagittarians can be strange and even clumsy, no matter if it’s about physicality or their social life.

They’re not quite paying attention to the words they’re saying or the direction they’re taking in life, neither to their surroundings.

For these reasons, they can no longer be in the moment and annoy others with their big mouth. These natives are always active, nervous and almost never on time.

As friends, they can exhaust others with their agitated ways, meaning their good intentions can’t hold on for too long because they’re undisciplined and most of the time looking to prank others.

When it comes to long-term friendships, they’re the friends worthy of attention, but the ones who can’t be introduced to others too easily because they’re awkward, no matter how good their intentions may actually be.

When it comes to their social life, they’re more than happy to go out and to have all the fun in the world. Spreading nervousness, they can occupy too much space, not to mention they’re able to dance the whole night through without noticing they’ve exaggerated.

Sagittarians are rarely mean, but no one can interfere into their life when they’re all over the place, not paying attention and talking too much.

On the other hand, their friends and loved ones can benefit a lot from their presence, no matter how negative these natives may be. However, at least they’re always interesting and a joy to be around.

Family life

Since people born under Sagittarius are very enthusiastic, active, undisciplined and naughty, they’re also the rebels who are getting too excited to fix situations that don’t seem okay with their philosophies.

Having a strong personality, they’re always revolting when feeling their rights are no longer being respected.

More than this, they seem to know how to rally up people and have them fighting for good causes. Not at all stable and fighting on more than one front, they’re considered vain when it comes to relationships, also because they’re always looking to conquer.

The parents born in Sagittarius need to learn how to temper themselves and to control their excitement because they’re really adventurous and can’t stay in only one place, not to mention they find it difficult to concentrate on their children’s activities.

When it comes to the Sagittarius children, these are looking to exploit and to be challenged because they’re overly active and can’t deal with the norms imposed by the society, perhaps only if these are not constraining.


Sagittarius natives are always exaggerating, not caring and expecting too much. Their rebel side is making them nervous more than often.

More than this, they’re not patient enough to respect the rules. The more negative of them don’t like being criticized and can make it hard for their bosses, associates and colleagues to work with them.

When being told they’ve done something wrong, they can react angrily. Because physicality is something that characterizes them a lot, they’re feisty when arguing.

These people can be seen jumping all over the place, as well being very agitated when contradicting someone.

This can make others feel bad in their presence, but Archers are never ready to let go of commenting or proving they’re the ones right.

Besides, they don’t like it when others are saying something about whom they may be. This can exhaust their loved ones, as they’re never at peace.

It’s also the way in which they’re losing friendships. Not always paying attention, Sagittarius people’s life can be erratic.

They may never clean around them and put things wherever these are “landing”. This is indicating they can’t find the things they need the most and are starting to yell each time their surroundings are messy.

Because they’re all the time with their thoughts someplace else, they’re also never on time, annoying others.

When colleagues, these natives are the ones who are talking about morals and don’t mind respecting their superiors or their rules.

However, if their schedule is not as rigorous as they’re demanding it to be, they can revolt and become excessive, even to the point of damaging their work.

If bosses, they’re authoritative and not making compromises, even if it would be a good idea for them to pay attention to other people’s opinions.

Those Sagittarius individuals who are working independently don’t have enough patience with their own expectations and are taking risks when things are moving at the same pace.

All this can be dangerous for them when they’re making decisions, most of the time decisions in the financial sector.

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