Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon: A Witty Personality

Organized and attentive, the Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon personality has a distinctive way of living life to its fullest.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon

People with their Sun in Sagittarius and their Moon in Virgo are great intellectuals who plan things to every little detail. hey are very specific with their strategies and demands.

They get stimulated by knowledge gained from others. They don’t have limits but rather a broadened, flexible perspective on life. This means they like it when more philosophies work together to make a bigger, better one.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Wise, soft and persuasive;
  • Negatives: Demanding, criticizing and impulsive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can keep them with their feet on the ground;
  • Advice: Stop trying to find flaws in everyone and everything.

This combination is a mix of the Sagittarius’s straightforwardness, honesty, positivity and enthusiasm with the Virgo’s analytical skills, smarts and power to discriminate.

Personality traits

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon individuals are great achievers and personalities who differentiate themselves from the crowd. Their mental abilities are incredible.

It’s possible for them to understand complicated concepts and the deepest details. They can easily move from the big picture to what makes things work.

It doesn’t matter what business they are running or what job they have decided to embrace, their adaptability will always do wonders for them.

These natives have a need to expand and advance through the power of mind and the thorough analysis of facts. Virgo Moons believe in kindness, equality and pragmatism. They think these are the main principles that make the world work.

They like it when people think like themselves, but their main purpose is to see where the common ground is, no matter how many conflicts are present.

They are always tactful and diplomatic. Social norms and conventions are very important to them. Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon natives are perceptive and intuitive. They know when to take advantage of an opportunity and when to keep it cool.

They will most likely be successful because they are wise, vigilant and good judges of characters or situations. Other gifts they have are softness, charm and a way to persuade people to do what they want.

On top of the above, they can adapt their spirit to circumstances. Because they know their way with words, they make great politicians and salespeople.

More reserved than other Archers, they prefer to take a look before making a decision. They are serious and always interested in the most intriguing subjects.

Their Virgo influence gives them a sense of duty. It’s possible they had to deal with many responsibilities as young people, which made them more clever and pragmatic.

Not necessarily easily observed, their morals are well-established and high so it’s easy for them to spot dishonest people. And when it comes to others’ weaknesses, they immediately identify them.

Independent at most times, these natives still prefer working with tradition and living a conventional life. Realism and a good ability to analyze are things that characterize them very well.

They see things as they actually are. And when they have to express their authority, they continue being honest. People will never have to guess anything with them.

They are thinkers who like to explore the philosophies and practicalities beyond things and concepts. Demanding, they would still never offend anyone. They are more the charming and tactful type.

However, they have everything a good teacher has. It’s possible they need to keep their impulsiveness in control sometimes. If things aren’t rushed and nobody pressures them, they are functioning at their best.

While as enthusiastic and bold like all Sagittarians, their emotions are still almost non-existent. But they can despair and feel inadequate whenever their own aggressiveness begins to consummate them.

Putting themselves down may work. When they think they don’t have enough courage, they can count on their many other qualities. For example, they are very intelligent and can scrutinize everything.

The Sagittarius in them makes them more understanding of philosophical and abstract concepts, the Virgo gives them pragmatism and a realistic way of thinking.

These natives are not only idealistic, they are perfectionists who will never be happy with the second place. Each time they feel like they can’t meet their own demands, a tension and a bad temper start to reveal themselves.

And they may release all their negativity on those who love them. A mean attitude and sarcasm are something normal to them when tense. It’s important they don’t become workaholics because they’re too dutiful and they sometimes feel like there’s nothing better they can do with their life than to work.

A little pessimistic in love

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon lovers have high ideals and are expansive. They will always play with new ideas and concepts. These natives need a partner to understand the fact that they’re excessive with their habits.

They’re aware of what they need and are not in any way afraid to ask for it. While excessiveness helps them be as fun as one can be, it can be difficult for them to make their dreams a reality. But the fact that they’re optimistic will always help them in their endeavors.

However, lovers with this Sun Moon combination often lose their interest and forget all about the plans they used to have. That’s why they need a lover to stabilize them.

Their expectation is to deal with defined issues and concepts. They are helpful partners who will always nurture and support their lover. It’s like they’re in the league of domestic gods.

Their most obvious negative trait is that they can find flaws in everyone and everything. Their downsides emerge as soon as they start to study their other half’s defects. Also when they begin to worry their relationship is starting to fall apart.

The Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon man

This man is intelligent and strong. Many will think of him as a genius. He will ask for the first date in a smooth way. If sensing a refusal, he will carefully cover his tracks and deny he has suggested something like going out.

He’s physical, so it’s not impossible he will only be after a woman’s body. That’s why he usually insists along a lady until she gives in.

Not at all easy to please, the Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon man usually puts the woman he likes on a pedestal. And he desires someone with no defects, therefore he will try to perfect his partner until she becomes as he wants her or until she leaves.

It’s not easy to be around this guy. He’s exact, precise and neat. And he’ll want others to be the same as him. On the outside, he seems ready for any adventure, ambitious and good relationship material.

At work, he will always keep a positive attitude. No one can have his strong ethics but weak morals. When he wants something, he intensely plays for it. And this can cause them to become ill with his nerves.

When it comes to relaxation methods, he prefers camping and hiking. So more soliciting activities. A hypochondriac, he would be the happiest with a doctor or a nurse.

He could understand a Gemini woman in a way she would never be understood so many will end up sighing after him.

The Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon woman

What’s amazing about the Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon woman is that she can hide her insecurities perfectly. She may think of her as ugly, too fat and nasty, but at the same time enter any room with the most confidence anyone could have.

She masks despair with calm, careless with attentiveness. This lady bluffs all the time. It’s not at all easy to realize what’s bothering her.

A perfectionist, she will demand a lot of her partner. Every flaw and defect he has, she will point it out each time she’ll have the chance. And the bad things she usually sees in others are not at all noticed by other individuals.

But she can see defects better than anyone else. And when she judges, she usually is correct. Men can find her a little bit too harsh. But they’ll be turned on by this.

Perhaps those who like being dominated will be satisfied by this. With people with whom she’s not involved romantically, she’s less demanding. As a matter of fact, she’s all nice and bright with these guys.

Not hurried to become a mother, she will be softened when having children. And she will like it. Usually attractive, this lady won’t have a problem finding a man. Not to mention how successful she will be in her career.

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