Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon: An Impressionable Personality

Imaginative and dreamy, the Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon personality often seems disconnected from reality although they are incredibly astute.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon people are deep and thoughtful, plus they love everyone, so it’s possible you’ll find them involved in different causes that seem more or less lost.

Flexible and understanding, these natives will always keep an open mind and accept many things that others are doing to them. The fact that they are so tolerant can be in their detriment.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Principled, creative and loyal;
  • Negatives: Lethargic, demotivated and inhibited;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can keep them calm;
  • Advice: Create a high value life by valuing yourself more above anything else.

Because they don’t know when to put their foot down, people who are not so well-intentioned will take advantage of their good nature. At least they recognize the truth when they see it as this is the only way in which they can protect themselves.

Personality traits

Sometimes, these people would rather choose the easy way out than use their potential to the maximum. It’s because they like being comfortable.

Easily impressionable, they can become emotional and weak with those they love the most. While goal-oriented and having strong principles, it’s possible they won’t do things that benefit them because they fear of becoming too lethargic.

It’s normal for them to seem disconnected from reality because they are dreamy. When it comes to trusting people, they only rely on intuition.

Not so interested in the material aspects, these Sagittarians focus more on their own ideals. They are humble and true romantics. When they like someone, they can get very influenced by that person.

People will stick around them because they are tolerant and not capable of ever getting jealous, vengeful or mean. Not the most practical characters, they are still able to succeed because they know how much they’re worth.

But they need to be calmer and less worried in order to attain success. Self-confidence is not their strongest point, but it can be learned.

You will never have Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon natives sticking to a routine. They can focus and work on their own goals, but they simply can’t stick to a tight schedule.

Imaginative, they will successfully combine dreams with reality, even if they sometimes get carried away in illusions. Because they’re adaptable, they won’t have problems when things and people will change.

But it’s possible they will lose their grip on reality from time to time. Not to mention they can end up copying others because they will see them as ideals. And this would only have negative effects as they would no longer be able to recognize how capable they actually are.

The fact that their Sun is in Sagittarius and their Moon in Pisces makes them both adventurous and transcendental. These natives will get their energy from wanting to explore the world outside of their comfort zone. And they will travel a lot, both by body and mind.

Sagittarius are progressive people who are always looking to explore and to discover what life truly means. They need to face new challenges all the time if they are to learn many new things and how problems can be solved through multiple solutions.

They are the happiest when boundaries are crossed and when restrictiveness is no longer imposed.

The Moon in Pisces will use this Sun’s light and will make its natives more emotional. Not to mention wanting to be out of ordinary and as helpful to their peers as possible.

People in these signs will let go of their own hopes and dreams in order to deal with their spiritual needs. Empathetic and caring, they can feel what others are feeling without talking.

They will want to overcome what’s being considered normal and common. The Sun in Sagittarius will influence them to be adventurous, the Moon in Pisces in the service of others.

While their Sun will make them careless about security and comfort, their Moon will help them dream and imagine.

But they need to be careful and not exaggerate with these traits or the Sagittarius in them will become dependent on new adventures and risky challenges, while their Pisces will end up completely lost in illusions, creating another universe where they will live their life.

Optimistic by nature, these Sagittarians are always happy. They may lie to themselves thinking they’re OK, or it’s possible they will run away from their own problems.

Their desire to explore new places and to travel can’t be seen in other signs. That’s why they could be great historians or even anthropologists. Their Moon in Pisces gives them talents for the art world and poetry.

But they need to learn some skills and to be guided from a young age if they are to put their creativity to use. There’s no one in the zodiac to live more happily and intensely than them.

A demanding lover

These lovers are positive people who always look in the future with hope. Adventurous when it comes to love, they need to also be left alone to travel and experience life on their own.

Generous with their love, they can’t imagine what life would be without romance. It’s necessary they get to know themselves very well before beginning a relationship or they will end up with partners who are not necessarily their soulmates.

They will always make their partner laugh, but they need someone who can understand they sometimes exaggerate and that they can’t really keep their promises.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon can go over any boundaries. They are sensible and can absorb the energies surrounding them while innocently accepting what life has to offer.

These natives need a partner who can keep them calm and be in contact with reality, who can offer that serene domestic life that they are craving for and who can recharge their batteries through their enthusiastic mood.

The lover who is capable of bringing a little bit of magic in their life will make them the happiest.

The Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon man

Imagine the complexity of a half-human half-horse who has his Moon represented by two fishes. The Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon man believes in a better world and has great visions about it.

Observant, perceptive and kind, this guy is a wonderful friend, a good neighbor and the most caring father. But he can sometimes work against himself because he is quite sensible to developing addictions of all sorts.

Some meditation or yoga would change his life for the better, that’s for sure. Behind his rugged looks is a very romantic man that any woman would want.

A keen observant, he’s emotional and sensitive. He likes to save others, so any woman who’ll act like a damsel in distress will get his attention.

Messy situations are his favorite because he wants to get involved. If you happen to like being dependent on affection and love, then he definitely is the one for you. But he needs a partner who can put up with the fact that he can misjudge sometimes.

The Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon woman

This woman is the vulnerable, sensitive creature you will meet on a bench in a park, while you would both be reading a book. When it comes to her physical appearance, she has long legs and soft eyes. But her beauty comes from inside. It’s not something too physical.

When it comes to how she approaches life, this lady is unusual and interesting. A keen observer, she is adept at noticing the big picture and generalize.

Spiritual and deep, she will get involved in all kind of humanitarian causes. Not to mention how curious she will be about life’s most intricate mysteries.

Mystical and a natural healer, this girl can charm anyone. But she’s not stable. It’s possible she will change husbands, homes and jobs more often than other ladies.

Never mean or vengeful, expect her to forget you have done her wrong in a second. A woman of senses, she needs to touch, smell and feel. As far as her job goes, she would be good as a nurse, publisher or spiritual guru. Don’t be surprised if she does some charity work for those in need.

If encouraged to be free and creative, the Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon woman will share the way she sees the world with you. A natural caretaker, she would be great as a mother, an aunt and even a babysitter.

Her husband will be very happy to have someone taking care of him with so much love. This is the type of woman who can save the most emotional of people. Hopefully, she will get more from life than getting to care for others.

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