Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Freedom Loving Personality

Lucky and idealistic, the Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon personality will not escape any opportunities to try new experiences.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon

Those who are born with both their Sun and their Moon in Sagittarius are optimistic, energetic and adventurous. As Fire signs, Sagittarians are full of passion and have high ideals.

They wish for their lives to be challenging and in permanent transformation, so it can’t be denied these are the most freedom-loving people in the zodiac. It’s their Moon that dictates how they respond to stimuli or where they will feel at home.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Lucky, philosophic and enthusiastic;
  • Negatives: Impulsive, often in denial and hurried;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who hates routine just as much as them;
  • Advice: They need to temper their impulsive tendencies.

People with this Sun Moon combination are astrologically influenced to wish to explore and expand their horizons as much as possible.

Personality traits

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon people are always on the go, expansive and all the time involved. They think fast and take action in the same way.

Impulsive and hurried, they will trust their gut no matter the situation. But because they are nervous all the time, they need to relax more often.

Not the ones to leave things half done, they will take on responsibilities and deal with them as efficiently as possible. They can see the big picture and are turned off by pessimism.

If they are not living their life to their expectations, they can become depressed. Their ideals are high, but their judgment is sound. When people don’t live by their standards, they get confused.

Not the most emotional natives in the zodiac, they don’t understand people who are too-sensitive. Creative and enthusiastic most of the time, they have problems dealing with reality.

Thankfully, Jupiter’s luck will help them manage any situation. Because they are known charmers and they are enthusiastic to meet with new people, it will be easy for them to absorb information or to teach.

Difficulties will appear when they won’t be able to decide on a subject they want to follow. The philosophers of the zodiac, these Sagittarians can deal with abstract concepts and ideas that seem out of this world.

Their life will never be simple because they like to complicate things. As they want to live in the moment as much as possible, they won’t care about the consequences of their actions.

Double Sagittarians like to play silly games and to make jokes all the time. While others want fame and money, they only dream about being free.

Expressing themselves without restrictions and moving around is what makes them tick. Traveling means more to these people than it means to others. It can make them sick to stay in one place for too long.

They find it the most difficult to settle and give up on their freedom and their dreams. While their free spirit and explosive personality shouldn’t be stopped, they must try and restrain themselves a little bit.

Looking at the future with great hope and an open mind, these natives will influence others to be the same. They don’t like people who fall victims too often, but they do everything in their power to give a hand when needed.

Sagittarians are famous for speaking their mind and being brutally honest. Not at all politically correct, these natives are only inclined to go with the truth and leave others’ ideologies behind.

Their Moon will play the defensive role, while their Sun will be the one attacking. Fiery creatures, Archers can make people hurt and not care about it. Lucid and insightful, they like to understand deeper meanings and to talk about philosophy.

What they have problems with is paying their bills and dealing with the everyday life. Because they are often absent and traveling with their mind, they are not sensitive to other people’s problems.

Not very serious or attentive, you can find them thinking of abstract concepts. At least they weigh in all the pros and cons before making a decision. Being cautious, they take their time when confronted with a problem.

Their logical and rational mind will never help them discover their own personality. Only control over their restlessness and a dreamier attitude will help them achieve their goals.

If the circumstances are right, their imagination could be very useful. After all, they have a strong connection with the Divinity. You will notice they are being dramatic sometimes, especially when expressing their views.

No matter how serious, they will always react based on common sense and aimed at reaching some high ideals. Good leaders, they will be unhappy when others won’t want to follow them. Because they are somehow detached, they are more about principles and values rather than about personal issues.

Keeping the spirit up

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon lovers will always live on the edge. They don’t believe in being limited because they see boundaries as something that should be forbidden.

While this makes them fun, their partner will have problems with them when wanting to discuss something serious.

For double Sagittarians, more is always better, no matter the situation. Everything involving justice and tolerance makes them tick.

Their approach can either annoy or inspire their partner. If there’s a routine and too much practicality involved, they become irritated.

Sagittarius Moon people need adventure in love. That’s why their partner should be exciting and as less subjected to any type of routine as possible.

These natives will always be positive and keep their partner happy. But they should avoid unpleasant situations and clingy people. When situations become too depressing, these people prefer to avoid the subject in discussion and move on.

The Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man

The double Sagittarius man will probably be a spokesperson for a big corporation. He’s enthusiastic to make the world a better place. If he would be less interested in being with as many women as possible, he would have a great career and reputation as a minister.

When it comes to business, he’s not scared of hard work and he benefits from great energy.

A position as a manager would suit him very well too. He’s fair and honest, so his colleagues and subalterns will be happy he’s not trying to manipulate. This guy has integrity but doesn’t know a thing about being warm and subtle.

A little bit proud, the Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man will want to be the teacher in any of his relationships. He won’t talk to people who don’t have a solid work ethic and want to gossip. This individual simply doesn’t have any respect for this type.

But he can have double standards, which will amaze many individuals. Give him two drinks and he’ll forget all about his previous opinions and ideas.

He’s so bold and playful, he may even hit on his best friend’s wife. Never in one place, changeable and impulsive, the double Sagittarius can’t make a good father.

He’s more the clubbing and fun type. If he keeps his wits to himself, he will be truly free. It’s easy to get sucked in his way of living, but it would be better not to. He needs someone to keep him grounded.

The Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is so free, she will never talk about marriage or starting a family. She likes to be surprised with an engagement or the news of having a baby.

And she will party hard when finding out about these things. But she won’t be at all domestic because she doesn’t like changing diapers or taking the kids to school.

This is the type of woman who plans for herself and doesn’t want to share. Not to mention she doesn’t like taking orders. When it comes to business and being a boss, she’s the best. She would also be a great publishers or spiritual guru.

Always eager to learn, this double Sagittarius woman will travel the world and interact with new cultures. Not romantic, she enjoys men like she enjoys a good wine.

That’s why she wouldn’t be good with someone who’s too sensitive. This is one of the most adventurous ladies in the zodiac. And she doesn’t mind being on her own.

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