Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon: A Social Personality

Keen to learn from life lessons, the Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon personality is open to change and accumulates wisdom through experiences.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon

People with their Sun in Sagittarius and their Moon in Cancer have high ideals and are very romantic. These natives dream and come up with great visions about the future.

Sensitive and adaptable, borrowing from the Cancer’s side, they also have the honesty, positivity and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Practical, appreciative and charismatic;
  • Negatives: Careless, brutal and fatalistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who appreciates their dreamy and easy-going nature;
  • Advice: Practice mindfulness and try to understand what triggers your temper.

Always looking to learn and to combine abstract ideas with practical solutions, they are flexible and adapt easily when they are using their talents and are expressing themselves.

Personality traits

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon natives have a good intuition that will usually keep them out of trouble. Empathic, they understand people and their needs, that’s why they are so good with business.

Always positive and fervent, these natives have profound feelings and like to think before acting. But because they’re too emotional, it’s possible for them to become extreme. More self-control and not allowing feelings to rule them would be suggested.

After all, they have real potential for more knowledge because they easily connect with others. Not to mention how their nurturing and warm nature makes them great teachers.

They seem to create intimate bonds with others. Their wisdom is accumulated by experiencing all the time. The fact that their Sun is in Sagittarius means they get their energy from traveling and exploring, both with their mind and their body.

These natives love to shoot their arrows at the most profound questions about the meaning of life and the Absolute Truth. You will most likely find them in exotic countries exploring new cultures and interacting with the natives.

Broadening their way of thinking and learning about new religions or traditions is what makes them tick. They will most likely be walking encyclopedias.

The energy of the Sagittarius will be used by the Moon in Cancer to reveal a personality that needs to be emotionally secure more than anything else.

But don’t think this Sun and Moon combination is all about having feelings respected. They also want their opinions and their philosophies to be taken into consideration. Their close ones need to support them in their efforts to understand how the Universe works.

Governed by Jupiter, Sagittarians tend to elevate. And the Cancer’s lunar energies won’t make an exception. It can be said they’ll be brought to their real potential and perhaps to the extreme.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon individuals will be truly free only when they’ll allow their emotions to circulate. This means they need to show their vulnerability if they want their loved ones to understand they’re being appreciated by them.

They can learn easier than others as emotional personalities are more open and adaptable. Their interests will probably be in social studies and even languages. It’s easy to confuse them with children in school because they have this aura about them.

Deep and perceptive, they have enough patience and self-control to quietly listen all the time. It’s an interesting combination between the optimism, boldness and independence of the Sagittarius with the cautiousness, sharpness and inventiveness of the Cancer.

Unlike other Archers, these ones will think before acting. Confident and capable, they will always leave the impression they are profound in everything they are doing. They judge according to their feelings and intuition. And they can easily spot deceitfulness.

They can dream so much that they no longer distinguish reality from fantasy. Just like all the Cancer Moons, they are smug and very happy with what they’ve accomplished.

It’s possible they’ll stop chasing their own dreams because they are satisfied and comfortable with what already happened. It’s necessary they don’t get too carried away by a domestic life because they really have the intelligence and energy to do more.

People will admire and respect these Archers because they’re appealing and very efficient. Their sincerity and kindheartedness will always be appreciated. But they need to be careful not to lose themselves in too much contemplation.

They are sensitive and easily impressionable, even when they discover some interesting things about themselves. Spiritual people, it’s possible they will study other religions.

Imaginative, the Cancer in them will always come with great ideas for adventure, but also with fears and other type of fantasies. That’s why Sagittarius Cancers need to avoid letting their feelings control their life as much as possible.

Adaptable creatures, they are aware they’re the only ones who can bring security. That’s why they will make a home everywhere they’ll go. Because they hurry to express their feelings, they will make friends based on their first hunch they get when meeting new people.

It’s suggested they go more with those they trust and with whom they can have an intelligent conversation. The polarity between their Sun and their Moon suggests they have a tendency to be sensationalists.

These natives dream big. Not to mention they may want fame too much. They will succeed at gaining recognition if they will focus and use their intuition.

Looking at the bright side … in love

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon lovers are very optimistic at heart and they strongly believe everything is possible and that life shouldn’t be taken very seriously.

They need someone who appreciates all this about them, even if they are never moderate. But all in all, they are giving and eager to explore new territories as lovers.

The thing is, they can change their interests from one moment to another. Cancer Moons need a home more than anything else. These natives are famous for their need to retreat in a safe place they have made their own.

Their place will be the most important location for them. And this means that their partner needs to try and make it into their home from the second or third date.

Nurturing creatures, lovers with this Sun Moon combination will take good care of their other half. While emotional and moody, they will always retreat under a hard shell when feeling threatened.

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon man

This man is a child in an adult’s body. He probably still believes in Santa Claus. What he needs the most is someone to take good care of him.

That’s why he’s not the best husband or father. Not to mention that he can’t see how cruel this world can be. He simply refuses to see the ugly truths when these are presented to him.

Not that he can’t make a living, he just needs to be protected from bad people. He’s religious and spiritual, but this won’t stop him from being with many women in his life. And he will say “I love you” to all of them.

When he’ll want to break up, expect a fantastic story. Just like his female counterpart, he’s warm and nice. This is the type of guy whose therapist will discuss with him about his childhood and the woman who raised him.

The Moon is in its place in the Cancer. It means the man with this astrological combination has a special and strong relationship with his mother, no matter if it’s a good or a bad one.

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon woman

Nurturing and caring, the woman with this Sun Moon combination makes for a good mother. She’s positive and has high ideals. But she will never understand misfortune sometimes happens. Not to mention she can let herself go in order to make others happy.

Her ideals will be shaken by bad luck from time to time. And she will be disappointed to see the world is not such a happy place. Well-intended, she will suffer when she’ll get together with the wrong people.

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon woman hates injustice and becomes depressed when she can’t help everyone. She’s a giving creature who will smile even if things at home or at work aren’t going the way she wants them to.

Not even her husband will know about her issues. Not that she doesn’t talk, she just doesn’t reveal what bothers her. It’s possible she’ll make many mistakes regarding the men in her life because she trusts the wrong people.

Hopefully, she will meet someone nice because she really deserves it. Not to mention how much she needs to be held and cuddled.

With the Moon at home in Cancer, this woman is warm and generous. As said before, she’s a good mother who will treat everyone like her child.

She will obviously be very attached to her family and love her mother very much. But she will not tell everyone about this, like other Cancer Moons. She will keep all of her feelings to herself.

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