Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon: An Honorable Personality

Charming and easygoing, the Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon personality takes from the boldness of the former and the straightforwardness of the latter.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon people are kind, sincere and friendly. They combine the Archer’s boldness, positivity, enthusiasm and straightforwardness with the Leo’s confidence, leadership qualities and giving nature.

Loving all human beings, these natives are good judges of character and tolerant personalities. They give a lot of importance to honor and reputation. When it comes to other people, they treat them with respect and kindness.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Straightforward, creative and mindful;
  • Negatives: Vain, stubborn and fixed;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who dreams just as big as them;
  • Advice: Use your inimitable charm for humanitarian purposes.

It’s very likely they will make a name for themselves from a very young age, not to mention they never like taking the easy way out. They will avoid making promises that they know they can’t deliver.

Personality traits

Wanting to be famous and appreciated for everything they are doing, Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon people will always look for others’ attention and to have their opinions highly regarded.

They are intellectuals who feel the need to be in the limelight. The more they explore the mysteries of the Universe, the more energetic they become.

When they’re giving advice or are teaching others, they approach the subject of discussion in a panoramic and mindful way. It’s important they realize that their enthusiasm and fervor can help them achieve great things.

If they want the world to pay attention to them, they need to talk about their noble and high ideals. There’s no one more active and courageous than them.

When it comes to new people and places, they are very curious and interested. And this will help them be very knowledgeable and usually successful. It can be considered they have it too good sometimes.

Because they are balanced by the signs in their chart, it’s possible they will never have inner struggles and their luck will come to them just because they are humorous and communicative.

The Moon in Leo makes Sagittarians more stable and consistent. It also gives them an interest in being leaders and more oriented towards goals that seem far or unattainable.

These natives know ever since they are young that they’re special. Their tastes and creativity tells them so. It’s almost like they know they are meant to be great leaders.

People will immediately like them because they’re positive and energetic. Not to mention how much their honesty and integrity will be appreciated. And when it comes to inhibitions, these natives simply don’t have them.

People with this Sun Moon combination are more the friendly and expansive type. The fact that they’re aggressive is also beneficial because they manage to focus all their eagerness and impulsiveness on being productive.

Both the Sagittarius and the Leo are Fire signs. This means they have a lot of energy and fervor to get wherever they want in life.

They will continue to fight for their dreams in situations in which others would have given up. And they’ll be completely dedicated when doing so. The obstacles in their way will always be demolished. And when they’ll be defeated, they will immediately recover.

Their Sun and Moon combination indicates a happy and successful life. But its natives need to focus their energies on important goals. For example, they would be good working with the public, as lawyers, teachers or government agents.

It’s possible for them to be very lucky and interested only in pleasure, or more intellectual and focused on their ambitions. But they will not be very good at introspection because they’ll be too busy living.

Trying to contemplate and meditate would help them a lot. What can impede them from succeeding is their pride and impulsiveness. Fun and pleasing, they are always looking to have an audience.

It can become difficult for others to guess their true feelings because they’re very dramatic. But their act would only be meant to attract attention and to feed their ego.

It’s very easy to flatter them because they always want to be told how great they are. That’s why they’ll be fooled by some of their lovers. Not the keenest on accepting advice, they will go with their intuition most of the time.

Not to mention they don’t really admit when they are being wrong. Because they take things as they are and don’t analyze, they can misjudge from time to time. At least they’re aware life can be deceiving.

When it comes to their job, they are more after the reputation and less after the money. Their ideas and idealistic nature will always be appreciated.

When having to deal with people who refuse to evolve, they get angry and don’t know how to react. Their creativity will help them put their own ideas into practice all the time.

Hard to settle … in love

There is no hiding behind the finger, the Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon lovers dream big. It doesn’t matter if they’re preparing a surprise for their lover or think about the next excursion, they will always be positive and think the impossible doesn’t exist.

These natives don’t understand people who don’t want it all. It’s not that they’re proud or feel entitled to a good life. They just think opportunities are everywhere.

Their lover will surely like that they are easygoing. But Archers need to be understood every time they will want more from life. They’ll commit only when they will feel free and unchallenged in a relationship.

Leo Moons need to be told they’re special. Not that they don’t already know it, but they still want to hear it all over again. Some people will think of them as high-maintenance because they want gifts and a lot of attention.

They are the Royals of the zodiac, after all. And when they’re appreciated, they become these loyal and loving partners. If not given attention, they turn into drama queens. Romance is always something they will want to have in their relationship.

The Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon man

The man with this Sun Moon combination has the configuration for happiness, adventure and good looks. Ambitious and popular with the women, he will perhaps have a love affair going on at certain times.

Ladies will admire him for having high ideals, strong beliefs and for wanting to make the world a better place. Many will see how generous he is and appreciate this about him.

This is one of the most loyal Archers, also, the best as a family head. He wants a partner who’s intelligent, high-spirited and independent. The ladies he likes are always looking good because he has a good eye for beauty.

The Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon man will give his loved ones everything they need because he can guess people’s secret wishes and needs. Talented, he will put his imagination to use and make good money.

Many people see them as the perfect human beings. Natural born leaders, these natives are courageous and not in any way shy. Their personality will always draw people into them.

The Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon woman

The Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon woman has high ideals, great energy and a wonderfulness that can’t be seen in other ladies. She understands how masses think and is able to provide for them. It doesn’t matter if she’s the CEO of a company or a stay-at-home mom, she will excel at what she’s doing.

It’s possible she’s a great fashion designer or spiritual guru. Loyal to her beliefs, this girl will always express her opinions. And she’ll be honest. While supportive and family-oriented, she counts a lot on others to protect her.

This woman knows how to deal with success. Loving the outdoors and physical effort, she will probably practice a sport.

When it comes to sexuality, she’s passionate and expressive. Her partner will find her very exciting to be with. But it’s not easy to have her committed or going on the first date.

And as soon as she will settle, no one can convince her to be unfaithful, not to mention she expects the same thing from her other half.

It’s very likely you’ll find her leading people towards success because she might work as a life coach. Many will be reinforced by her speech and boldness. And she doesn’t need too much to keep her optimism and enthusiasm going. As a matter of fact, she only needs herself.

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