Sagittarius Tiger: The Hidden Charmer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Sagittarius born in Tiger year

Sagittarius Tiger
  • Sagittarius people are born between November 22 and December 21.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • When you get to know them, they reveal a hidden innocence that is full of charm.
  • Cool and calculated, the Sagittarius Tiger woman takes her time when making decisions.
  • Sociable and always on the run, the Sagittarius Tiger man is an incurable optimist.

Those who are born in Sagittarius the Chinese year of the Tiger are always where people don’t expect them to be, changing something about themselves. They like to surprise others and they usually have charisma and big dreams.

Because they are all over the place doesn’t mean they don’t pay attention to those who love them, because they do. Active and open, the Sagittarius Tigers are among the most fun people you could meet. They’re never serious and they love to travel more than anything else.

The Observant Sagittarius Tiger Personality

Stubborn and with an innocence similar to that of a 3-year old, the Sagittarius in Tiger is not that attached to their home. They long for faraway places. All these previously mentioned characteristics make them people who will usually do well at anything they decide to make of their life.

While they can express very well what they want and need, the Sagittarius Tigers are also perceptive. They believe in perfection and they would like to attain it. It is only normal for them to get what they want as they are charming and intelligent.

Also, they easily achieve their goals because they know how to listen and observe, and they often act only after they have thought well about the situation.

All the skills the Sagittarius Tigers have make them good at being in the right place at the right moment, at saying things when they are supposed to be said.

Top Characteristics: Assertive, Punctual, Dreamy, Charismatic.

They are known to achieve all the goals they set for themselves. Always interested in what happens in the world, they are studious and good conversationalists. Everything about them spells adventure. Even when they are very old, they keep their adventurous side alive and they are still eager to do new things.

They love to explore and they test their limits when they take on new challenges. The fact that they have attention to details makes the Sagittarius Tigers more able to be the ones that choose what to do for a living.

They don’t mind doing any type of job, and they are very responsible. Their bosses will love them for their reliability and aptitudes.

Sociable and open, the Sagittarius Tigers will make friends with ease. However, they don’t like to speak about what happens inside of them.

But they are observant and analyzing with other people’s needs, thing that makes others like them very much.

All the time interested in what’s happening around them, the Sagittarius Tigers won’t find any rest until their curiosity is satisfied. They give importance to money, and they will work very hard to make them.

As a matter of fact, they are known as great savers who know how to budget. They always know how much they’ve spent and how much they are going to cash-in. Not believing money is power, the Sagittarius Tiger won’t struggle to make fortunes.

Perfect careers for Sagittarius Tiger: Education, Legal, Landscaping, Maritime travel.

They like to have as much as they need and a little bit more. They have different ideals in life. There aren’t too many negative characteristics associated with the people born in Sagittarius the year of the Tiger.

The fact that they can sometimes become irritated and combative can be considered a weakness of theirs.

They are not irritated for long periods of time, but their combative side can sometimes cause them trouble. They can become aggressive when they are stressed. It’s important that they learn how to contain their aggressiveness.

Love – Uncovered

Believing in true love, the Sagittarius Tigers will pursue their romantic ideals but they will rarely be able to attain them. It’s because they don’t trust people and they can’t be honest.

As partners, they are devoted and attentive. They are the happiest when they can completely satisfy their other half, but it takes them a while to decide on someone as they are quite picky.

When involved, these people will complain a lot if the person they are with makes mistakes. Because they are caring and generous, they will be able to find people who will want to spend the rest of their lives with them.

Their ideal partner will have an open mind and will be a very organized person. If not, the relationship of the Sagittarius Tiger will be compromised in the long run.

These individuals will know how to listen to the partner, and will always put themselves on the second place.

They can become a little bit overpowering with their attentiveness, but this is the only way through which they can express their love.

It’s sometimes difficult for them to be completely loyal in their heart, and if they are being cheated on or disappointed, they break up immediately.

Not too romantic or surprising in love, your Sagittarius Tiger will definitely make you feel appreciated and wanted.

Most compatible with: Aries and Leo Horse, Leo and Libra Dog and Libra and Aquarius Dragon.

Sagittarius Tiger Woman Characteristics

You can easily notice a Sagittarius Tiger woman because she’s original and unconventional. Honest and responsible, this lady has high demands from herself and others.

She needs to lower these demands if she wants to achieve her goals. If she starts to be more natural and spiritual, she is sure to find her other half and be happier.

Open and calculated, this is a woman that analyzes every aspect of a situation. With the help of her intuition, she can manage things easier and faster than others.

She will be able to recognize her qualities at work, where she will advance quickly and also steadily.

By maturity, the Sagittarius Tiger woman will already be independent and financially stable.  She cares a lot about her money, but she doesn’t associate career with the financial part of life.

It doesn’t matter how difficult things may be, the Sagittarius Tiger woman will take care of them with ease and efficiency.

Celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius Tiger: Katie Cassidy, Sarah Paulson, Bansky, Ralph Fiennes, Jon Stewart, Felicity Huffman.

Sagittarius Tiger Man Characteristics

The Sagittarius man is a problem solver and the friend of everyone. Intelligent and eager to find out about new things, he is able to have nice conversations.

He is courageous and adaptable to any situation. He likes to view life and other matters from more than one point of view, and he is attentive. His partner will always be the center of his worries. At the start of a relationship, the Sagittarius Tiger man may seem timid and humble, which will help him attract many ladies.

But in reality, this guy is not so humble. He believes in love and he wants someone stable and reliable.

He will share his and his partner’s home with many friends, for dinners and gatherings. He is reliable himself, but he can change his mind if it’s a situation that involves his own comfort.

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