Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon: A Spiritual Personality

Smug and a little naive, the Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon personality will have quite a few life lessons to learn, including not to trust everyone that easily.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people are spiritual people with a great vision of the world, as influenced by the Archer, and practical, wise personalities from the Bull’s side.

Insightful and stable, these natives can see the big picture and interpret the most abstract of concepts. More into imaginative and artistic projects, they will come up with ideas that others will find innovative.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Thoughtful, devoted and down-to-earth;
  • Negatives: Impractical, smug and anxious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can keep their energies in check;
  • Advice: Don’t let your proud nature prevent you from learning from criticism.

Personality traits

Combining the Sun in Sagittarius with the Moon in Taurus, you get people who are kind, thoughtful and very intelligent. The natives of these signs believe in high ideals.

It’s practicality that confuses them from time to time. Not necessarily ambitious, they still aspire to accomplish great things. If only they would be more realistic.

Everyday issues are simply not something they concern themselves with. And it seems they manage to make a living even if the situation doesn’t seem to be in their advantage.

Trusting people too much, they will often get disappointed. Those with bad intentions will find it easy to get under their skin and fool them. Dreamy and sometimes delusional, these Sagittarians can be overwhelmed by the harsh reality and by individuals who are only looking to take advantage of them.

Whenever someone will criticize or put them down, they will simply not care and accept it. When it comes to romance, they are eager and hurried to love. At least there’s no one more loyal and devoted than them.

Because they need to feel secure before getting down to business, their hopes and dreams will remain unfulfilled. Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon natives need a comfy home and steady income more than anything else.

They will probably choose to do something unusual for a living, but you can be sure it will be rewarding in time. It’s essential they don’t become obsessed with security.

At least they will continue to be impulsive even if they would feel as comfortable as they can feel. And this will help them take advantage of new opportunities. Since they are such people-persons, they will probably have problems sticking to their own projects and achieving their goals because they’ll be bothered by others’ feelings.

They really can’t say “No”. It pains them to refuse when someone needs their help. Not to mention they’re feeling guilty when they are too eager to express their opinions.

Imaginative, these natives will fear things and situations that don’t really exist. But no matter what, they will be loved and appreciated by many.

Taurians are sensual and earthy. They give in to their senses like no one else. When too comfortable, it’s possible they will turn into these smug people that no one is able to deal with anymore.

And that’s why these natives need to keep an active social life. Getting involved in all kind of projects is also a good idea for them. And they would do a great job in business too. Not only in the arts.

They know when to invest and how to take risks. A home-based business could help them flourish in a great way. Charming and honest, people trust them more than they trust anyone else.

And the fact that they are serious and optimistic can only help with their relationships. Romantic in their ways, they believe in true love and a connection based on trust.

They don’t mind openly expressing their love and they know how to give so they receive the same. If their Sun is stronger in their chart, they will be highly idealistic. They won’t even know how to be practical. That’s how much they will be absorbed by theories and ideology.

In case their Moon is more prominent, they will be down-to-earth and they will pay their bills on time. But it won’t matter which sign will rule them more, the Sagittarius Taurus natives will always have the Archer’s idealistic nature.

Everything will need to be according to how they’ve imagined it to be. And they will fight to have things their way because Taurians are stubborn creatures.

Still friendly, they won’t accept other people’s points of view too easily. And this is also something they get from the Bull. The more someone will try to convince them of something, the more they will continue to stick to their own values and beliefs.

Chasing security in love

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon lovers are quite relaxed and don’t really care about others’ opinions on them. But they’re so positive and energetic so that everyone will like them. Not to mention charming.

These people just live in the moment and their partner will love this about them. Also the fact that they’re adventurous, warm and expansive.

Because they can get too extreme about something they like, no matter if it’s sex or traveling, they need someone to keep their energies in check.

Taurus Moon people want to feel secure more than anything else. Ruled by Venus, these natives hate change and want comfort. That’s why they may stick to a routine but will not be too harsh about imposing it on others.

Sensual creatures, people born with this Sun Moon combination can be very nurturing when they’re in love. The only condition is that they stay in their comfort zone.

It’s possible their lover will notice how sensitive and opposed to change they are from the very first few weeks of relationship.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon man

The man with the Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Taurus will be lucky because he’s ruled by Jupiter, and a hard worker because he has his Moon in Taurus. Not to mention that he is sincere, kind and sweet.

Easily impressionable, this guy needs the perfect environment in order to feel safe and comfortable. Things have to perfectly align for him to be happy. He will thrive when things will go the way he wants them to, becoming this balanced person who only needs to be loved.

With the right partner, he will want to redo the house. It’s great potential in him if he’s to be rewarded with affection.

Everything that’s negative, off-balance and miserable destroys him completely. That’s why he needs someone to keep him optimistic and cheerful.

It would be enough to be with a person who’s honest, faithful and makes him small gifts. He will be the perfect partner in return. As far as his job goes, he would be great as a banker, caterer, teacher and businessman.

His children will be aware of strong values and of what hard work means. The home where his family lives will be cozy and fun. He will probably gain weight as he will get older. But this can be overlooked as he’s the most loyal and self-sacrificing man in the zodiac.

When times will be tough, he will stay by his woman. Talented and capable, this guy needs to be encouraged to continue his education and explore what he can do for a living. Colleagues will love him for being sincere and kind. His lady will have a great life next to him.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon woman

Powerful and a great public speaker, the Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon woman would do a great job as a politician or spokesperson. It won’t matter where she will go, she will always pay great attention to details and the way she looks.

Because she wants only what’s best from life, it may take her years to fulfill her goals. Not to mention she can procrastinate and lose touch when things are not going her way.

When disappointed in love, this lady will retreat and no longer do anything productive. And her loved ones will find this unusual because she usually is fun, playful and full of life.

Capable of doing anything, she could play any sport and be a successful artist. This is the type of Sagittarians lady who needs a stable, long-term relationship with an idealistic and spiritual man.

Without this, she may collapse and never get up again. As a mother and a wife, there’s no one more active and devoted than her. At work, others will admire her for being hard working, caring and nice.

Having a spiritual side, she will express it every time she’ll get the chance. This girl believes in karma, so her actions will all be well-intentioned.

It’s possible she’ll adopt the Buddhist religion because she will feel like she can relate more to its teachings. Never dark, she’s more the person on whom others will count to crack a joke when the situation is shady.

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